Pebble E-Paper watch to start shipping later this month

Pebble E-Paper watch to start shipping later this monthThe Pebble E-Paper watch will start shipping on January 23 for those that were part of its phenomenal Kickstarter success. Pebble made the announcement at its CES 2013 press event where it also confirmed that the Pebble would have a magnetic charging port, magnetometer and ambient light sensors. In case you forgot, the Pebble E-Paper watch will connect to your iPhone (or Android Phone) over Bluetooth and runs apps that let you use GPS, control music and media playback, read notifications and see who is calling you.

Without any further ado, the moment you have all been waiting for has arrived – we’re thrilled to announce that we’ll begin shipping Pebble on January 23rd. We’ve been working very hard for the past year to deliver something that we’re truly proud of...and we know that we would not have been able to do it without the support of our Backers. So thank you!

We’re planning to continue our aggressive update cycle and ship new software updates every 2-3 weeks. Notably missing from our launch release is support for Runkeeper. We're working closely with RK and estimate that it should be enabled by the beginning of March. Sorry about that!

You can see the complete press event video below; but be warned, if you didn’t take part in the original Kickstarter campaign then you are going to be really upset seeing the watch in action. It looks totally awesome and will certainly up your geek profile should you manage to get one.

Source: Kickstarter

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Pebble E-Paper watch to start shipping later this month


I remember when I bought my first cell phone in 2003 right after graduating high school and starting callage. I was so exited to have one. One of the first things I did was ditch my watch. I just don't see the appeal.

The appeal is not having to pull the iphone out of your pants or purse everytime you want to access some information. I don't currently wear a watch but I want to give this product a try.
All through a typical day I'm receiving text and email messages, sports updates, calendar reminders etc. Also, it would be great if the watch buzzed you if you started to leave without your phone. Other uses include viewing your speed and distance traveled when biking or running, controlling your music and finding your distance to a putting green. It's only the beginning!

Gadillon. I'm with you! And I'm excited for this product wish I would have gotten in as a backer but at 150 that's not too bad for everything it does!

What the hell is with that video spending over 10 minutes just showing the name of the product? Also, what is up with the coloring of the video? Every person's skin seems to be blue. I wasn't watching nearly 2 hours to see how awful the rest of it was.