Pokémon game for iPad coming soon as an online trading card title


A version of The Pokémon Trading Card Game Online that's already available for Windows and Mac PCs has now been confirmed as coming to the iPad at some point, which will make the game the first to be released for any of Apple's iOS devices by The Pokémon Company. There are other Pokémon apps for mobile devices but they are not full games.

The iPad version of the trading card game was first revealed by Josh Wittenkeller via Twitter, when he uploaded a picture of the game being demoed at this weekend's Pokémon World Championship in Washington, D.C. The Pokémon Company later confirmed to Polygon that the trading card game will be coming to the iPad but offered no other information about the title.

The Pokémon Company was founded by, and is still a subsidiary of, Nintendo, which means this launch of this game on the iPad also means that this will technically be the first Nintendo-based game to be launched on mobile devices. What do you think of Pokémon's upcoming debut on the iPad?

Source: Polygon, Josh Wittenkeller on Twitter

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Pokémon game for iPad coming soon as an online trading card title


They need more games out, but I'm glad they are starting this, I hope they see some sales off of it so they will actually consider on building on this platform.

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