Poll: So How's AT&T iPhone MMS Treating You?

AT&T finally launched MMS for the iPhone last Friday, and you've had the whole weekend to use, abuse, or ignore it. So, how's it treating you? Huge fan, hype fried, frustrated by network issues, or just couldn't care less? Let us know!

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Poll: So How's AT&T iPhone MMS Treating You?


I'll never send any, but I receive one every now and then. It'll be nice to have them finally show on the phone instead of the dreaded viewmymessage.com. Only thing is that now those won't be free anymore... they'll be 50¢ if something is written along with them... and the bastards won't even deduct it from my 4,000 rollover minutes.
I voted "Meh..."

I have been sent 12 messages so far. The 10digit@mms.att.net address has dropped 50% of my messages. Not slow, dropped. The other 50% have been delivered in an average time of 5 minutes.
So, for AT&T I suppose that means they've exceeded expectations?

I sent one just to send one. I probably got or sent a grand total of 5 MMS a year before I got my 3GS in July. Now that I can just email a picture to someone, or post it to flickr/twitter/whatever, I just do that instead.
Wake me up when tethering is enabled, since that's something I would use ever.

Sent 3 test MMS the other day to 2 iPhones an a regular to see how it worked. They sent one back. Works great. Now I probably won't use it but for the 3 I might get per month. The 3 I sent were the first 3 I've ever sent in all the time i've owned a cell phone.

It's good for pics, especially receiving them. But that's about it. Video isn't worth sending because its too compressed..much better to upload or email. I'd only send pics this way if i know the person doesn't have email on their phone because it takes 3-4 tries usually to get it sent by MMS and uses too much battery doing so.
But at least that option is there now.

Seems to work fine and I like it but there is about a 5 minute delay still from sent to received. Let's not get too greedy, network data stayed solid the whole time at least for me.

i have restarted. I still get the red exclamation mark. I think the network is saturated... but i could be doing something very wrong. and i have restarted multiple times in the past few days for random reasons, and i still cant send

@ Matthew: I'll suggest that you update and restore your phone with iTunes. One of my friends had that issue and I made her restore it and it worked. ( if you are jailbroken don't do it unless you have a 3g)

Works great on my iPhone 2.5g. I kid, it's not available. That's really annoying actually, these 'hardware limitations'

STFU with your pointless "first" posts. I bet you get a huge woody when you see that your the first poster. Flozer.

ok thanks i'll probably restore later on today and post my results. thanks.... its worth the try :D... i dont believe that the cell phone towers are THAT saturated. i think its something i did or just a fluke, so i'll restore later. thanks

Slow, some fail and require another try. Can't receive from some Verizon numbers. The update to my phone has been giving me fits connecting my phone to iTunes.
Relieved I can finally send MMS as I've been needing it but the problems outweigh the good right now. I guess I'd give it "OK" from the choices.

In Indianapolis sends to all fine, drops about half going out to other carriers, still havent been able to receive from any other carrier. Not just delayed, simply never arrives.

It's slowly getting better. I like having it (even though I should have for the last three years, but that's besides the point). My g/f still has not received a single MMS message. The first day or two I couldn't send to anyone outside of AT&T but now I'm getting successful results to other carriers.
Once everything is ironed out and it's flawless (like it should have been for the last three years.... lol) I'll be happy but still will only use it a few times a month.

I kept getting the red exclamation point and I called AT&T and they tried to do some updates to the phone which didn't change anything, but the final thing he had me do was go into the settings and under general at the very bottom is a rest which he had me do reset all settings. I didn't loose anything except my icons were put back to default. But after we did that and it rebooted, it worked just fine. I have sent serveral since then without a problem.

Love it. I was just sending pics for the heck of it. Now the iPhone is complete. I take pictures of my screen while on facebook n send it to friends and family.

My wife had an audition this weekend for a show here in Vegas and I was running around picking up costume bits while she got ready. It was WAY more convenient to send MMS pics of stuff I found than through email. Email can be a crapshoot it terms of delivery time. The MMS pics were instantaneous and took a few seconds to put together and send.
I think it's gonna be handy.

It worked great for that week when oly a few had it. Now it either fails or takes hours to send. Glad my $100/mo is being put to good use. I'm glad they waited to roll this feature out. I can't imagine what they feared back in June to make this seem "ready".

Works great in Anaheim, fast and with no errors. Just thought to let theiphoneblog knows that there us a way to add mms to os 3.0. A guick search in google will reveal some useful info. ( add mms to os 3.0)

does anyone know where to find a 5.5 carrier file that has Group Messaging enabled again like the 5.1 carrier file?
i actually used that a lot and i cant beleive they turned it off
for those who dont know what i'm talking about-- in 5.1, you were able to open up "chat rooms" with multiple people where you could all text within the chat room (words or pictures) and everyone would see it (it would have your name above what you sent in tiny letters)
it was a really nice and convenient feature

It's been working great for me, a little slow but nothing too bothersome. Easy to send and recieve from different carriers too

I have used it a bunch. It works great in Tampa Bay Area. It takes a total of 26 secs from att to att (that one was actually a video file) and took a minute to send to verizon and sprint carriers (pictures).

I think it's great that MMS has finally been implemented for the iPhone. Just wish it was in there when the iPhone first came out.

It works like a charm. It's nice to have and the first picture I sent was the Guinness 250th anniversary stout :) picture! Love it! Happy I finally have it..

I love it!! I've been waiting a long time. It's such an easy way for me to send pics of my 4 yo straight to Grandma's phone. And that's the first pic I sent!

MMS works sort of I don't get messages from people on verizon my friends with sprint, Tmobile, I get messages but verizon just don't receive??? :(

I just downloaded last night and it is working perfectly. Sends pics fast and i recieve them quickly too. I am very happy with this addition to a great phone.

Takes long time for image to send. Hoping its just cause so many are using it. Will complain if it stays slow...

Was prepared for Friday, I had done all updates only was going to need the patch that was available on Friday. Was out and about when I got a txt from AT&T saying the patch was available and MMs was up and running. Later that night
I sat down to do the deed, clicked on iTunes and got an error message saying iTunes wasn't in the default folder My Music, I checked it out and I could see it, but iTunes wasn't seeing it, spent the weekend trying to fix the problem, finally last night iTunes worked, connected my iphone and got a new error message, can't use this iphone with this itunes, so I gave up last night and stared fresh this morning, may I say I HATE ITUNES right now. Long and Short of my story, I don't know if mms works for me as my iTunes isn't working.

I'm an occasional user, but it's really nice to be able to send a picture of my son to family members without using my email and having to remember their phone number and what network they are on. It's also VERY nice to actually receive MMS from someone, instead of getting a text from them later wondering why you never responded to an MMS you never received.

I wished it would work as advertised. It looks likes it going to go and then stops. Some times it sends, other times I get the dreaded red exclamation point. Not cool. I also noticed that my battery life is really bad now. It's bad even when not trying to send an MMS!!

I have had no problems since day one. I love it. Using it all the time. Multiple pictures being sent with no problems. Videos being sent with no problems. Speed is good. I'm located in Virginia.

Didn't update my phone at work on Friday so had to wait all weekend to try it out. Only to find I still don't have access! This is in Portland, ME.

Ron Jeremy likes sending pics of his package to producers and chicks. Works like a charm. Although Ron keeps getting request for package pics from an S.Jobs.@apple.com oh well whatever brings his health back up.

Has worked awesome for me. Just moved to beach for college. Sent first pic of the sunset on the ocean to my friends stuck back in the desert!

well i have used the MMS quite a few times and i had to retry a few times.. but i seen ppl saying they cant send to other carriers well i can send mine to anybody doesnt matter the provider i still get and get mine that was sent to me ... good luck all

Works great! I'm so excited! Now that MMS is here, I can go to the state pen to visit my kid's mom and snap a picture of her, then send it to my son and daughter on their phones their foster parents gave them! Yay for the iPhone keeping families on the up and up with each other! :-)

Very dissapointed in Dallas, Tx!
I updated my phone on Saturday without any issues but today and Monday and I still haven't sent a single message nor have I been able to recieve one, this is VERY dissapointing to say the least!
When U go to send a photo the proteas bar moves (like when sending an email) but it just sits at about 95% and never completes and after about a minute a "" red exclamation mark appears next to the photo to show that the message failed to be sent. So far have tried sending to both At&t and T•Mobile friends and NOTHING  I've also tried to have them send me photos with no luck,... I'm running an unmodded two month old 32GB iPhone 3Gs and yes I've already restarted it since completeing the update,.... Anyone have any ideas on what's wrong? Anyone else in the Dallas area have this problem? If you could shed any light on this matter PLEASE email me cause I am in need of some help and would greatly appreciate it. jjbertramiv@gmail.com
Thanks in advance,

So after spending the weekend resetting my phone and restoring it and pulling out my hair I saw on the AT&T forums that someone said that they had the regular text messaging plan and when they deleted that and then added the iPhone messaging plan, reset, and then it worked. I tried it and it worked without a problem.

@ dexter
can you tell me how, or tell me where to find it -- cause as far as i know, i needed a mac to edit the plist file and i have a pc :(

It's good to have. Further let's everyone know the iPhone can't be touched. Works fine here.

Has anyone noticed a signficant decrease in 3G data speed since MMS went live? I'm in the OC, and it's seemed horribly slow the past few days.

Hey I would like to post about the picts I got from outside my network! oh... wait, I have YET to get one... Come on AT&T, get on the ball!!

Ok I have updated new update on iphone..rebooted, even tried resyncing turning phone off each time. even went into the settings, general and reset down at bottom, still can't send pic.. Goes about 95% then I get the red exclamation mark. can't receive any either.. Everyone else here is able to WHAT AM I FORGETTING to do.. getting frustrated!!! lol any help would be appreciated. feel free to email me with anything you find if you've had this problem too.. pgvarnado@yahoo.com

One thing I DID notice was that now, instead of getting a URL to MMS's other people send me, I get NOTHING AT ALL instead. Sad.

Uhm, the city of Chicago was a MESS this whole past weekend....HORRIBLE spotty service, calls not connecting, voice mails coming in a day late (as well as texts)....very poor roll out for a service that should have been ready with the launch of 3G (if not the original 2G)....

I'm on the 5.5 settings but my phone stil won't send over wifi. I have to turn it off for it to go through.

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