Pebble unbreaks crippled iPhone app with update to version 2.1.1

Pebble unbreaks crippled iPhone app with update to version 2.1.1

Smartwatch fans rejoice! Version 2.1.1 of the Pebble app for iPhone is now in the App Store. The update, pushed through Apple's review process with all possible haste, fixes the bugs that plagued the previous 2.1 version of the Pebble app, adds some new apps for the appstore, and gives you the ability to share apps with friends via email, Twitter, and Facebook, and SMS.

All this means Pebble users can safely download the app again and get back to notifying, watch facing, and otherwise making their wrists very smart and very happy.

If you're a Pebble owner, grab it now.

Rene Ritchie

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BBooDad says:

I still get the error message in 2.1.1 that pairing failed and notifications set up failed. But notifications actually still work. Rut that is a minor annoyance.

More importantly the All Watchfaces watchface store now works again to scroll all the faces. So my Pebble is again happy!

DomFeeney says:

I got lucky and didn't update to 2.1 so was ok but this is a welcome update all the same as I never used to be able to scroll through more than a dozen watch faces or apps in the all category. Now with this new version I can once again browse all properly

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