It’s Playing 2.0 for iPhone, iPad looks to fill the gap left by VLC

It’s Playing is a universal iPhone, iPod touch and iPad app that looks to fill the “I will play any video file type” space left when VLC was pulled from the App Store. It's Playing uses its own soon to be patented engine which it claims will play back most 720p content.

What differentiates It's playing, apart from pricing and the quality of the user interface, is the engine that takes advantage of the outstanding hardware and operating system it runs on.

AdditionFlow© is our optimized process for making sure that you get more video frames more synchronized with the audio, ensuring the best viewing experience.

  • Play all video and audio formats commonly available on the web -- including AVI, RMVB, MKV and FLV (Flash Video)
  • AdditionFlow© presentation engine: it plays most 720p hi-res video superbly — it's so great we're going to patent it.
  • Image and sound precision controls
  • File and folder management
  • Improved privacy management
  • Dynamic video quality monitoring and diagnostic
It's Playing is available as a universal binary for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for $1.99.

[App Store link]

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Reader comments

It’s Playing 2.0 for iPhone, iPad looks to fill the gap left by VLC


Just install perian. Yay! Now your computer can natively play a buttload of video types and you can use QuickTime again.

Looks fishy. No decent review, no videos on youtube... I dont wanna waste another dollar on useless apps.

hello, TiPb,
a sincere question: how is one to tell, in your articles, that certain words are part of the name of an app? for clarity, app titles should have punctuation:
'It's Playing' 2.0 for iPhone, iPad looks to fill the gap...
punctuation is not extraneous. it truly serves a purpose. :-) without it, your headlines read like a sentences that don't make sense.
upon reading this heading, my first thoughts were "what's playing?" and "the iPad's filling the gap? what gap?"
...all because you never put app titles within quotes. why is punctuation so unimportant to you?

See? I'd told you that before... also constructions like "iPad, iPhone to do something" when it should be "iPad/iPhone". Sometimes it's really hard to get the meaning of your headlines...

Bought this app for my iphone 4 and it jumps a lot and freezes. It does not play one file properly (mkv, mp4 or other). Not even mp4 that the native ipod app reads fine. So dont waste your money on this app like i did. May work fine on Ipad though, but on iphone it's trash.

What gap? There are tons of players like this on the App Store for like a year now! BuzzPlayer can even play from networked drives.