Poll: Are you happy with iOS 5?

So now that you've gotten your first taste of IOS 5, what do you think? Did it blow you away, make you mostly happy, leave you wanting more, or just tick you off?

This is it, Apple's mobile OS for 2011 and a good part of 2012. Is it enough to keep up with Google's upcoming Android Ice Cream Sandwich (love their names!), HP webOS 2 and 3.0, Windows Phone Mango (not sure about their names yet!), and BlackBerry's new QNX platform?

Is it enough to keep you on Apple, or to win you over to iPhone and iPad for the first time? And why?

Vote in the poll up top and give me the details in the comments below!

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Poll: Are you happy with iOS 5?


Actually, the iPhone 3G [S] (same for 3rd and 4th Gen iPod touches) will be supported but expect very limited features and possibly the same problems the iPhone 3G had with iOS 4.X. Although I'm hoping that won't happen since I too have a 3G S and my upgrade isn't due til December so Hopefully no early upgrade for me.

No system wide voice command, no widgets, no Facebook integration. Sorry but from what I saw from MS in the WP7 update coming in the fall, iOS is looking a tad behind.

I would like the system voice command, but don't care about widgets, and DON'T want Facebook integrated...

Honestly, the big thing I was looking forward to was the system-wide voice integration too. Everything else seems like things I can get through Jailbreak... disappointed honestly.

Actually, no. I don't have a Facebook, and don't want a specific social networking group to be forced on me, and have the jailbreak voice commands, and barely use it, and on my Android OS phone, do not use the widgets.
So don't tell me what I would use.

Hw are people happy with this???? They copied everything. For a company, and user base, that arrogantly prides itself for being "unique" they failed at quite a lot. Notifications are just like android, and they took 5 YEARS to do that????? Cloud storage is something Google has had for free since its birth, no more cables is something that every other platform on earth has had since the year 2005, and all the other little things are nit even worth it. You still have a simple, function-lacking OS that doesn't do anything special.

Google this Google that... they may have the some features first but I'll be damned if they can even come close to the user experience, integration, and polish Apple can pull off. Which Android phone do you have? ROFL!

"Hw are people happy with this???? "?...
1-Your pissed because 3 years later Google has its notification as it exists today "first?" from when iOS was released? I dont care which is first. I only care that my selection works today and am pleasantly surprised when it improves proactively.
2-Your pissed cus Google had iCloud for a number of years? Your not comparing apples to apples functionality and usage.
3-Something OS special is a preference. It "just works" all the time is special enough for me. My Mac using, android phone using sister still cant get her streaming to work on the TV. One instance like that from ANY OS is a failure.

I think history will find you correct on most of you points. Even apple will tell you they may not be the first to the party but you'll have to admit it's not a party until they they show up! Apple may not be the originators bit they are able to refine and make better. He apple devices have always been consumer driven products that just work. An until people started bringing them into the work place from home they could care less about competing against clunky hardware and blotted software that crashed all the time. Time will tell if their approach to business will prevail. But for now it looks like they have a firm grasp on reality and they are doing something if not a lot of things right!

I did notice during one of those parts where they showed other new features, something to the effect of a "tone store"...

One of the minor announces i have with iOS! I hate being at my office or at a restaurant and hearing the chime, thinking its my cell and it's someone else's

with all respect i have for you guys just look at the ios 5 , and tell me which one is new ? all they had done is copying google and others OS , specially the notification bar is the android's notification except for the clear all button just judge it by your self i dont need any answer :)

In their industry... they give credit where they feel it's due. Here I think it's Apple's way of telling Google they made a good choice with the swipe-down notifications.

Still would like a better maps app. That's really the only thing preventing me from switching over from Android. That and the large screen of the Thunderbolt -- hopefully to be rectified with the next model iphone (4S, 5, whatever.)

I am extremely happy with the new OS. I understand where everyone is coming from, it does seem pretty darn similar to other platforms, but who cares? It's making the phone I love, and use ALL DAY EVERY DAY even more functional and usable! My iPhone 4 is my only phone (no landline, no other cells), and so it gets a LOT of use, and I love the new notifications, the calendar syncing, the cloud, everything. The only two things I was hoping for were a couple of themes tossed in, and a SB Settings type deal, but who cares? This upgrade still seems pretty darn amazing to me. My biggest problem with it is that I have to wait until fall!!

Massive disappointment..
At this point a notification system was a must have, and expected, they still didn't give us quickreply for texts, or widgets, or update any of the core features that are in desperate need of attention like the weather icon, maps, etc.. By the Fall Android and Windows phones will be miles ahead. All this cloud stuff sounds cool, but isn't remotely useful for those of us who don't have gazillions of gigs of music on our phones. I'm not sure how you could access it anyway with a limited data plan or a backwoods carrier like att, not sure i'd want to not be able to listen to my music because I'm in an area where att service uis dead (like half the damn state).

We desperately need "user switching" on iOS for the iPad. I want to be able to share my iPad with my kids without them having access to my email and facebook.

Hoping for "bounce" feature in iOS email. Small matter of programming. Maybe it's there but they didn't mention it.

Without word wrap/text reflow after pinch zoom, Apple has not "nailed it." That is really my only complaint.

As a former Android user, I feel you on this one. Text reflow is one thing that I really miss about Android that will hopefully be added to iOS 5 as more features are added to it. That new "Reader" function should help with making text more legible, tho.

I'm more or less satisfied with how iOS 5 has turned out thus far; for me the biggest things were notifications and wireless sync (it's about time!). Everything else was a welcome improvement as well. I like how they added the camera button on the lockscreen, and how the volume up button can be used to snap a photo; that's very handy as I use my iPhone 4's camera a lot (it's my only camera LOL). The iCloud is handy too, but it isn't a huge deal for me for music & video, as I don't do a lot of streaming (except over Wi-Fi), 'cos I don't want to burn thru all my monthly allotted data too quickly. I don't have that much music stored anyway. I'll probably use iCloud more for synching & sending documents & photos to/from my Mac and my iPhone than anything else. I don't use Twitter and rarely use FB either, but for those who need it, FB integration will most likely come in time, after iOS 5 is released and updated some more.

I think everyone's forgetting that all this was was a preview, like that old March event where everyone was left wondering what in June would complete it. Anything like voice control would be announced with the iPhone 5 in "fall" when both it and iOS 5 will be released.
This was only a preview.

What about different signatures for my various emial accounts? How can this be a business product without that? Or am I missing something? On my berry it knows what signature to add. I don't want my business phone number going out on my personal emails. Is this really not available on iOS devices?

Why is Apple avoiding word wrap/text reflow? The utility of it is undeniable. is this another Apple control issue

iOS has always had it's nice, cohesive elegance. But it sure does seem like it's largely been playing catch-up on features...and, honestly, so many of the good developments that are FINALLY coming are overdue and not really original but incarnations of what so many others (from the jailbreak community to bloggers, to Android and webOS) have been defining as what iOS needs to really provide what consumers are wanting. It's very good to see these things finally coming! ...and it's a very good thing for iOS and Apple that they finally are coming, but I wonder how well Apple on its own will continue to be able to do against the army of other options rising up. It's so fun and exciting to see it all unfold and develop before our eyes!

Needs flash player ,file sharing, and better Bluetooth then apple would control the world