Pokemon Black and White soundtrack now available in iTunes


A quick heads up for all you Pokemon fans out there that there's a new collection of music in iTunes you might be interested in. The folks at Game Freak have published the entire soundtrack to Pokemon Black and Pokemon White for you to download and listen to as much as you like. All 173 tracks, and for just $9.99/£7.99.

What are you waiting for?

via TechnoBuffalo

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Pokemon Black and White soundtrack now available in iTunes


Even if it was legal, 173 low quality tracks to crop and fill in all the meta data for, I'd rather pay.

I'm sure this in not gonna have a good ending, the folks will eat me, so please delete my comment :)

Woohoo! Black/White feature some of my favorite tracks in the entire series! Glad to see Game Freak make an effort to put these albums up!

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