Pebble smartwatch app update for iOS 7 notifications now live

The folks at Pebble let us in on their major update for iOS 7 Notification Center support last week, and today the iOS app has been updated with all the functionality we've been waiting for. You'll need to be running Pebble OS v1.13.0 on your watch as well, but otherwise you just need to snag the latest version of the app and you're good to go.

For anyone with an iPhone 4s and above, the latest software brings some much desired improvements to notifications on your Pebble. Anything that can display notifications in Notification Center can now be displayed on your Pebble watch.

Grab the app update at the App Store now, and be sure to head on into the iMore Forums to continue the discussion!

Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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toysforever says:

Is it true that email notifications are only updated every 15 minutes? That's 14'59" too long for my taste.

fishfarm20 says:

Even my "Push" set to ON on my iPhone truly doesn't "Push" email - I'll still get an email that had been sent 15 min prior to me "waking" my iPhone. Push email and the Calendar functionality are the ONLY things I miss about my BB (I've been on iPhone since the 4. 4, 4S, then 5 - wasn't super crazy about the 5S to drop that kind of coin to get a bit faster, a bit better camera and Touch ID...). Just my two cents.

toysforever says:

Thank you for your reply. With the Gmail app on my phone I get notifications pretty much in REAL TIME, i.e., with no more than a 2 or 3 second delay, just like SMS. I do not use the regular "push" email since it is much too slow.

Solublepeter says:

"Is it true that email notifications are only updated every 15 minutes? "
That depends on the app generating the notification, and on which service it is connected to.

Google now prevent the Mail app getting push notifications of email received through their service, so the Mail app needs to poll their server every so often- (you wouldn't want it doing this more frequently or it will hurt your battery life.)

The Gmail app does still get push notifications, this is Google trying to get you to use their app instead, so they can advertise to you there at some point.

Pebble buzzes a second or so after the device receives the information.

Cyqnus Nite says:

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