PDF Expert 5 now available with an updated design, new editing modes, and more

PDF Expert 5 now available with an updated design, new editing modes, and more

Readdle has just released PDF Expert 5 for iPad which brings with it an all new interface and design over the previous version that was carefully crafted just for iOS 7. PDF Expert lets you annotate, sign, manage, and share your PDF files in one place.

PDF Expert 5 has been completely re-written for iOS 7. All of the menus and the entire workflow has been rethought so all your content is available in only a few taps. As far as importing PDFs goes, PDF Expert 5 supports Dropbox and Google Drive.

One of the new key features of PDF Expert 5 is the new Review Mode that lets you edit and remove text by just selecting the section. No toggling between modes anymore. Any edits you make are then views as standard annotations and won't lose the original text.

New features of PDF Expert 5 include text-to-speech which is handy for when you can't read but have ebooks in PDF format. AirDrop support is also included so you can share PDFs with other users. Other features of PDF Expert include saving email attachments, password protection and encryption for documents, and more.

PDF Expert 5 is a brand new app so if you have an older version, it will require you to purchase the new one. If you happen to pick it up, let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

PDF Expert 5 now available with an updated design, new editing modes, and more


Readdle makes great apps. Glad to see the update and redesign of this app. Great review and look forward to downloading.

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I don't mind paying for an update. But releasing a paid update a few days after the previous version was on sale for half price is annoying.

Sent from the iMore App

When is an update a new app? When is it reasonable to charge $10 for the app, and then another $10 for an update? I suggest not in this case, and that it's a shoddy way to treat customers.

More and more developers are starting to hit us with these practices. First it was when the iPad came out, many devs were hitting us with separate iPad versions instead of giving us Universal apps. Next, apps go free and do an iAP charge to upgrade to the full version. Now, they're totally abandoning and/or pulling older versions like 1Password 3 and djay and releasing 1Password 4 and djay 2.

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I have no problem paying for a new version or major update. Just have a problem when they do it days after the old one was on sale for half off, prompting lots of people to buy.

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