Poll: Would you be less likely to get iPhone 5 if there's no new design?

There are two seemingly conflicting rumors circulating about iPhone 5's design -- 1) that it will be a real, radical iPhone 5 redesign in a thinner, curvier, bigger screened, dare-I-say more metal-backed package, or 2) that it will be more of an iPhone 4S with increased specs like an Apple A5 chip but the overall design will still be the same as the current iPhone 4, stainless steel sandwiched in glass.

I've been hoping for option 1, a real, redesigned iPhone 5 since about a minute after I saw the back glass of iPhone 4. Jeremy on the other hand keeps bringing me down by saying "you get iPhone 4S!".

But is faster, maybe thinner and lighter enough for you? Or will it take a substantial redesign for you to upgrade your iPhone again? If you don't get it this generation, will you hold onto what you have and wait for the next or, horror of horrors, start looking at something else?

I know Rene loves the iPhone 4 design and I'm sure many others do as well. Sure it has been on the market for 15 months already, but iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS kept the same design on the market for 24 months (closer to 40 if you count the iPhone 3GS 8GB that's still being sold today!)

What do you think, TiPb Nation -- Would you be less likely to get iPhone 5 if there's no new design?

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Reader comments

Poll: Would you be less likely to get iPhone 5 if there's no new design?


Your 2 "Yes" answers don't match the question! The question is if we'd be LESS likely to buy, and your "Yes" options give solid reasons TO buy.
I would be less likely. I am HAPPY with my iPhone 4. If there's no major redesign or new features, or features of new iOS left off the iPhone 4, there's no reason to upgrade really. Other than to possibly make money. (If they make us upgradeable after one year...)

I'm still on a 3GS, so I am salivating over all of the rumors. Regardless of what it looks like, it will be mine. I've got a lot of apps that are starting to feel pretty sluggish, and every time I look at my wife's Retina display on her 4, I get a little more jealous.

The iPhone 4 design is beautiful but I've always liked the 3gs design better. I would still upgrade even if they don't change the design but i would like to see a significant bump such as better chip, 64gb capacity, 8mp camera and most importantly fix the damn antenna so that I can make calls.
Sadly, I am not eligible to upgrade until feb 2012. In the end at&t may or may not be the reason why I get the new phone.

Depends on how much does or doesn't change. If it's too much like the iPhone4 then I will keep my 3GS.
& yes I have been contemplating Galaxy S 2, which a friend of mine has (looks really nice & is very light)
I just hope Apple haven't been sitting around only developing software for 15months & that something totally new is going to sprout up soon.

It's two factors for me really; how the new iPhone shapes up and is iOS 5 going to be reliable. I am on my last rope with 4.3.x; nothing but a headache since it came out.

Replace the old phone with a newer model that looks and acts the same. No thanks. I will have the OS5 op system on my 4 so why spend the extra money.

Nope, waiting for my upgrade from Rogers, should be around the time iPhone 6 is released. I never understood the people who paid extra for a new iPhone every year...

I'm on a 3G so getting an iPhone 5 will be like getting a completely new phone. So many features being left out for the 3G and a general sense of sluggishness since moving to 4 mean I can't wait.

If it's the same design, with just a CPU, RAM and camera boost, then there's no rush for me to upgrade before contract renewal time, as my iPhone 4 is doing fine.

I too have the 3GS, also waiting for an upgrade. I would like a bigger screen but for me its all about memory, I'm tired of managing my 32gb. If 64gb isn't available on the new iPhone I'm going to consider the unthinkable as with the new 16 months release cycle I will not wait for 2013!

I doubt(hope) we don't see a wedge shaped phone. All apple products have symmetry to their form factors. I can see a mini iPad 2, in rear form factor terms.

Good to know. We just switched to AT&T and got our first iPhone a couple of weeks ago. We bought the 3GS model for only $50 bucks, and we are totally happy with them. They do everything we want and more. We had been with Sprint for 15 years, and last time we renewed our contract, I got a Palm Pixi and my husband got an HTC Hero, android phone. We didn't consider iPhone only because Sprint didn't have them, and we didn't care that much or know anything about the different options ... basically I had to upgrade to a better phone because my supervisor at work wanted us all to use texting to communicate with her, and my old dumb phone was not working for me. I didn't text, we only used our mobile phones as ... telephones! Now I needed one that would be good for texting. So we went to Sprint store and just picked from what they had to offer. Wasn't too happy at having to add a data plan when I still didn't see any value in trying to use such a small screen for internet use. But we got them, and I loved my Pixi, while my husband HATED his Android phone. He's not a computer guy at all and it was just way too "geeky" for him, he could never figure out how to do anything with it, and it was quirky, slow, and many functions were unreliable. So he couldn't wait for our contract to be up so he could get something else. He liked using webOS on my Pixi, but he didn't like the hardware of either the Pre or the Pixi. The one thing he did like about his android phone was the virtual keyboard, and we both did both learn quickly the value and great advantage of using text messaging instead of phone calls, voice mails and e-mail. We never used the phones for much else though.
So last month the Hero gave out and stopped working, again, and my husband gave up on it, for good. We decided to buy out the last few months of our Sprint contract and get new phones. Sprint had nothing we wanted. He wold not even consider another Android of any type, period. Windows? Forget it. And unfortunately HP had blown up webOS, instead of growing it into what it could have been... (which still makes me sad to be honest). I think it was great system, but both Palm and HP failed to develop it. So I mourned it for a weekend, gave up my dreams of my new touchpad and our new Palm Pre3's... we went phone shopping and frankly there was no other option but to get iPhones, and waiting any longer for Sprint to get them, and then paying more to get the latest and greatest model, just was not what we wanted to do. Coming from where we were, and getting the 3GS for $50, was perfect and we could not be happier. My the time our new contract is up, we may be ready to upgrade, but at this point I'm not sure why we would. I'm planning to get an iPad very soon, and my computer is a Macbook Pro, so we will be an all-Apple household after all. With the iPad to play games, read my iBooks, and surf the web, I don't see needing a newer iPhone anytime soon. We're loving the Apps and getting to know what all is available to us now... it's fun, and making our lives better... in small but meaningful ways.

why does it seem that Apple caters to the people who bought the original iPhone. They bought the 1st gen, that had no 3G, and not so great a battery. iPhone 3G is released, 1st gen people kinda pissed. So in order to please them, here's a minor upgrade, same design, just "faster." Now it's the same thing. Oh, the 3GS people didn't get a chance at the new design, that's not fair. Oh, ok, here's a iPhone 4S. It's the same design, but it's "faster." That's crap! This phone has been on the market for 15 months. Sure the design is nice, but it was nice for 2010. I hope those rumors aren't true of an iPhone 4S. It was would be such a huge disappointment after waiting 15 months and all this speculation only to see the same damn thing revealed that was leaked over a year ago. Then what was the whole point of waiting past their usual launch cycle. I think that same design pill woulda been easier to swallow had I seen it launch 2 months ago. But now after all the hype, speculation, and secrecy I want something exciting, because sorry to say, iOS 5 and iCloud are not enough to catch my attention. Not when I can easily get both on TWO previous generations.

I'm on the 3GS/16GB and got it when it first came out so I'm really itching for a new phone no matter what. I'm going with the 5 32 or maybe 64GB if it's a redesign and more performance. Otherwise, i'll get a 4 32GB at the reduced price. I really like the 4's design as well so I'm hoping the 5 blows that away. Regardless, I can't wait till October, I just hope all this waiting is worth it one way or the other. I'm surprised there hasn't been a pictures of the prototype phone that was recently lost at the bar. Hoping that would give us a clue of what this thing will look like.

If it's not a redesign, why the longer wait? They could have launched an iPhone 4S in June/July and just waited to launch iOS 5 in October. They must have had some design challenges to justify the late release.

I am also a 3GS user! Had it since launch and I am itching for some new hardware. Like a lot of people I'm in the 'upgrade every 2 years' group...
Whatever the iPhone 5, be it a redesign or not, it'll surpass my 3GS.
God, in my boredom I've even acquired an iPad 2 and iPhone 2G (for tinkering with iDroid!)

Hopefully APPLE really steps it up with a QUAD-core processor, 4G/LTE enabled, and an HD front facing camera and a 12Megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording. I'd wish it would have a longer battery life and a faster, smoother OS. That is what I'd like to see in the new iPhone.
I'm still looking forward to what APPLE is going to do next. The iPhone 4 Design is great for its capability.
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WTF? All those poll options aside from "Other" and "Maybe" actually MEAN "Yes"....
Also, lol at "Maybe, I'm waiting to see the specs to decide" since everyone keeps saying for iDevices "specs don't matter".

Interesting results so far. Nearly 60% say maybe or they'd pass. I am in the no way camp. Same basic phone, I'll pass for sure. But as others have said, 16 months for no redesign is highly unlikely and would, IMO, be a stupid move. My prediction: thinner, a little wider, 3.7-4.0 inch screen, a rounded back, iPad chip and an 8MP camera. If so, I'm on it like white on rice. Looking forward to copy/pasting this post in the forums sometime in October. :-)

Definitely waiting on the specs... For me to get it needs new processor, bigger screen and double storage capacity.

Sprint gets iPhone 5 means I will. Only for the data. If it looks the same and it's NOT on sprint then I'm waiting till the 6

I will be sticking with my 32GB 3Gs until it is dead. It does everything I need it to jb just takes it to the next level, not to mention with the 8GB model that was released earlier this year that means that it will still be supported for at least another two years. I see no reason to rush unless of course you have money to burn.

got bored of the ip4 so got a gs2 and it is just superb...have no reason to get a ip5 because from reading around it seems like the ip5 will only be catchup up with the gs2.unless the ip5 has a must have feature which gs2 cannot do then i will stick with it..

Why does tipb force the webapp when installing to the springboard. That's how I access this site, and I though comments and polls were gone until I navigated here manually. Please fix this.

I have had the iPhone 4 since its launch. In that time I have tried both the Motorola Atrix and the GS2. I return to the Iphone for its superior battery life and email implementation. If the Iphone 5 doesnt have a bigger screen I will probably stand pat and keep seing if Android can produce a phone that is buttoned up as the Iphone. WP7 might be a choice I make once the new hardware is released as well.