Poll: What do you think Apple will announce at Let's Talk iPhone?

Today's the day and Apple's big Let's Talk iPhone event is only hours away, so... what do you think they'll announce? Will we get a hot, redesigned iPhone 5 or a hot but not redesigned iPhone 4S? Will voice get the spotlight via SIRI powered Assistant and Nuance Dictation? Will iPod touch continue to keep pace with new models and A5 chipsets or will they get left behind? Will traditional iPods even get mentioned? (What about my nano watch?!) Will Apple TV remain a hobby or will it get a 1080p update and some great new iCloud powered content to go with it? Will there be a surprise iTunes 11 with great new features or is iTunes 10.5 cutting the cord and that's it? Will there be some amazing new apps shown off on stage or just a drawn out series of demos like in years past? Will Steve Jobs make an appearance if he so wishes or is this truly the new Tim Cook show? Will there be one more thing, and if so, what will it be?

In a few hours Apple will hold their Let's Talk iPhone event and we'll have our answers. Right now, there's still time for some last minute speculative fun. So put your cards on the table and vote for what you think Apple will announce (not what you want -- that's all glowing Apple logos and voice activation -- but what you realistically think Apple will show off). Then jump in the comments and give me the details so come this afternoon we can see who got the closest!

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Poll: What do you think Apple will announce at Let's Talk iPhone?


My vote... iPhone 4S, New Apple TV, and defiantly a "One More Thing" line thrown in. I'd love to see Steve turn up, but from photos that were going around on the net a few weeks bak, he really does look in bad shape.
I hope tipb will be live blogging the event.. or at least someone out there will be??

The photo of him in the dress thing was proven a fake made by TMZ. Not saying that he's in good health but it's not impossible for him to show up. I would think he would come out first and publicly introduce the new CEO. And yes, who know where we can go to to see a live blog?

iPhone 5!!!!! Please don't let me down Apple! It would be the very first time! I wanna always be a happy Apple Virgin!!! LOL!

They'll prove most of the rumor mongers were wrong, and start a batch of whining "Why didn't they..." and set the stage for the rumor mongering to start over Apple's Next BIG Thing... and we'll all get wee-wee'd up for the next day like today when Apple has an event, and knickers are at full knot.

Change the poll options, cause iPhone 5 redesigned doesnt make sense.
In order for them to release a redesigned iPhone 5, that means they shouldve released an iPhone to begin with ;)
There will be iPhone 5 (ORIGINAL ) :P $299 , $399 for the 64GB
iPhone 4S starting at $99
and the 4G iphone 4 will be available for FREE with 2 year contract
Come back here and compare notes this afternoon to see how accurate I was ;)

the description isn't meant to be interpreted the way you have. By redesign, they meant it will be a new design compared the iphone 4.

3GS was a redisgned 3G, iPhone 4 was NOT a redesigned 3G/3GS it was a new iPhone 4.
So if there is a redesigned phone, it would be a redesigned iPhone 4, with a new name like iPhone 4S. But If there is an iPhone 5, it WILL of course be a new design, cause I dont think Apple would release an iPhone 5 with the SAME DESIGN as iPhone 4, Capice? ;)

you are still interpreting it wrong. redesigned IPHONE. That is how they meant it to be read. Every single iphone is a redesign.

Has there been any mention of a live video stream of the event? Or are we going to have to settle for a recording of the event afterwards?

What would be the smartest thing for Apple to announce besides an iPhone5 with a larger screen? A price drop for the iPad line. iPad already has the best build of all the tablets and it already does the most of all the tablets. People already want it like crazy, price drop is the last ball to drop. If they take just $50 off all the Skus (maybe some more off the 3G models) that would definitely alleviate some of the attention Kindle Fire is getting right now.

I'd like to see them go through the whole show, do all the announcements, 4S, Apple TV, and then the "One More thing" right at the end, (as said by Tim Cook) would be Steve J walking out on stage holding the iPhone 5....
Not gonna happen... but I'd love it!

this is the line up

  1. iPod how its been 10 years blah blah (You Know how apple talks bear nonsense to sill consumers) phase out classic and shuffle...iPod Touch in white
  2. iPhone 4 8GB Blah and more Blah
  3. iPhone 4S $349 and more blah
  4. iPhone 5+Assistant
  5. talk software crap crap Facebook new app for iPhone and iPad and Sparta crap and all other software crap and feature nonsense.


I thinking/hoping a 4S and a 5 with Siri (sounds pretty interesting), a white iTouch, new iTunes media content, trial/rental of apps, and a One More Thing - maybe the text to speech if not part of Siri. Don't think SJ will be there, it's Tim Cook's show to do. This is my guess.

~~ IS APPLE buying SPRINT ... Watch for this buried in Further deals with Sprint ... Rumor of the Day...... [s]

Why was the above comment flagged for review.....as if a small iPhone site named "The iPhone Addict" is any competition to TiPB....Come on people......it's a link to help out a fellow reader that was asking a question. At the time you had no mention of a live stream...... Damn TiPB Y'all are becoming TbDB.... thats what you should be called.... "The Biggest Disappointing Blog"

Oh come on. It's a watch!
Of course, if we vote, doesn't Apple have to do what we want? This is a democracy after all! If they don't, class action babeeeee!!!