Poll: What do you think of your new iPhone 4S?

So you went and got a super sweet new iPhone 4S and you've had a few days to try it out, play with Siri, take some 8 megapixel photos and shoot some 1080p video, and no doubt try your darndest to death grip the new antenna, and --- what do you think?

Is it the best phone you've ever owned? Is it just a decent upgrade? Is it about the same as your previous phone? Or are you already regretting the decision to buy?

We've already told you what we think about the iPhone 4S, now it's your turn TiPb Nation. Vote in the poll up top and give me the details in the comments below!

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Poll: What do you think of your new iPhone 4S?


I had the 4 too. This phone is in another league! The camera is that much better! It's that much faster! Siri is that good! I just want a bigger battery! I honestly believe that this is the best phone EVER! Just my opinion.

Going from the 3Gs I think it's great. A few people I know upgraded from the 4, and they're not super impressed. I do find the battery drains fairly quickly.

Your crazy to wait another six months to a year before iPhone 5 is released. I don't think so. I switched from 3GS to 4S and it's a whole new experience. I love my 4S!

No- my battery life is considerably better than on my 3GS, even with a bit heavier usage than normal putting it through its pace yesterday.

Dissappinted by the battery life, can't really see any improvement from my 2yo 3gs.
Otherwise I'm extremely happy with the 4S, pages load twice faster in safari, and IOS runs smoother, no more lagging. I'm also happy they fixed the vibration which is now silent. It wasn't possible to plugin my 3gs at night without waking up my wife!

As a former Apple hater/droid lover I switched for the awesome amount of accessories for apple products. Oh how I love this phone. Best phone I've ever owned. Siri is absolutely amazing.

I'm somewhere between decent and awesome. The retina display is amazing, coming from a 3GS; my brother/roommate has a 4 but I guess I've never used it enough to be as blown away by it as it deserves. The camera is very good, but I'm not a huge camera guy. It is incredibly snappy, so much so that I don't mind waiting for the added convenience of SBsetttings, mutlifl0w, and other jailbreak tweaks.
Siri is awesome, when she works; the first hour after unboxing the phone it barely worked at all, due to network overload I'm sure, and since then it seems like it works perfectly every time I use it but has issues when I want to show it off to others.
So all in all, great upgrade, it is the best phone I've ever used, but not absolutely mind-blowing.

Had the 4, love Siri and have used it a ton for work. I like the reminders to where when I get to work it beeps to remind me of a task. Best phone I've owned. Battery life seems to be a little less than my old 4, but worth the trade for the great features of Siri, camera and overal speed increase.

I disagree I think it's the same as 4 with little different features yes Siri is cool but I'll wait for the 5

So I jumped ship from a Droid Incredible, the honest truth is that the 4s does some things better than the droid and some thing not as well. I tell people it is on probation for 14 days as that is the return window. So far I am leaning toward keeping it, I like the integration with my Macbook and Ipad. The screen and camera are both killer features as well. I really miss the widgets that android has and the built in Nav. Siri is so so it works half the time and the other half it does not understand or I get network unavailable errors. I suspect that is growing pains that will be sorted out soon. I will be watching the Nexus Prime release tonight though. It is the most likely reason that I would return the 4s. Google and Sammy need to hit a home run though......

I have gone back and for between iOS and Android over the past year. I have to say that the Bionic has changed my mind about Android and the Galaxy Nexus + Ice Cream Sandwich really make Apple look like they are behind... Although Apple's platform is more stable. That was SJ's MO, right? Cut out the features that 70% of the people don't need. Simple stable, but not feature rich - that is iOS to me. Seems to me Apple will be merging iOS and OSX though, and when they do, they may leapfrog Android - who knows.

I upgraded mainly for the camera, which is great. But I'm kind of blown away by Siri. Yesterday, I said "Remind me to walk the dog when I get home" and the alarm sounded when I pulled into my garage! I like being able to dictate messages and emails, that is a fantastic feature. Backed up to the Cloud and set up Find My iPhone (days after someone attempted to phone-jack me). So yeah, I thing it's a pretty great upgrade.

I wonder how many people who voted that they were going to return the 4S and wait for the may never be released 5 (the next one may be simply named 'iPhone') will actually do so.

Sold mine. Thought it was a waste of an upgrade. Although Siri's response to 'How Much Wood Would A Wood Chuck Chuck" were hilarious!

It's ok. I think I'm growing tired of the Apple ecosystem. Too much work to get things like iCloud to "just work". I miss my Google services.

There have to thousands of people who don't have their phone yet, right? I ordered mine around noon on the 7th at ATT store and still don't have it. But isn't that the norm?

I jumped from the 4, and I love it. Im sure some of it Is the software, and definitely the feel of a new phone in my hands is always nice. To me, they took something I liked and polished it up, removed all the imperfections and made it perfect for me and what I need. I even bought one for my girlfriend, felt like I was having all the fun. To be honest, I am the biggest fan of the chassis and design of the 4. After running my 4 over with front and back tire of my car, on accident, it shattering both sides, of the phone. I made a call, it still worked!. And after replacing the LCD and glass, it is perfect. I am skeptical of the 5 compromising the strength for size. And anyone who has checked around, even the broken iPhone 4 is selling for more the the 4s cost me with contract.

Love it. Had the 3gs. The speed alone makes the upgrade very worthwhile. Siri is fun, just need to get used to having it available for use. The display is crisp and clear. Camera is fantastic. I am one of those buyers who waits for the S version of the phone to come out, so missing the 5 doesn't bother me at all. I like the S improvements each time

LOVE! However, it is my first one, gave my 2nd generation iPod Touch to my sweety. That's the only thing I have to compare it to. Coming off of BlackBerry, it is a dream. Bought my first Mac also a few months ago also.

Arriving from a Pre to my first ever Apple product, there is a learning curve.... And the realization that Apple is made up of humans who are not perfect. I'm happy with the 4S and believe that it is currently the absolute best choice at this time for a smarter phone. Just wish it were a smoother transition but am curious to see and learn first hand what all the Apple fuss is about :-)

The battery life is a little disappointing for me, I use the Iphone very often and for data a lot so battery is dying quick

Only the impatient and underachievers should hold off. Despite a few bugs in apps, SIRI, and iCloud, this phone is feature rich and ready for the masses. No brainier for 3G and 3GS owners. And since you can get the same $200 for your iPhone4 that you paid for it, it even makes sense for those to whom the only differences would be the stronger camera and SIRI.

Upgraded from the 4, and I think it's worth it... Siri = brilliant camera = brilliant and the the new chipset to give it that extra speed and all the other little bits that apple have done with it. I wouldn't go as far as to say its the 'greatest phone ever' but it's certainly a good handset and one if the best that's around at the moment