Who Pirates the iPhone Pirates?

Ridiculously funny exchange between Adam from Gizmodo and the developer of Crackulous -- the jailbreak app meant to pirate legitimate apps, see Jeremy's post this morning -- who's complaining that someone is illegitimately pirating his hard work.

Adam, you are linking to a pirated version of the app. Please link to REMOVED (the official Crackulous site) instead of supporting the pirates in the crackulous article. Thanks.

Are you serious? This isn't a joke? You're seriously trying to stop an app designed to pirate apps from being pirated?

No but I need people to support my work... I deserve appreciation.

But the people who have legit apps that Craculous will help pirate don't? You honestly don't see the irony here?

Would you say it's ironic or... poetic?

[Thanks to Jamesus for the tip!]

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Reader comments

Who Pirates the iPhone Pirates?


If there is one app deserves to be pirated it's Crackulous, LOL. I would feel absolutely zero gilt for pirating that app.

Seriously how can this guy argue that he deserves credit for his hard work when he is helping people to deny other developers of that same credit? Prime example of the severe lack of personal responsibility that plagues this world daily. The worst part is that those of such obvious lack of any moral compass are the first to cast stones. I shame a pure shame. I wonder who raised these people a pack of wild pc's or wolves with programming degrees I guess.

The quick and dirty: Crackulous was developed right here on our forum, on our SVN server. Anyone selling Crackulous or claiming to be the developer is trying to scam you. The official Cydia repository to get Crackulous is http://cydia.hackulo.us. Crackulous is and will always be FREE SOFTWARE. It has had NO OTHER developers but SaladFork and Angel, with contributions from Uncon. If you need more details than this, keep reading:
Well, we certainly could have seen this one coming from a mile away. A person I've nicknamed PatheticBoy has registered a Crackulous domain name, the name 'Crackulous' on most major social networks, an E-mail address, etc. He's claiming that he wrote Crackulous, and he's charging $10 for it. PatheticBoy is also trying to make people believe that people offering it for free have put viruses in it that can mysteriously "steal all your passwords". Obviously, this is a giant scam. According to PatheticBoy's fake Twitter account, he's already gotten at least $40 out of it. (If you're one of those people, remember that you can redact your Paypal payments to get your money back!)
If you'd like to fight back against PatheticBoy, just tweet "@spam Crackulous" from your Twitter account, report the domain crackulous.net on Google's Blogger Abuse Page (Piracy, Spam, take your pick for the report reason), and generally get the word out that Crackulous is an official (and free) Hackulo.us product, from our very own Angel.
We've had well over 20,000 legitimate downloads, so his 4 isn't much of a penetration -- but hey, it's fun to virtually punch pathetic losers like this in the face smile.gif
The original Crackulous announcement

I appreciate the irony but judging from the fact they have 20k downloads, it seems most people think they are doing the world a service. These people, and those behind most hacking projects never really consider the developer's side of the story. How much revenue will aapl and at&t loss because of newly unlocked iPhones? Doesn't matter to the hackers.

A thief crying cause his work isn't getting the recognition it deserves? He should be happy cause that kind of work deserves prosecution!

someone isnt very smart. hes not complaining that someone is pirating his app. the other link is apparently trying to scam people into buying something that isnt real. apparently the crackulous app is free. looks to me like hes trying to keep your visitors from getting scammed. wonder if that was his thought process when designing crackulous, i know ive wasted money on a slew of apps. only app i dont regret buying was the geocaching app. i for one commend the kid for looking after your readers. if youre not going to do it, someone has to. thanks jeremy!