Poll: Are you getting an iPad 2?

You've watched the keynote, you've read our coverage, you've learned when and how you can get an iPad 2, so all that's left is for us to ask -- are you getting one?! If so, are you getting black or white? If 3G, are you getting AT&T/GSM or Verizon?

Vote in the poll above and then give us the details (like 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB, etc.) and the reasons in the comments below!

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Poll: Are you getting an iPad 2?


Yes. I will be getting it in white. It will blend in well with the Clockwork Orange Korova milk-bar that I've constructing in my apartment.

ill stick with my first gen. this one just doesnt seem worth it to me, plus i just bought a mac book pro, which i am loving if anyone is wondering haha.

Definitely buying one. Held out on iPad 1 and now I'm so glad I did. This iPad 2 will have no competition. And even if the iPad 3 comes out in September the iPad 2 will have great resale value; all apple products do, and I'll just sell the 2 and get the retina display 3

I wish that were true in regards to the iPad. It has dropped morethan I thought it would. 16GB going for $275-300 and 64GB+3G down to $600 or less today. I was testing the waters on my 64GB+3G on CL and watching them close at $550 all day.
That is a drop of almost $300 or 33% which is more than most Apple products except maybe 64GB iPod Touches

I just can't see the use of any tablet. I have my iPhone 4, a notebook (Win 7) PC & a desktop (Win 7) PC. I can't see a tablet giving me anything more.

the ipad to me is best for media and general browsing. a laptop does more, and thats why i bought my mbp last night. my ipad to me now, is going to become the thing i use to watch movies on the go, and maybe some general browsing at home while laying in bed, if i need to look something up real quick. any serious browsing will be done on my imac or macbook honestly. ipads great, but it is not a computer replacement by any means.

Sold my 64gb wifi on eBay two weeks ago for $600! It's all about the timing lol. Gonna order a 64gb black Verizon 3G model on the 11th

first college kid ive ever heard that would rather itemize than take standard deduction.

Where's the "I don't have an iPad, but am planning on an iPad 1 because of the price drop" option? Because that's what I'm probably going to do.

I'll be getting two. A 16GB White Wi-Fi for my wife to use around the house, and a 64GB White ATT/3G for myself to tote around for work.

I'm going to get the wifi version, but I can't decide which color to get. I usually HATE white, but the white iPad 2 looks very nice. It's such a tough choice. lol

At first when the rumors were out about the ipad being in white I thought I would just get the black one. Then yesterday when I saw I knew instantly that I wanted the white one. Its stunning. You should get the white one so everyone automatically knows you have an ipad 2 and not an the first ipad. lol

I've been planning to get an iPad for awhile but I was waiting for the second gen because of the hardware power increase(I've played with the first gen iPad multiple times, and while nice I thought the performance was too sluggish for me). So I'll be getting one now.

I really think I'm gonna skip this generation. I'll just stick with my 1st gen. I would rather buy a new laptop this year. Unless I sell my 1st gen? We'll see though? Not that impressed.

I def like having the latest but just having bought a 27" iMac I'm a bit tapped out as far as my gadget budget goes. Had I not sold my iPad 1 for a reasonable amount I would have probably skipped the upgrade.

I thought I was going to get Ipad 2, but the camera quality and no retina are making me think of waiting for #3......dunno....gonna wait for the hype to wear down and take a look at one in a store. I would like to make my Ipad purchase feel significant like when I upgraded from 3G to Iphone 4.....

I'd wait until the front facing camera is HD. Would love the FaceTime hd feature like in the MBP.

Like everything else, I'll be buying it a month or so after the runny-nosed kids are long gone and out of the way.

That's my strategy too. Also, to avoid any hardware problems in the first production runs and wait for the accessory market to catch up.

The iPad 2 is nice, but I am going to stick with my original iPad. Not enough difference for me. I have a 13" MacBook Pro and an iPhone 4, so I am all set with cameras. And I think the original iPad is still fast enough for my usage. When apple can get this thing down to a pound with 128 GB option, then I'll switch.

iPad 2 is a worthy upgrade but still its too big... not portable enough and it doesn't have a full web browser. I'm really excited about RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook. I can't wait till I get my hands on it. QNX looks AMAZING. With real multi-tasking wow.

I am getting the first generation one now that they are $100 less! Refurbished or should I go to craigstlist and haggle a bit?

If you go the CL route you'll get a price close the refurb price. So if you're ok with going the neused route I would recommend refurb. At least this way you get a full 1-year warranty.

I have both Android and iOS platforms and the one thing that I’d like to see from Apple is the ability to run widgets, esp. on a tablet. I want to look at the home screen, see the date/time/weather/sport scores, maybe even an email feed/facebok/twitter feed, etc. I’m lazy :-) I don’t want to push all apps to find out everything. I want it presented to me. Android does the widget thing, therefore it allows me to be lazy!
When will iOS have widgets?

I was swayed by Garage Band (or iGarage, w/e it's called), Face time, and the improvements in graphics and CPU.
I might finally start playing my bass again. :)

Can't afford it. I'm saving for a 13.3" MacBook Pro, then an iPhone, and then I want to program for the iPhone/iPod touch and use money from that to buy an late '90s Chevrolet S10, Insurance, and then an iPad WiFi+3G Verizon 64GB, using "just for programming" as an excuse. :-)

I still don't see a reason why I should get an iPad ... I'm not in that market. If I got sn iPad I wouldn't really use it unless I'm home. Everything I would Like to do on sn iPad I can do on the iPhone. However , MacBook Pro / Air is more of what fits me best.

I'm getting a 32GB wifi. Already sold my 16GB w/2 cases for $375 today. I'll be in line at the apple store galleria mall.

I desperately want one...trying to gather up the courage to try selling my 3G 64gb on eBay. I've never sold anything on eBay before, so am a bit nervous. I also have an 80gb 5th gen iPod Classic that I no longer use...maybe between the two of them I can come up with enough money for an iPad 2??
I want a 3G 32gb this time around. I've had my iPad since April, use it constantly, have tons of apps on it, and still am only using 20gb right now.

For me I'm probably done with apple. This iPad was my first apple device since the newton and it's likely to be my last. Steve and I have a fundamental disagreement of opinion. He thinks that he owns my device. I think I paid him money for it so now it belongs to me. Aside from that I dislike the raw greed I'm seeing from apple so I vote with my wallet.

Already sold my Ipad 32gb WIFI+3G...I will be replacing that with the 64GB WIFI+3G from AT&T in Black..I use the internet every day. I also have my unlimited data plan so it will be business as usual...yippie can't wait for next Friday.

Will be getting a 32gig 3G model and the wife gets the iPad 1. Now I won't complain about her not cleaning it after she uses it :)

I'll be getting a black 32G iPad 2 with Zaggmate keyboard case, skins all around and HeloStrap.
I actually thought the original was a joke/toy until I saw some apps that really would help me be productive (e.g. Mobilenoter).

ditor's note: Chris Taylor is the San Francisco bureau chief for Mashable.com.
(CNN) -- It was a magical performance from a consummate performer, on that we can all agree.
Speaking for a little more than an hour, in a voice that has lost little of its calm intensity, Steve Jobs mesmerized the audience Wednesday at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and by extension the world.
His introduction of the iPad 2 did quadruple duty -- it enticed mainstream customers, wowed spec-hunting tech geeks, tweaked his competitors and pleased Wall Street. Future presidential candidates would do well to study it.
Essentially, Jobs was selling a dream that could set your rib cage thumping with desire.
"Technology alone is not enough," he said in one of the day's more lyrical asides. "Technology married with liberal arts, humanities, yields the result that makes our hearts sing."
Full disclosure: Yeah, I want to buy one, too.
Do you think you'll buy the new iPad? Tell us why.
But a dream-made reality comes with limitations and imperfections, especially in the gadget business. Like any good magician, Jobs used sleight of hand to distract from the things we're not supposed to see.
On the morning after, it's time to take leave of our hearts, return to our heads and name them.
Man on wire
Magicians who use wires in their act don't let you see them, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. In this case, the wire is the same old white cable that you'll have to use to sync your iPad to your PC or Mac from Day One.
Yes, apps such as Audiogalaxy or Air Server let you stream music and video to the iPad via Wi-Fi, but they don't remove the need to hook up to iTunes to back up or sync content for most apps.
In a device that's supposed to be about effortless connecting, and a world that is moving to cloud syncing, this is an increasingly clunky throwback.
Memory man
How much memory will the new iPad have? We don't know, because Jobs didn't tell us. Given that he ticked off all the other major specs of the device, it seems an odd omission. Could it be because its memory is exactly the same as the original iPad -- 256 megabytes?
That would look embarrassingly paltry next to iPad competitors such as the Motorola Xoom or the HP Touchpad, which both boast 1 gigabyte of RAM.
Gadget blog Gizmodo claims an Apple employee quoted 256 megabytes when demonstrating the product, only to have the claim walked back by a PR handler. We'll wait for better proof.
But there is another kind of memory that we know is exactly the same on iPad 2: storage space. The Apple tablet still maxes out at 64 gigabytes. Sure, the competition isn't beating that yet. But given the standard pace of technological improvement, one would expect a 128-gigabyte hard drive by now. Could tablet design have reached some kind of inherent size limit?
Behind the screen
Contrary to what the rumor mill had been expecting, there was no improvement in screen resolution -- meaning the iPad 2 is already lagging behind the iPhone 4, with its much-touted retina display. (An iPhone 5 is expected later this year.)
And while Jobs told us how many frames per second of video the new iPad's cameras would shoot, he didn't mention megapixels. This is not a spec he has been shy about announcing when it came to iPhone models.
Holding back?
In all the hoopla, it's easy to forget that many features announced for iPad 2 were expected -- and were technically possible -- in iPad 1. It was widely remarked at the time that Apple was deliberately holding back built-in cameras, for one, so that the iPad 2 could launch with a larger splash.
Barring some mass outbreak of leaks at the notoriously tight ship that is One Infinite Loop, we'll likely never know the truth. But we do know that one "new" feature touted Wednesday -- the ability to use the mute button to lock the orientation of the screen -- was originally available in iPad 1. The button only changed its purpose when iOS4 was introduced.
So what, if anything, is Apple deliberately holding back for iPad 3? A memory boost? Retina display? Cloud sync? Stereo speakers? (Yes, the iPad 2 is still mono.)
One thing we can be pretty sure of -- there will be another peerless presentation of achingly beautiful tablet technology this time next year.