Pod Wrangler makes finding and listening to podcasts easy

Pod Wrangler makes finding and listening to podcasts easy

Pod Wrangler is a new podcast app from David Smith, the creator of Feed Wrangler. Designed for iOS 7, Pod Wrangler allows you to easily search for, subscribe, and listen to podcasts.

You can find podcasts in a number of ways. Hit "Add" in the upper right corner, and you can, for instance, search for shows or individual episodes using the search bar. There are also several sections you could use to find shows. Theres a list of popular podcasts, as well as a collection of topics and and providers, along with shows recommended by Smith himself. You can choose to add a podcast feed manually, or import an MP3 file of your chosen show. If you're moving from another podcast app, like Instacast, you can export your subscription data and import it into Pod Wrangler.

Pod Wrangler's complete features are free to anyone already subscribed to Feed Wrangler. Other users must pay $1.99 in the app in order to gain access to every feature, including unlimited subscriptions, no ads, and push notification support. Pod Wrangler might not have a lot of the features that you might want in a podcast app, but if you're new to podcast listening, or just looking for a new podcast app to try, you can check out Pod Wrangler, available as a free download from the App Store.

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Reader comments

Pod Wrangler makes finding and listening to podcasts easy


I don't generally like to dissuade people from iOS apps because the devs are working hard and generally do a good job, but I signed up for Feed Wrangler from the same dev when it first launched, and was quite disappointed. The iOS app was never improved upon and for as long as I used it, it remained on version 1.0.

The actual RSS service didn't work very well and you could only do some things on the awfully deigned web interface, and not from the app. So what's the point of having the app if you need to ids the web interface for adding or removing feeds?

Having read the review above it seems pretty bare bones and I wonder how long it will take for it to get new features, if at all. And I wonder how well the servers will work considering they've dropped out a number of times on Feed Wrangler.

Plus there's the fact that there are already a lot of podcast apps in the App Store and many of them are already very good. I use Pocket Casts and it's light years ahead. It's so excellent you can't imagine.

If you want a barebones podcast app just get the free, and very good, Podcasts app from Apple. If you want the most full featured and beautifully designed app, choose Pocket Casts.

I don't see why you would want this app.

I've actually been really impressed by Instacast's iOS7 update. Before it still suffered from a few clumsy UI decisions, but I have no complaints now. Powerful, fast, intuitive...I think I will stay there.

Competition is well and good though, and the free intro price should help them get a leg up.