PDFPen Scan + takes scanning and OCR mobile via iPhone/iPad camera

PDFPen Scan + take scanning and OCR mobile via iPhone/iPad camera

Smile Software has announced the release of PDFPen Scan +, a new iOS app that enables you to use the camera on your iOS device to scan documents, and read them in using Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

You can scan multiple pages into a single document. The software will detect page edges automatically and crops scans too. The OCR technology turns documents into searchable PDFs, which can be e-mailed and shared through iCloud, Dropbox and other cloud services. Scans can be imported from your photo library.

Smile recommends an iPhone 4S or better for best results.

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PDFPen Scan + takes scanning and OCR mobile via iPhone/iPad camera


I'd like to hear some experiences on how this compares to the dozens of other scanner/OCR apps out there. I suspect it will be better, since it is Smile after all... but I have DocScanner and ScannerPro already and I'd hate to get another one if it's about the same.