Pebble appstore coming to iPhone on February 3

Following the release of the new Pebble Steel, next up for the smartwatch company is the inaugural release of its appstore which is happening this coming Monday, February 3. The news comes by way of a short announcement on the Pebble twitter account.

Our buddies over at Smartwatch Fans have already taken a look at the new hotness from Pebble, so if you're curious be sure to swing by and take a look. We've only got the weekend to see out before we can all get to playing on Monday. Who's looking forward to it?

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Richard Devine

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Pebble appstore coming to iPhone on February 3


apple gonna wait a least one more year to bring a watch. first we see a bigger screen and then the watch. i think they will wait how the pebble will do and then they bring the perfect watch. not like samsung they only did it so they are first.