Perfect Weather for iPhone brings simplicity and detailed weather information together

Perfect Weather for iPhone brings simplicity and detailed weather information together

Perfect Weather for iPhone is a new weather app by the makers of Launch Center Pro. The interface is ready for iOS 7 but also utilizes screen real estate efficiently to provide more information than most simplistic weather apps without looking cluttered.

It's worth noting right off the bat that Perfect Weather is available for United States users only. Perfect Weather pulls its data from NOAA for radar and forecasts. You can add the locations you'd like to monitor and then tab through the card style layout in order to toggle between them. With a quick look you can see a 7-day forecast, the high and low temperatures for that day, and a radar map.

While Perfect Weather shows quite a bit of information at a glance, it's not meant to replace advanced weather apps. If you're after more advanced weather data including historical information, drought maps, pollen levels, and more, you'll still need to have a more advanced weather app on standby. If you want a good picture of current conditions and what's going on in the next week, then Perfect Weather is a good option for you.

The design of Perfect Weather sets is apart from a lot of current weather apps that try and balance simplicity with a good amount of information. If the scaled down apps aren't doing it for you and the advanced weather apps are too much, Perfect Weather is a great balance between the two.

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Reader comments

Perfect Weather for iPhone brings simplicity and detailed weather information together


Damn. That is one very pretty app in my opinion. Hopefully that means I'll like iOS7 as I've been skeptical up until now.

Just bought the app about an hour ago. I also used Haze for a few weeks.

For one, its has animated radar with a zoomable radar map. The info is expandable and very easy to navigate. You can see many locations at once. Unlike Haze, which does not allow you to set any locations. PW reminds me more of Yahoo's fine weather app, but with more info and a better design. Not as minimalistic as Haze though.

Not sure about cute, but check out Check The Weather - pretty minimalist, integration with Dark Sky for precipitation, and next 8 days with precipitation percentage.

If the high/low temps weren't backwards it would be perfect for me. As it is, it is my homescreen weather app on the iPhone.

Do you know if there are any plans for releasing an international version? Shouldn't be too hard to connect it to one or two international weather databases.