How To: Get Our iPhone Podcasts Over the Air

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Now that 2.2 is upon us, you can get your TiPb fix in yet another way: grab our Podcast over the air!

It's simple. Just turn on WiFi (necessary because all of our podcasts are over 10 megs), head into iTunes on your iPhone, and search for "Phone different." It'll pop up right quick (and includes the feed for our iPhone Live! Podcast to boot!). Then head in, tap download, and away you go!

(Speaking of the Phone Different Podcast, we have this week's in the bin. It should be edited up and ready for you to grab tomorrow)

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Dieter Bohn

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Reader comments

How To: Get Our iPhone Podcasts Over the Air


Next up should be a way to subscribe to them for automatic download! (Unless you can do that and I missed it somehow)

Sadly I don't think a subscription is possible, I thought the same thing. Would be super cool. Then Apple is taking away from iTunes then.

I wish there was an option to have it available over 3g (for those with Unlimited data). There are YouTube videos that are around 7mb are there not? Those are streamable over 3g, so why not Podcasts

I agree, where is the subscription? Honestly, this is almost useless without that. I certainly don't want to have to remember to manually download all of my podcasts and wait while each of them downloads.

@Rey Actually, you can stream podcasts over 3G (and presumably over EDGE as well). You only need to use WiFi if you want to download the 10+MB podcast episode. If you want to stream it, just tap the title of the episode, rather "FREE" button. Streams just like a YouTube video does.
(I'm surprised this wasn't mentioned in the article.)

Has anyone else got the problem that you can download apps and podcasts on edge and 3g but the music store says you need wi fi connection to even look at the names of songs