Pocket offers new subscription service with permanent content library

Pocket app for iPhone

Read-it-later app Pocket is introducing a new premium service. Pocket Premium introduces several features, including Permanent Library, global search, and Suggested Tags. The service costs $4.99 per month, or $44.99 for the year, and comes as a part of the most recent update to Pocket's apps for iOS and Android.

Permanent Library automatically stores of the articles and pages that you save, meaning that you can access them even if the original is changed or deleted from the source. As soon as you activate your Premium subscription, both new and existing items will be added to your Library, including items in your Archive. Premium users will also have access to a faster, more powerful search experience. You can search full text, article titles, tags, and more. You can use Recent Searches to easily return to a previous search, and there are a number of more advanced search parameters at your disposal.

Pocket will now suggest tags for Premium users' saved items. Tags will be displayed based on the item's content and your previously used tags, allowing you to simply select rather than needing to search for them. Over time, tags will appear in a more intelligent manner based on how they are used.

Pocket has also released some updates for all users, outside of Premium. Both iOS and Android users can now manage, edit, merge, and delete tags on their devices, while you can now delete or edit tags while viewing something in either the Article or Web views.

You can download Pocket 5.5 from the App Store right now and sign up for the premium service here.

Source: Pocket

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Reader comments

Pocket offers new subscription service with permanent content library


What a rip off? I like Pocket, but this just puts me off when the greed sets in.
Every service or app is trying to find a way to get 5-10 bucks off you every month and it's getting ridiculous.
If you compare this to getting Office for iPad on an Office 365 subscription, it puts it in perspective. Rip off.

This is all part of their master plan and every other software developer at the moment. Have a decent app, get it out there, introduce a subscription or freemium model, dupe as many people into buying a subscription, sell your company to Facebook, Google or Apple for a couple of billion, retire on tropical island.

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