PodCaster... er... RSS Player FREE Today Only!

Don't remember the iPhone App Store PodCaster-gate sega? We envy you. Long story short, Apple rejected PodCaster for duplicating iTunes functionality (downloading podcasts), then added that functionality to iTunes with iPhone OS 2.2. A short time back, a newly stripped down (and less user-friendly -- thanks Apple!) version of PodCaster finally made it into the App Store as RSS Player.

And for today, it's FREE [iTunes link]!

(Thanks to forum superstar Jamesus for pointing this out!)

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Rene Ritchie

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PodCaster... er... RSS Player FREE Today Only!


This free offering was designed for those who purchased podcaster via ad hoc. An email was sent to those individuals. This was not designed for all so if you truly want it I encourage you to support this developer and pay the full price

i am not understanding this app. I add RSS feeds but i do not see anything found after the feeds are added fine. I use RSS free reader just fine.

I don't get why this app is such a big deal the iPhone has this function now so why do we need this.

Seems like the only advantage is checking all of your podcast feeds with 1 quick, easy glance, as opposed to having to go out and check each site individually. However, a major disadvantage is that without multi-tasking on the iPhone, it won't play the podcast in the background like the iPod itself will do. Is there some other advantage that I'm not seeing?