Photo editing tool Fotor makes in-app-purchases free for a limited time

With an update to version 4.5.1, photo editing tool Fotor is making all of its in-app-purchases free until June 27th. Fotor allows you to resize, crop, rotate and add effects to your photos easily. The app comes with a host of features, like the ability to create collages, add frames and borders, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and add text and stickers to images along with depth-of-field effects.

While the base app is free, there are several in-app-purchases available for you to buy, which include additional filters, effects and themes. If you're interested, head on over to the App Store link below to download Fotor and take advantage of a pretty great deal.

What do you think of the features offered by Fotor? Do you guys already have a preferred photo editing client? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Reader comments

Photo editing tool Fotor makes in-app-purchases free for a limited time


Very nice. When you download the app make sure you go through every editing tool and individually unlock everything that has a shopping cart or padlock on it. At least 20 different items. There is no central store, so don't think just because you unlocked all of the FX in one section there aren't more. Just open up a pic and go through each type of option and work your way through. Took about 3-4 minutes but worth it.

There is certainly a lot of free content, and it's a very nice app, but I don't see an option to resize photos.
My goto app is Instaflash.

After downloading and unlocking the content, I got to thinking that maybe they are going to release a 5.0 update to the app and this is to generate interest?