No podcasts tonight, see you Wednesday!

iPhone Live

Sadly there will be no Apps and Accessories Live or ZEN and TECH tonight as Rene is delayed en route back from Macworld 2012 and Seth is, according to Rene, too busy nerf herding. So relax, enjoy a night off, and we'll see you back here on Wednesday for iPhone and iPad Live with a complete recap of all the action from the show, and all the news for the week.

If you need a fix, we have a huge back catalog of episodes available for your viewing and listening pleasure -- with no Hollywood style broadcast blackouts or delays! New media win!

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No podcasts tonight, see you Wednesday!


The new Apps and Accessories Live podcast is not listed on iTunes, Instacast, Stitcher, or, most surprisingly, in your own podcast directory. I'd like to subscribe, but I can't!

We've only done a pilot so far. As soon as we start cranking out the episodes (i.e. next Sunday), you'll get all that and more!

Why don't you call iPhone and iPad live just "iOS Live"? Not as much of a mouth full, and just rolls off the tongue.

I was gonna go there, but I see Rene's point. But think about it, more and more of the average consumers are being exposed to "iOS". Hell, when you start up a new iOS 5 device it says "You're ready to start using the most advanced iOS ever".