Pebble smartwatch round table with Android Central and a special cameo appearance!

Of the current crop of smartwatches – all of which are pretty much version 1.0 products – the Pebble has emerged as one of the early favorites. Our colleagues at Android Central have all experienced the Pebble in recent months, and have put together a pretty in-depth roundtable review with a cameo from none other than our very own Georgia!

The darling of Kickstarter hasn't been without its issues, but it's now shipping globally, has a new SDK on the way for developers to make all the awesomeness, and with a recent update now works much better with the iPhone. It's gathering momentum for sure, and the recent updates may well have convinced a few more folks to pick one up, or perhaps intrigued a whole new audience that needs a little extra help deciding.

Of course, the roundtable review has a slight twang of the Android about it, but largely the experience is now as good, if not better, out of the box with the iPhone and iOS 7. Head on over and take a look, and be sure to continue the discussion in the comments below, or in iMore's recently opened Pebble smartwatch forums!

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Reader comments

Pebble smartwatch round table with Android Central and a special cameo appearance!


Starting to peek my interest for sure I told myself I would never get a Watch but it has a lot of potential

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The price needs to be right. I think the sweet spot would between $100-$150. Anything more better come with features that will blow your mind.

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I'm nerdy enough to find this quite interesting, but not quite nerdy enough to buy one. Maybe next gen. If smart watches make it to 2nd gen, we'll see how they fare.

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I'm so on the fence about these. I love the idea but the iwatch rumors have me wanting to wait and see.

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Interesting but I'll wait until second gem wearables are available. Something slimmer with more functionality hopefully.

These things are hideous. Since a watch is so much more about function (especially for men), it has to look and feel good on the wrist. This round of products don't meet the criteria for me. Also, I am not yet "sold" on the need to have notifications on my wrist by a device that is dependent anyways on a phone which is in my pocket anyways.

I've used my iPod nano 6th gen as a watch for a couple of years. Seems Pebble has the right idea with the e-ink display. It's an efficient way of delivering simple information from your phone to your eyes in any light and with minimal effort from the user.

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The whole thing, including the screen is made of plastic!
A touchscreen made of plastic is going to be riddled with scratches in no time at all, and in spite of the impressive technology, a watch have to show quality inside AND outside.
The Pebble is ugly and made of low quality material.

For the record, the second I buy one Apple will release one. But I am intrigued by the Pebble being cross platform. If I invest the money, at least it will work with my work home also.

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The Pebble continues to interest me as a product. I like where it's going and the fact that they've continued to update the produce and develop their platform is great. My only real problem lies in the fact that I can't really wear watches at my job. It would be scratched beyond recognition in a matter of days. I keep watching the Pebble and other new watches to see the new category develop.

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Pebble has definitely made wearing a watch a step forward but universal functionality leaves a lot to be desired. If android users use it it makes more sense or did before galaxy gear, but notifications for the sake of notifications bore me and for $250 I'll just take my iphone out of my pocket. Apple I believe will get the functionality right even if it's only for iPhone and iPad users. Still, an apple price point scares me as well.

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So glad to have been an original backer. It's fun to own, definitely made some things convenient, like switching tracks or triggering the camera, but the updates and the customized watchfaces really made the original pledge worth it, that I almost forgot about the early painful delays we all endured at launch.

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