Pinball HD for iPad - app review

Pinball HD brings classic pinball arcade playing to the iPad. The graphics are beautiful and motions are smooth.

There are three tables included with Pinball HD: Wild West, The Deep, and Jungle Style. I find Wild West to be the least interesting table to play, but it will probably be great for a child who doesn't need a complicated and involved table. The Deep and Jungle Style are much more detailed and require much more skill to get a good score.

Pinball HD can be played in 3 different views. Holding the iPad in landscape will display the full table from a perspective view (the front is bigger than the back). In portrait, you can either view the full table or play with a "flying-table" view. The latter view follows the ball around the table and zooms in even closer when the ball is doing something interesting like bouncing around a bunch of bumpers or entering a special hole. The graphics in "flying-table" are very impressive; however, I find myself getting a little dizzy when playing in this view.

If you're a fan of pinball, Pinball HD will not disappoint. The physics are accurate and the gameplay is fun. For video and screenshots, follow us after the break!


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Realistic physics
  • 3 tables
  • Detailed instructions for each table
  • Local and global high scores


  • "flying-table" can make you dizzy and is the default view for portrait play
  • Table instructions are busy and sometimes difficult to follow the lines

[$2.99 - iTunes link]

TiPb iPad 4.5-star rated

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There are 5 comments. Add yours.

Th14 says:

Have it, and like it!

C says:

I wish they still made real pinball machines as cool as the ones in this game

61Butte says:

Great game! Highly recommended if you're a pinball freak. They need to add a "Tilt" option though.
The sounds and play are very real.
@C: You can still buy them. Not cheap, but I am going to have one soon. Check out Google and even Ebay. Pinball is the best.

iphones says:

too bad i dont have an ipad

Lou says:

Cannot get it to install. Got it downloaded to the PC iTunes store, but it won't install, keeps saying to go back to the PC iTunes store.