Poll: What new feature do you want most for iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 should be unveiled this fall, and as always Apple won't reveal any of its specs or features until Steve Jobs holds it up on stage. But that doesn't mean we don't have our wish lists! From the almost certain (Apple A5 processor) to the even odds (bigger screen) the pie in the sky dreams (glowing Apple logo!), we're curious to know what new feature you want most?

Vote in the poll up top and give us your full wish-list in the comments below!

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Poll: What new feature do you want most for iPhone 5?


Or just use a Computer. There is no need to have such a large phone, it defeats the purpose once it gets to big.

Or, Or maybe he can have his opinion which Im pretty sure other people feel the same about and you can shut up. You know just a thought

LED light (like blackberry) on the front.
Like or hate this idea, I don't care. It would be nice to have this.

Truth be told ... I'm good with my iPhone 4, and very unlikely to jump for the iPhone 5 based on the rumours so far ....

they need to add something i cant live without on the iphone 5.. like you said it im perfectly happy with my iphone 4, which will have ios 5.. so is there really a point (at this moment, with nothing to "die" for different on the iphone 5) to waste your money on buying?

Even if just a minor update, i can still sell my iphone 4 for more than the upgrade price of the iphone 5.
Still, i'd have to say A5 processor as most important along with hspa+ 3G.

Mate, this thing is a cult. People will buy the iPhone 5, or whatever it's to be called, regardless of any major change. A few small changes and a big presentation will keep the masses happy. Oh and for the sake of contradiction, I'll probably be sheepishly upgrading anyway. The market system and Apple have successful coerced me into believing I need a new phone every year.
For some reason I feel I'm going to get a lot of hate for this comment :)

I think for me, its a tie between the A5,more RAM and an 8MP camera. My current HTC EVO has an 8MP camera, but my wife's iPhone4 takes so much better pictures. Would love to see Apple's 8MP.
With the faster processor and more RAM, it could be insanely fast.

I agree, that combination will be what I would like to have more that anything. Then with the addition of IOS5 this will be the best iPhone yet.

I'm still on a 3Gs, so all the existing iPhone4 features are a bump for me. I just want more storage for my music. Other features would be nice, but storage is key.

same here ! imagine someone who has been with the iPhone since it's 4GB days ... our music library has definitely grown !

I'm pretty happy with the phone the way it is actually. I'll still be under contract when it comes out, so the ONLY thing (until Steve Jobs tells me something else) that will get me to consider upgrading to the iPhone 5 this year would be 4G/LTE. Even that, I don't have LTE where I live, but it would be nice as they add it around the country. Aside from that, I don't think I'll be making the leap this year.

4G speed. Att 3G speeds & reliability suck. Verizon 4G in my area is up & running so I'll be hopping ship to a 4G android unless apple includes this in their VERY late 2011 iPhone.

A larger screen is a must, especially after experiencing a larger screen on a Windows Phone 7 handset and the wonders it provides.

I picked the 4+ inch screen option, but I'd really like an "Apple-quality Thunderbolt". Give us a big phone and intro the iPhone Nano, then you'd have basically 3 sizes to choose from. Unless you're going to intro the "Tony Stark/IronMan2" iPhone, then forget what I just said...

Several of those would be nice to have, but the only one that jumps out is the A5 processor, after seeing how smooth everything works on my iPad. Not that the A4 is a slacker by any means, but the A5 is a noticiable upgrade. I'm pretty happy with everything else as is on the 4. I'm fine with the screen size, and wouldn't want any material increase in the phone's physical size to accomdate something bigger, since I find the current phone very comfortable in my hand and (more importantly) in my pocket.

I agree, it's not the hardware - Apple should buy a network, and then support data with better coverage - I would be happy with that.......

If I could get 64GB into my iPhone, I will be in phone heaven. I have over 5500 songs that all cannot fit even with downgrading the quality. I have a bunch of Videos that I cannot fit at all because of the amount of music and apps already on it. When I had the 64GB iPod Touch I was able to fit ALL of them and had 11GB to spare. Please give this to me Apple....pleeeeeease!!!

I've been pretty happy with my iPhone 4, to the point that none of the above choices would make me go out and replace it. What would is a genuinely sturdier home button. Apple's build quality is usually excellent, but they drastically underestimated how much wear and tear that home button would get now that it serves so many functions post-iOS4. A home button guaranteed to stand up to its intended uses would get me to plunk down for an iPhone 5 right away.

4 inch screen, Flash support and 4G LTE. They do that, and I'm sold. 4G is a must. Why would I lock myself into a 3G phone for another 2 yrs, when the technology is out there and being used.

While true you're locked into a 2 year contract AT&T almost never makes an iPhone user wait more then a year to upgrade to a next gen iPhone.

Can't believe only 5% wants a glowing Apple logo. 95% of the people are giving a socially accepted answer. Common people be honest to yourself; we all want a glowing Apple logo.

The iPhone 4 battery only holds for about a day of normal use, and it´s good for about 400 cycles, which means that after little over a year you might be charging twice a day. We need better battery life for all portable devices.
I could not care less about dual core or 8MP cameras, what Apple and everybody else should be improving is battery life.

I want to see the iPhone 5 be able to do, dishes, laundry and coffee, damn will be perfect. nothing else for me. ha ha ha

Oh for crying out loud, have you people ever tried holding a 4+ inch phone?! It's IMPOSSIBLE to use with one hand! Actually, after a week with my Desire HD, my hand started hurting! (and I have pretty big hands)

Screen size for sure. Apple has to step up its game in this area. What's the point of a great looking screen when its hard to type on?

I say make the home button and the Apple logo on the back glow. Not a hard flashing like most LED notifications, but a very slow soft pulse. That way whether the iPhone is face up or down, you know you have a new notification. And utilizing LED lights as the light source would not have that great of an impact on battery life, if at all.

Larger screen would take it to a higher level of comfort. I could see writing on it better without having to pinch and zoom as often and it would make the games more enjoyable.

I'd just tell Apple to surprise me. So far, they've managed to do so with every iPhone release, and now they're bigger than ever, so it's very unlikely that they won't come up with something cool (cooler than the predictions).

I think everyone that voted for metal back are the ones that shattered the glass on their iphone 4, like myself.

64GB for me. I didn't buy the iPhone 4 for that reason. It seemed that Apple was continuing on that increase as they released new iPhones .. i guess they didn't this time around. Hopefully now because flash memory does become cheaper over time, like most things.
Then I'd want the 4 inch screen...

Would have to be the 64GB. It was one of the reasons why I didn't buy the iPhone 4 despite the design change. I rather have functionalty over looks. I need a 64GB if I want to really have a better movie selection on the go.

I would like the iPhone 5 to be able to cook me breakfast and give me a rub in tug when I need it. Is that to much to ask for Steve Jobs.

whatever happened to the world that wanted an iPhone nano? now they want a BIG screen?!!! make up your mind!!!!

I would like a LOUDER ear piece! I can't hear anyone on my iPhone if I am in the car and have the A/C blasting. Plus you have to mash it into your ear at just the right angle anyhow...

I voted for a 4 inch screen. Just watched a review earlier on YouTube where a guy was still using his iPhone 3G. I thought my 3G was great but each year to me (even with small upgrades) the iPhone just gets better and better. I too will more than likely buy a new iPhone when it's announced because I too feel I'm a mind controlled apple freak! I luv it!

I'd like it to only ding when I actually have a new email. And I'd like it to ding every time I get a new email. I'd like the options to set different notifications tones and vibrations for texting and email boxes.
Really basic stuff.
Oh... and please fix the calendar app that keeps my appts up to date.

I'm looking forward to Reminders. I hate having to make a Calendar appointment and figuring out when the Alert should pop up. There might be a more efficient way in iOS4, but this is how I've been pulling it off.

I want delivery notification for SMS. Customizable notification sounds/vibrations for everything that uses them. Sound profiles. Alarm volume that is independent of the system volumn (SMS as well for that matter). Customizable screens that don't flow but allow icon placement anywhere. More than 12 apps per folder. 5 column screen. Real, free, turn-by-turn navigation. I shouldn't have to jailbreak to get these simple features. These are all basic features that should have existed long ago.

Alert led on the face of the phone to go with new notifications! I could then finally toss the crackberry and call iPhone home and the only device I need to carry! Louder alerts would be great too

An infrared sensor would be awesome. Old technology but can control so much. Faster processor; take the home button off and make the screen bigger. You still keep the same size phone just a bigger screen.

Other: 4G LTE
With all the new Cloud based and OTA features of iOS 5, Apple would be crazy to not include 4G in the next iPhone.

Either an LED light on the front like Blackberry or an audible alert that you've missed a call, either one that does not stop until the user makes it stop., I've missed so many calls and I do not realize it until either the phone rings again, or I unlock it to make a call. This is one feature of my Blackberry Storm that I really miss!

I traded my Atrix in for the iPhone 4, as much as I loved the Atrix it was Android that annoyed me.