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Link 4 Game

I have been playing the iPhone game Link4 Online [Free - iTunes Link or $2.99 - iTunes Link], which is a "connect 4" type game by PlayMesh. I love Link4 and have spent many a long night challenging other players to the game. Link 4 also has a chat room and if you have ever been in a chat room you know that a lot of nefarious things can happen. To keep the discussions as clean as possible, PlayMesh has evoked an auto-banning system. Now certain words (that will not be mentioned here so as not to get my editor's wrath) are sure to get you banned. However, what has been happening in Link4 is interesting.

Waiting on players, I would sit in the chat room and after a time I noticed that many people were asking about how wine was made and where raisins came from from. I also noticed a lot of people were being banned, for 24 to 316 hours of play.

Link4 chat2

PlayMesh, did someone steal your Fruit of the lomb undies? Did the California Raisins cause you indigestion? The reasons are unclear, but if you even whisper the word 'grapes' in Link4 be assured your account will be banned.

It turns out, you can't type the word "grapes" without being banned. Now perhaps grapes is a rude word somewhere I'm not aware of, or perhaps PlayMesh has a personal vendetta against the fruit, but either way watching this never-ending process has become almost more fun than the actual game.

If anyone has any ideas as to why this is occurring comment below. Also, if you want to try me at a game of Link4 my tag is Belarbrina.


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There are 33 comments. Add yours.

Brooks says:

Probably because the word "grape" contains the word "rape".

justin says:

ding ding ding we have a winner!

Jaredkaragen says:

That was obvious as to why....
Trying to big brother people over the Internet never really works out....
Like how we used to unban accounts....
Easy to get around!
Pretty funny nonetheless

Karl says:

Try using the word "drapes" and see if the same thing happens.

Unchewable says:

ironically nestea didnt get banned and should have been only willy wonka interesting indeed.

NickFL2011 says:

Just tried drapes and was banned immediately... Haha.

Jordan says:

Yes it is probably because it contains. Someone just type rape and see if you get banned.

Joseph says:

I KNOW WE SHOULD NOT SUPPORT THEM AND DON'T DOWNLOAD THAT GAME...I ONCE PUT 2 NUMBERS AND GOT BANNED 4 2k HOURS..Oh it's about time somebody say's something about that stupid game

Lui says:

Yeah but we can't even say fart here

Lui says:


Rene Ritchie says:

Just mouse over the stars and you see the naughty words. We try to keep a veneer of family friendliness for the kids, though...

Jordan says:

To recycle an old chestnut: "People who make buttumptions about their filtering logic, will be embarbutted when they repeat this clbuttic mistake."

TIto says:

I dont have a mouse to see them i use my iphone. I can't believe I didn't get it until the first comment

Rick says:

I think because it contains to word rape. I have been banned for using this and also for using the word crap (I was trying to tell an annoying person who kept asking about wine to knock that crap off) that is silly considering some of the talk that takes place in there.

iPhone site says:

This is stupid. Alot of things are stupid like that. Won't let you say alot of things.

molly says:

u can say fart but it will let u say cocaine!..... i think its a teenage underground for phone sex..

Georgia says:

The grapes bug has been fixed... though I was banned for saying advertisement....

Aaron says:

First that is not the best screen shot for the link4 chatt room and why is it that you allow people to talk the way they do and there needs to be some way you can stop all of the spamming. Sounds like link4 needs to keep a better eye on what is going on in the chatt room....

Aaron says:

One more thing, you dont allow people say the wrong things in the chatt room but you do while playing the game witch is wrong and you also let people put it as there name, doesn't make sense.

Demmy says:

I have been playing playmesh for at least 6 months using the above name an I was just banned today , not sure why a bit pissed right now

Radish says:

I have used playmesh for link4, dots, checkers and chess on my iPhone for several months now. Apart from the odd bit of in game flaring, as opposed to in the chat room section I have spent hours happily playing without any recognisable molestation from administrators of the service/app. Today, I attempted to play as usual but in all the games, when loading, the message "still trying to connect" appears on the splash screen

Al says:

I get this all the time. It has been that way for the last week. My advice is to try another Connect-4 app.

Radish says:

...continued from previous post.., is this a service side issue, network problem ( I have seen the MSG before (I.e still trying to connect) but it usually gets past this in a matter of seconds, or.., Have I been banned?

Cam says:

Well.. I seem to have been banned indefinitely! Not exactly sure as to why, but...
On a lower note;
I see people wit the scored of 4000+ which, without cheating, is impossible! I have been playing now for about 5-6 months and have learned some tricks and have been able to get to 2281 score.. I'm "luckychimp" in the game. Play me....if you dare!

Al says:

I know. I got up to around 2500 on link4 but could never figure out how the top ranked guys had such high scores. I did figure it out though.
The first reason is that the scoring makes no sense. If you only play 50 games but win most of them you'll have a much higher score than it you played 500 games and won most of them. Some of the top guys have barely played any games.
The second is that you can challenge people. So if you had two iPhones you could just play yourself and then let the player you want to rank well win.
The app 'Construct 4' fixed both of these problems. The scoring makes much more sense (plus, you never get 0 points for beating someone ranked much lower than you -- you always get something). And you can't challenge specific people. You have to let the app choose an opponent for you. This makes it a real league where you can't cheat your way up the rankings.
I'm now ranked in the top 10 on Construct 4.

Ashley Solomon says:

Hey can you give me your itunes accout name so i can buy that please. Only for this one thing. 

Kickchen44 says:

I have no Idea iif I'm banned or not, whenever I enter the lobby I can't see any messages at all. Am I banned, and if so how can I tell for how long

Justbeth82 says:

I wonder if it's taking it as rapes?

Schwingstar says:

Hi love link4 but don't use chat room. Why is The app so buggie on my iPhone 4s? Am i The only one?

Al says:

Seriously. Try "Construct 4". I think it's only for iPhone but it is stable and has lots of players. Also, the point system makes much more sense (you don't get 0 points for beating someone with way less points than you) and it has a few cool twists - like getting bonus points for getting more than 4 in a row or for multiple wins.

bEaUtiEst says:

i want new site for jailbreaking about link4 game pllz cause it have been removed..

Al says:

This app used to be great. Lots of players and a pretty stable app (although the scoring was always a bit wonkey). Now, after a few updates, it is terrible. There are loooong ads that you can't skip. Your connection gets dropped all the time. Worst of all, as more people have stopped playing this app there are not enough players to ensure you always get a good match. Fortunately I found another Connect-4 app called 'Construct 4' which is great and reliable. It also has lots of players and the more ex-Link4'ers who join the better it will get. Hope that helps...