Petting Zoo for iPhone and iPad review

Petting Zoo for iPhone and iPad review

Petting Zoo by Christoph Niemann is a fun little interactive picture book for iPhone and iPad. Each page of the book features hand-drawn animations that interact with your touch.

The first page begins with a pencil drawing a hat that has a rabbit come out of it. Though you can't tell visually, the rabbit is pinned by its ears and feet, so when you swipe up, down, left, and right, the rabbit's body will stretch over in the respective direction Tapping him once will stretch him backwards and then bounce forward. The animations are great, especially considering they were hand-drawn.

When you advance to the next page, the rabbit morphs into a dog house and a long, skinny dachshund walks out of it. Using gestures, you can tie him in a knot and even make him breakdance.

As you turn the pages, the drawings morph from one zoo animal to another. There are 21 different animals and all of them respond to your touch.

The good

  • Thousands of frames of hand-drawn animation
  • Playful, musical sounds for each animal
  • Fun for all ages, from infants to adults

The bad

  • No complaints

The bottom line

Petting Zoo is an awesome kids book that even parents will enjoy. My two-year-old daughter thinks it's hilariously fun.

$1.99 - Download now

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Reader comments

Petting Zoo for iPhone and iPad review


I really don't see this being a great hit for adults. This is more for children who need time to kill, but even that being said, there are many other games/activities that can be done on an iOS device that greatly outweigh this app. I'm terribly sorry, but it seems like a flop for anyone who isn't a child.

Yes, it's definitely a kids app. I guess I meant it would be fun for parents when they play with their kids. Many kids toys are helplessly boring, but a parent will enjoy this.

Nice, I think it seems like a great app and will be testing it out. Truth be told the most entertaining apps or the ones that become popular are the simplest ones.

I wish this was around when my kids were younger. I think they would have had a lot of fun with it. They probably still would but being teenagers, they are too cool for school. I might just have to get it for my little nephew to play with though... yea... it's for my nephew... honest!