Plantronics Voyager PRO Hardcore Bluetooth Headset


The Plantronics Voyager PRO Bluetooth headset [$89.95 - iMore Store link] sounds great, fits fantastically, and makes you look like something in between a SWAT team member and a Battlestar comms officer.

I've said many times before that I have trouble finding a Bluetooth headset that stays in my ear. Admittedly, my ears have been ground-down by years of punches, kicks, and grappling, but even those that came with various types of loops have left me hanging, or just plain left by falling out.

The Plantronics Voyager PRO, which I've been using it as my daily driver (literally -- it's the law where I live) for just over a month now, hasn't let me down yet. It's larger than some competing devices, but that size is put to good use wrapping over and behind the ear to house the guts of the device, while the slender boom extends down across the cheek. The look is hardcore sci-fi, the sound is crisp and clear, with noise-reduction and a host of control features (and with the upcoming iPhone 3.1, Voice Control will work over Bluetooth as well). Plus, the battery just seems to keep going and going, with 6 hours talk time, 120 hours stand-by.

For complete tech specs and purchasing details, check out TiPb's iPhone Accessory Store. For more pictures, look below the fold...

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Plantronics Voyager PRO Hardcore Bluetooth Headset


I was given one of these in exchange for my buggy apple headset and it rocks! battery life is phenomenal and quality is great. Nobody complains about not hearing me or echoes.

Anyone know if there is a quality stereo BT headset either available or soon to come out? I want one that only has a wire between the two earpieces, no hanging transmitter or bulky behind the head plastic pieces.

Try Jay Bird 200. I got them about a year ago and the work fantastic. They're sweat resistant and have great sound. Purchased them at Target believe it or not. Go online to website to see specs.

Picked this one up a few weeks ago, bet I've every used and I've used 'em all. The sound quality is awesome and believe it or not, 2 different people have actually said I sound more clear on the BT compared to the straight iPhone. Love it!

Anyone know if this would work on a motorcycle? (ie, not going to be completely muffed up by the wind)
If not, any recommendations for one that will?

To much money, moterola has similar blue tooth headsets. I once bought playtronics device, product was poorly made with a cheap feel. This is big if I'm going to pay an expensive amount

I've used every high end BT out there, and this one is my favorite. The only substantive knock I've heard on it is that there is no audible battery-check (you have to take it off to check the battery life).
@Ward: I've had more than one person confuse when I'm on/off the headset due to its clarity. I've taken to putting it on when I drive home, then leaving it on for another hour or so while I finish all my calls.
@Chris: The wind-blocking on this phone is great. I live in a windy part of San Francisco, and I've never had anyone complain or ask myself to repeat myself because of wind interference. Don't know if that compares to the motorcycle, but it's all I got.
@El Ruderino: I don't know which headset you used to have, but this one is not cheap, and it absolutely blows anything I've ever used by Motorola out of the water.

How do they fit with eyeglasses? That's the No. 1 issue I have with bluetooth headsets == they're competing with the eyeglass frame so can't always get a good fit.

I tried about five models at work including blueant, motorola 780, motorola s9 HD, jawbone. This is the far best.. When I keep it on for a long time I just sweat really bad. No one ever asked if I was on a speaker phone..

Will this work for streaming music (or playing games) on my 3gs?
I just want to be able to hear these things privately, I don't care if I'm losing quality.

Can you please revisit your review now that 3.1 is out with support for voice control for the 3GS?
Because for whatever reason, the Plantronics Voyager PRO does NOT support it voice control commands. There is just no way to bring up the voice control window using the headset control button (or any other combination of button presses that I tried). Even my 5 year old Jabra works with voice control now.

I found out how to get voice control via Bluetooth. Go to Bluetooth settings and forget any Bluetooth device you have paired. Disable the Bluetooth option. Now turn the iPhone off and turn it back on. Enable Bluetooth and repair the headset. When you press the button on the Bluetooth to make a call you have to hold it for a few seconds for the long beep.

Hey can anyone help me find a Driver for the voyager PRO blue tooth HS for my computor as it does not regognize the HS Many thanks, Jerry

I do believe I'll ultimately make a move with all your tips on areas I could truthfully never have gotten to touch solely. You're so considerate to permit me to be a type of to benefit from the useful information. Please realize just how considerably I appreciate it.