Poll: Are you happy with iCloud?

After what seems like a years of speculation and months of rumors, Apple has finally shown us iCloud and... what do you think? Is it the perfect solution you've been waiting for, or did Apple once again prove they don't get the 'net?

How does it compare to Amazon and Google's offerings for the stuff you want to do?

Did they have you at "iCloud", will you try it out and see if they can win you over, or was it DOA to you?

Vote in the poll and let me know what you really think in the comments!

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Poll: Are you happy with iCloud?


as a long time iTools/.mac/mobileme subscriber they have had me for years... and will keep me at refund!

All this sharing of photos is only relevant to people with more than one iOS5 device. What about families where each person have e iOS device. It would be obviously to share iTunes purchases, matched music etc. between (up to 3?) family members.

Again - missing an option.
Need a "not enough info" option.
MobileMe also allowed us to use MobileMe to host a personal domain. No mention of how that will break now...
These polls have terrible options.

iCloud & storing private data online = Security Risk. How long before someone hacks it and steals all your data, or better yet, big brother has a look at what you have.

i have a huge collection and don't buy from itunes. I don't buy music much anymore period. So having one more thing to have to fork over cash for doesn't thrill me at all.
this is fine for they i'll buy anything apple does or i've bought all my stuff from apple crowd. But that's not me. I like some apple products but i'm not a fanboy of an tech company so syncing music and stuff just isn't what i'd pay for.

They went where they had to go, given the competition, with a couple of nice bonuses thrown in. After MobileMe, however, now they have to prove they can execute in this domain. I hope they can.

It's awesome. I was able to recover apps that once I'd delete! Right now Im deleting all my apps from my pc. No more backups needed!! :D

FACEPALM You do realize that they're not launching the service today? (If you're not a developer of course)

Have you checked App Store? Purchase history is up and running NOW! IPad its an icon on the bottom, iPhone it's within the update screen....

The real question is, whether you actually want Apple to have and hold all your information, email, photos, music, apps...
Isnt that exactly what Google and others were criticized for?

You have a good point, although you have a choice not to store you media in the cloud or not. My question is of those choices, whom do you trust? (Microsoft, Google, IBM, Facebook, etc). I have as yet, not to trust Apple. MS is corporate focused, Google is sell their data focused. Apple has always been consumer focused.

With any kind of cloud service there is a level of trust involved. In terms of privacy I think I trust Apple over Google since a large part of Google's business is data mining, although having said that, my main email account is with Google.
The thing that got people hot under the collar with Google is that their ad services automatically read your emails and provide relevant ads when using the web interface for Gmail. I generally don't have a problem with it if that is all they are doing, but in any case the iCloud is completely ad free so there is not even that to worry about.

I trust Apple way more with my data than Google. Apple doesn't care about the content of my e-mails, calendar entries, contacts, etc., they only care that it works well (mostly).

Where's the damn UI update? All the features were great but the iPhone UI is soooooo dated. How about stealing the icons from OSX lion for starters.

Hmmm...not sure how I feel about it yet. I still remember the extreme pain of the iOS 2.0/MobileMe/iPhone 3G debacle in 2008...and how completely unusable the service was until recently. If this iCloud has as much pain of growth, I won't be interested. Say what you want about Google, but for me, it just works. Just wish I had the Google reliability with the iCloud/MobileMe integration. Just like the OP, though, I have been a iTools/.Mac/MobileMe user since 2000. I hope I can keep my coveted .mac address.

I'm hoping there are option on what not to sync to certan devices. For instance my iPhone4 is 32gb as that's all the store had. On it, music takes the largest proportion of memory, there's no tv or videos. In contrast my iPad is only 16gb as thats all I could stretch to at the time. It has mainly video as it's better suited to watching with no music as, well, I have it all on my iPhone and thats more 'pocketable'. I don't want, need or have space for that data to be on both devices but I'd still want them to sync to iCloud and my Mac. I know apple hates users having too many 'confusing options' so hope they let us configure it exactly how we need, as individuals.
Everything else like contacts (that still don't sync for me without creating duplicates on mobileMe) iCloud looks great, especially apps data being able to sync (I hope devs get game state syncing ASAP).
Photo Stream is exactly right too, my wife who still can't get her head around syncing and backing up but takes masses of photos now can just snap away and she'll never run out of space or have to import photos back to her computer.
Well done to apple for some huge updates today, you didn't for fill all my requests but you've done us good, maybe I won't Jailbreak in future, maybe.

Very clever marketing at work here folks :

  • for simplicity people will switch on iCloud and.... need more LOCAL storage on their iOS devices, which Apple will be happy to provide. Especially ITunes match will be a GB-eater.
  • since IPad is the dominant tablet OS, folks that still need a smartphone or are up for a change and happen to be have an IPad already will think twice before buying a non-IOS smartphone given the level of integration. And some will then naturally go to purchase a Mac for similar reasons, even more so than already the case today.