Poll: iPhone 4S jailbreak

So the iPhone 4S untethered jailbreak is now live and Ally has already posted up a magnificent iPhone 4S jailbreak how-to, so all that's left is for me to ask you if you're pulling the trigger? Are you jailbreaking your iPhone 4S?

For some it will be a no-brainer. The untethered jailbreak of the iPhone 4S has been their holy grail, the thing they've been waiting for, the thing that will complete them and make their iPhone 4S finally, fully functional the way an end user intends.

Others feel iOS 5 copied so many basic jailbreak features, including and especially notifications, that there's no need to bother with jailbreak anymore. Apple has you covered.

Vote in the poll up top and give us your reasons -- pro, con, or still on the fence -- in the comments below.


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There are 47 comments. Add yours.

infty says:

I did a jailbreak on my iPhone 4S and now I keep losing wifi connection. I have to constantly turn it back on from the settings.

Sheek360 says:

Interesting. I heard people were having issues with the camera roll being deleted.

RagedUSMC says:

My WiFi keeps shutting off and i have to restart it manually.

RagedUSMC says:

Hard reset fixes the WiFi problem...it did for me

Sheek360 says:

Honestly. I'm on the fence. Any help would be appreciated.

jaguar11 says:

waiting for the windows JB.....

dloveprod says:

I like the way team pure sounds.

ken says:

Same here waiting for windows jailbreak...

J.W. says:

mine has been working great since all day..

Jorge_reyes52 says:

I ran the jailbreak as soon as it came out. My 4S has had no issues at all.

Ryan says:

This is my first iPhone and I just came from a Droid 2. I'm contemplating this only because it's the untethered. And I know if I don't like it I can always just restore my device. But from what I'm seeing about Wifi and Camera Roll issues, I'm leaning more towards just leaving it as is.

Adam says:

Just wait a day or two and it will all be sorted out. That's usually how it works with jailbreaks in the iOS community.

CodeSplitter says:

Works like a charm on the IP4S and iPad2! Dream Team FTW!!! No camera roll issues and WiFi has been strong for the last hour!!

Kyle says:

Waiting for the Windows app too

9thwonder says:

can you jailbreak, install the apps you want then unjailbreak and still have the apps? like jailbreak and then install vlc. then make it a unjailbroken again?

Ginbill says:

Simple answer: No. The apps you install during jailbreak that only work with jailbreak or that are cracked apps will not work once your jailbreak is no longer.

9thwonder says:

thanks for the response. first iphone so first jail break. i've read thread but never done it.
so from what i see above if you have issues with jailbreak you can just restore to a regular official back up. Is that true? Or is the case that when you restore is it just erasing everything, installing official ios 5. whatever and but erasing all your media so it's in the state is was when you originally bought it?

Al17di says:

Yeah I really want to know this answer also!!!

bathompso says:

If you don't like the jailbreak, just restore through iTunes and then restore from an iCloud (or iTunes) backup. Takes about 20 minutes to remove it if you've decided against it. Pretty easy.

9thwonder says:

@ Ben
Thanks. But if i restore from itunes will my 45 GBs of Music thats on there be deleted? (fyi i have no music in icloud). thanks for the response guys. enlightening.

Calistamay says:

If your music is in iTunes then you won't lose it. Make a complete backup on your computer before you JB. If you need to restore then iTunes will wipe your device clean, reinstall iOS 5, then you can restore your backup. It'll be just like you had it before you JB.

9thwonder says:

ok that sucks.
@ Carissa yeah i have my entire library backed up on seperate hard drives anyways. What i didn't want to do is have to copy 45 gbs back to my iphone again. especially when my whole library is 134 gbs. so i have to pick and choose just the songs i anticipate wanting to listen to on a whim. i can't just sync. Regardless i saved myself some time last time my iphone randomly deleted my library by making a very large playlist of most of the songs on my iphone. That way if i have to i can just copy the playlist of 40gbs of songs. But i'd still prefer not to have to copy all that crap again. But thanks for the responses. i'm pretty clear now.

Chris says:

I will as soon as a windows version is available :/

Nettwerk says:

No I'll not jailbreak and I didn't before as well. Now I use Windows Phone 7, and I think so not going back to iPhone.

iKev says:

I think the question was directed at iPhone users, genius.

Unal says:

My bluetooth doesnt work with 5.01
It works only with 5.1
So i have to wait :(

Carolinamic says:

Sounds like u need a new phone.

Mike says:

I'm heavily leaning towards no. First off iOS 5.1 will be released shortly and it has a few bug fixes I'm looking forward to.
Second I don't really have any reason to jailbreak. There's really only two reasons I can think of:
1. Flash - Not going to happen since there's no Flash even for jb devices.
2. Tethering - Not worth it since AT&T throttles or switches unlimited users to limited plan if they detect his.
All the other stuff, wall papers, backgrounds, themes, etc don't interest me and I don't really care about the extra button presses to access settings.

Adam says:

Actually, you CAN have flash If you jailbreak. The tweak is called frash and let's you view flash directly in Safari without any converting (like Skyfire). Not sure if it works on iOS 5.x though.

Michael says:

Frash hasn't worked in a long time. I think it requires iOS 3.

ianplusplus says:

Thank you so much for this excellent news will update as soon as windows is released! Real good job guys.

jessedholm says:

I'm a-scared!!!! the only reason I'd jailbreak is to be able to share my (grandfathered in unlimited) internet from my 4s with my crap pad (that's what I call my wifi only 1st gen iPad) But I saw someone said ATT has been throttling...so I'm kinda scared!

RagedUSMC says:

Yeah if you are using a million GB a month

9thwonder says:

gotta say reading some of these issues does have me nervous. i'm on windows anyways but even after it's released i may need to wait till they update it and work out the kinks.

nope says:

so no windows jailbreak tonight huh... i almost installed osx into virtualbox just to jailbreak but figured itd be out tonight... ehhh to tired to install osx now... meh

Jailbroken says:

SBsettings and bitesms are reasons alone to jailbreak. I Jailbroke last week. I was bored with my iPhone. Jailbreak is something new and refreshing. If all goes wrong restore the phone.

LucyBc80 says:

Anxiously awaiting the Windows tool!

Gregz0r says:

Nice iPhone wallpaper. Where can I get that(and an iPad version?)
I'm waiting for the Windows GUI version.

Carolinamic says:

I immediately jailbroke mine. Always have always will. I'm into get the most out of my divice and don't something that apple doesn't give your right out the box. If you have any thoughts of jail breaking thing I think that you should give it a try. It takes one click and about 10 minutes and presto, your golden. As far as wifi problems and camera issues I haven't had any on 32gb 4s or my 16 gb iPad 2. Anyone that wants to take their phone/pod/pad to the next level should jb it. #NIAOB

ipad says:

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