Poll: Do you get apps on iPhone, iPad or iTunes desktop?

Once again drawing inspiration from Chad and Rene making fun of me on iPhone Live! we're polling the TiPb nation to find out if you buy or download your apps and games directly on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or if you prefer getting them via iTunes on your Mac or Windows PC and syncing over, or if you go both ways?

I don't think I've ever bought or downloaded an app on iTunes. I always get them right on my iPhone or iPad. My iPhone is with me all the time so it's just easier that way and I'm usually with my iPad when I see a great new app or hot new game I want to try, so I just grab it right away.

Google does web-to-phone for Android Market, which I guess is slightly more convenient than iTunes on the one machine you're allowed to sync with, but only slightly. It still needs a web browser and I already have that on my iPhone. What would be really sweet would be if I could buy an iPad app on my iPhone and have it pushed right to my iPad next time I unlock it (or vice versa).

Let us know how you get your apps in the poll above and then tell us how you'd prefer to get them in the comments!

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Poll: Do you get apps on iPhone, iPad or iTunes desktop?


I am with Georgia on this I always get my apps on the device. Its easy and no connecting to pc required.

I buy apps both on the iOS Store and iTunes desktop. iPad apps mostly get bought on the iPad. Same goes for iPhone. But if it's a universal app that I want on both devices I usually buy on my Mac. My home connection is really slow so I don't like waiting for the same app to download twice.

I only had to buy an app on the desktop once because it wasn't visible on the iOS App Store, but I can't remember what it was. Other than that, I never have since.

I only buy large apps like Infinity Blade on iTunes desktop otherwise I do it on my iPod touch

If I know exactly what app after, I'll get it directly on either device. But if I'm just browsing for something new, it's easier via iTunes desktop.

Only ever on iPhone or iPad. Never on desktop.
These votes never work for me on iPhone. Is there something wrong with the vote pages on the iPhone version of the site?

I find that you can only vote after posting comment if you're viewing the site from your iPhone.

Actually there's a little trick to it. You have to press n hold it for like a split second for it to work. Sometime it takes a while to get it right

I use iOS App Store except for TomTom USA. It's just too big to get over the air. Takes like two hours to download it direct to the phone.

Most often I download my apps on my iMac first and sync them via iTunes or just redownload them on the iPod. Usually someone sends me a link to a great app via IM or I see it on appshopper, 148apps or some forum. Who would use a tiny iPod screen to browse these sites if there's a big iMac on the table?
What apple needs to implement is a way to remote download apps to an iDevice, just like Google does in Android Marketplace. Controling the iPod via some sort of Remote Desktop WLAN and streaming sound from a Mac would be even better.

If I'm browsing the web on my desktop and read about a good app while doing so, than I'll download it there. I'll sync the phone eventually. If it is an app I simply MUST HAVE NOW, than I suppose I'd grab the phone.

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I get it on both just depends which device I'm closest to at the time. I sync both my iPhone and iPad at the very leaast twice a day so even if I buy the app or media on the device I sync so I can put it on the other device without going to the app store on the other device too.

I always get them straight from my iPhone. iTunes runs way too slow and clunky on my computer, anyway (even though it's a relatively new Windows 7 unit).

I do all app acquiring and updating through iTunes. Almost never even open the app store (or iTunes Store) on my iPhone.

Most of the time I get apps via iTunes on my desktop; I don't want to waste my monthly data allowance on something I can easily (and often faster - some apps, e.g. dictionaries, are huge) get on my computer. I also like to read as many reviews as possible before deciding whether to buy or update an app and that's quicker on the destop too. Saved me getting lumbered with the #dickbar, for example.