Poll: iPad 2 jailbreak

So the iPad 2 untethered jailbreak is now live, and just like with the iPhone, Ally has already posted -- and keeps updating -- her simply superb iPad 2 jailbreak how-to, but given that iPad jailbreaking has historically been less popular than iPhone jailbreaking, I'm left to wonder how many of you have actually cracked open your bigger screened iOS devices? How many of you have jailbroken your iPad 2?

iPhones are on-the-go, getting things done, highly "mobile accomplisher" devices so jailbreaking for extra features and productivity makes a lot of sense. iPads tend to be feet-up, relaxing, focusing, general purpose devices, so maybe members of the iMore nation don't feel as compelled to Jailbreak?

But we want you to tell us. Now that the iPad 2 jailbreak is here, is it a must do and no need? Vote in the poll up top and give us your reasons -- pro, con, or still on the fence -- in the comments below.

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Poll: iPad 2 jailbreak


I jailbroke my iPad as soon as the release went live. I haven't found a ton of great reasons to do it, but I downloaded "Retina iPad", it gets rid of the blur for iPhone apps running at 2x, totally worth the jailbreak if for nothing else but that.

So excited, did it right away... and have had absolutely no use for it. Haha i feel like an idiot following the jailbreak news for so long to find out that iOS5 is pretty good!
Randomly, mine is stuck on the boot screen and I'm nowhere near home. SMH haha

I'd never tried jailbreaking before, so I did my iPad 2 first. When I realized how easy it was, I went ahead and did it on my iPhone 4 as well. The big reason for me on the iPad was so I could disable the home button when I let my toddler play with her apps.