Pebble smartwatch getting its own app store in early 2014

Pebble today announced a major step forward for the popular smartwatch with the arrival of a dedicated appstore in early 2014. Developers can begin submitting apps immediately, but it won't roll out to the general public until sometime in the new year.

When it launches in early 2014, the Pebble appstore will be a first-of-its-kind wearable tech application directory—giving Pebble users a one-stop-shop for searching, browsing, and installing Pebble watch faces and apps directly from the iOS or Android Pebble smartphone app

Apps will be split across a variety of categories, including Watchfaces, Daily, Remotes, Games, Notifications, Tools and utilities and Sports and fitness. Apps that still require an iOS or Android device counterpart will be allowed to link back to the respective app stores.

The news comes alongside the announcement of the Pebble SDK 2.0, which adds a number of new API's to the smartwatch:

The introduction of SDK 2.0 included four major new APIs—Javascript, Accelerometer, Data Logging, and Persistent Storage—and the response has been phenomenal. We know developers have excitedly anticipated submitting their SDK 2.0 Pebble apps to the Pebble app store.

As a Pebble owner, I'm really excited to see what the developer community can come up with to take it to the next level. With the recent updates that made it much, much better to use with an iPhone, there's a bright future for the e-paper smartwatch, and I for one can't wait to get stuck into the appstore next year. What are your thoughts? Does this make Pebble more desirable to you? Or if you're already an owner, what would you like to see the developers come up with?

Source: Pebble, Pebble Developer Blog

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Reader comments

Pebble smartwatch getting its own app store in early 2014


Of the watch. It's terrible. I love a good watch and design. I own quite a few and currently wear an Omega Seamaster as my daily, and my IWC Portugesse on the weekends or out to dinner. There's no way I could wear a pebble. It's just plain ugly.

This interesting. I'm not seeing any advantage of the pebble just yet. But that is great for those guys I'm a crowded App Store market.

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Interesting move. I know Apple is not the biggest fan of competing stores, so it will be interesting to see if they react to this. That said, iOS limits the pebble by a great deal and I suspect this app store will be primarily for Android.

I think it's nice to see this evolving. I imagine we'll see Apple do something similar when the 'iWatch" drops - come on, we're pretty much expecting something like this now. I imagine it to be similar to when the iPads were revealed. There used to be apps for the iPods, remember?

(* What is it about the Pebble that makes me want to throw it?)

I was so anti Pebble forever then I broke down and wanted some new tech. I must say very fun device to companion to your iPhone. I really like this device and am excited to see 2.0. All the nay can wait around but really when will apple deliver if ever....eventually I think but for now I want to play.

I got a Pebble so that I can check my pages (text messages) while with patients without looking at my phone, not for looks. Bit the glossy black polycarbonate looks so good people think it was from a jewelry store!

And in Wisconsin, people think a watch that shows the weather is SMART, with or without the other features!

SDK 2 will enable lots of useful apps on this watch. I think once you use a watch like this, it is very easy to see how In a few years, everybody will EXPECT the functionality that Pebble has now.

Lovin my Pebble + iPhone !

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