Pokemon coming to Netflix on March 1 for the big kid in all of us


Pokemon fans rejoice, some of the classic episodes of the Japanese animation are headed to Netflix on March 1. While Hulu still offers a much wider selection, Netflix will at least be showing the first season in more than just the U.S., with it being available in the UK, Canada and Ireland as well. U.S. fans will also be treated to season 14, Black and White.

While the range of content remains limited, the wider reach is good news for Netflix subscribers. And, with so many different ways to watch – including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV as well as the browser on your Mac – there's chance to get your Pokemon on just about anywhere you are.

It's a start. Hopefully Netflix will add to the collection within the not too distant future. Who's going to be watching come March 1?

via Polygon

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Pokemon coming to Netflix on March 1 for the big kid in all of us