Poll: What feature do you most wish Apple had added to iPad 2?

As predicted, Apple released iPad 2 last week... as predicted. There really were no surprises -- no Retina Display, no Thunderbolt or USB or SD port, no LTE or WiMax or HSPA+ radio, no 128GB of storage, no big photon camera or 3D display, no kickstand or cappuccino maker... Okay, I'm joking about some of those. Maybe.

But which one of those omissions irk you the most? What feature do you really wish Apple had added to iPad 2?

Vote in the poll above and let us know the details of your antici-pointment in the comments below!

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Poll: What feature do you most wish Apple had added to iPad 2?


The most obvious I think would be an upgraded resolution. I personally would have loved a SD slot. I know they have the attachment but I don't think a slot would take up much space. I'm not real sure what I would need a usb port for. As far as the thunderbolt port, although it's always nice to have speed, I don't its a real deal-breaker considering the memory size options.

I'll wait for retina iPad 3 and the 4" iPhone 5 in 3 months will keep me satisfied until March 2012.

Retina for sure. Apple knows what they're doing. Dribs and Drabs added to iPad 2 and they will certainly sell a plethora. Retina will come with iPad 3 and they will sell a plethora. I wanted retina, and will hold off until I get retina.

Irony, retina is mostly desired, but Apple would had to charge more like 200 dollars. This would have created price barrier!

Indeed. Everyone seems to assume Retina will come on iPad 3, but it could later. It depends on where the market is, as well as the technical hurdles.

@boydicus .... You want Linux on an iPad? Go buy an android and be stuck with the outdated OS it ships with.

I would have def like to have seen a built in option for SD card along with a huge surprise of supporting Adobe. I know that's a dream that won't come true unless something surprising happens but with a device like the iPad having Flash work on it would really make me more interested in purchasing the device so I could get the full web experience on it. Another would have been better cameras. I think the camera on the iPad 2 should be leading the way for when the iPhone 5 comes out we'd be ready for higher resolution cameras on both front and back. I think the iPad 2 should have had at least an 8MP camera on back and a 1-2MP front facing camera one side giving the option for 1080 HD video and the other for 720. Retina screen would also be on the list but with a screen this size I can see holding off till the iPad 3 comes to have the availability of product ready for that type of building process and shipment of large numbers.

They really need to fix the notification system. Hopefully it will be in a software update in the near future.

2 'other' items flash and 3g calls
3g calls posible on galaxy tab and xoom this and flash would kill android for next 2-3 years
Well why not. With the iPad 2 spec flash may actually run acceptably.
HTML 5 is coming but a lot (particularly the interesting tv drm sites) are flash only and will continue to be for next year or so, at least.
Flash is the USP of android.

I was really hoping for a smaller size version. The iPad is great but it's not a truly portable device.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but as I look at that list, I can't garner any feelings about any of it. I feel pretty 'meh' about everything Apple excluded from iPad 2. I know I sound like a fanboy, but the device they released was exactly the device I was hoping for, nothing more, nothing less. If there was one item that surprised me, it would be the HDMI-out and mirroring capability. If Apple had NOT included that, that would have been the only item on my "disappointment list".

The ability to use the ipad as a personal computer. The ability to edit itunes songs. Laptops are going to be gone soon. Especially now that garage band is available on the ipad. I think apple should focus on their mobile devices. They will sell a large volume and will make a nice margin also. All of the competitors are going to make pretend ipads. The competition is going down.

While a Retina Display would be nice, I'd MUCH rather have the newly upgraded graphics hardware applied towards the massive improvements we'll see in the app user experience, especially games. I think a lot of people underestimate just how big a jump iPad 2 is going to be in that regard. We'll get Retina soon enough.
That said, what I want is first-class stylus support; tilt sensitivity, pressure sensitivity, eraser, etc. I envision the stylus would be an optional accessory much like the Bluetooth keyboard. Now that touch UI has established mindshare as THE feature that enables modern generation devies, stylus support would open up the creative user experience for casual and professional artists alike. I'm not so interested in handwriting recognition, but that's an option as well. I'm sure clever app developers would work out ways to enable apps to allow the iPad to function as a "virtual Cinqiq" -- wouldn't that be awesome?