Get a personalized TV guide with Peel for iPhone

Peel - Personal TV Show Guide is an iPhone app that generates a personal TV guide based on what shows you like.

As you are browsing through TV shows on Peel, pick a handful that you like or dislike and let Peel know about them. Within a couple of days, Peel will start pleasantly surprising you by suggesting TV shows that you will love. We call it magic!

  • Have fun browsing through crisp thumbnails of TV Shows
  • Touch one of the thumbnails and you will see what channel that show is on as well as a brief description of the episode that is playing
  • Swipe across to browse TV shows, Movies and Sports by genres
  • Mark the shows you like as favorites and cut the ones you don’t like. Your top picks will get precise as you interact more with the app.
  • Share what you're watching on Facebook and Twitter in one easy step
  • Use instant search to see what channel a specific show or game is on
  • See up to a week ahead of shows right on iPhone or iPod touch. No need of interrupting what you are currently watching by bringing up the onscreen guide.
  • Set alarms so you never miss an upcoming show

I've been desperately wanting to watch some new shows, so I look forward to seeing what Peel recommends for me. Has Peel given you any good recommendations?

Peel is available for free on the iPhone. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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Get a personalized TV guide with Peel for iPhone


Why would anybody need this app? Every satellite and cable system has a interactive guide that is much easier than any app would be to navigate.
Once again some more hard hitting journalism from the tipb staff!
/wanking motion

ummmmm, because it's personalized and does more than show you what's on at a given moment? You did get one thing right, the wanking motion. You're a wanker first class.
Here's another hard hitting news flash: The world does not revolve around you and your personal preferences. You're welcome.

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