Poll: Is your iPhone home button having problems?

Simple question: is your iPhone home button still working as it should? Ever since iOS 4 and the reassignment of double click to the fast app switcher, it seems like we're click, click, clicking the home button more than ever, and that seems to be creating problems more and more often.

A lot of you have written in, or posted in our iPhone Forum to tell us your home button is causing you problems, and even more of you are hitting our how-to fix home button problems, and how to use Activator to get around home button problems daily tips in search of solutions. Even our illustrious editor, Rene, had to get his original iPhone 4 swapped out at the Apple Store because the home button was causing him grief.

Apple has been experimenting with multitasking gestures for iPad, and we've even seen rumors that they'll do away with the home button completely. (Not that we believe them, at

Is you home button not working the way it should? Is it a hardware problem that's just not registering clicks, or a software issue that's misreading the number of clicks? Let us know in the poll above and then give us the details in the comments!

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Poll: Is your iPhone home button having problems?


My iPhone 4 button works sometimes other times had to click many times before it response. Sent it back to service centre and they replaced it, no question asked

The verizon iPhone I have now is working fine, but it was replaced about a month ago because my home button would misread my clicks and sometimes not work at all. I had the same problem with my at&t iPhone 4.

My 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4 all have had defective home buttons. As soon as Apple announced multi-tasking, I posted here that the home button would never survive it.
Activator can be annoying sometimes, too... and it doesn't help to turn the phone on.

That's crazy that this poll just came out. Just the other day I started having these issues. I would hit the home button and it would do nothing. Or I would double click it to open the running tasks and it would act as if I only hit it once. Very frustrating.

Mine has been on and off since I got it... won't read doubleclicks sometimes. Also sometimes reads single clicks as double. Kind of annoying - but it's not ALL of the time, so I never really bothered to do anything about it. Figured I'd get to the AT&T or Apple store and it wouldn't do it so they'd tell me to f off.

Same here. Back when my 3G was still new, and started doing it, I took it in and of course it wouldn't act up for the Apple dude. But, he only tried it four or five times. I even suggested he keep it for an hour while I killed some time in the mall so that he'd eventually experience the problem. But, he said "no" and suggested to just bring it back if it became worse. It became much worse, but I never bothered taking it, or any of the others, back since then. A replacement will just go bad too, so screw it.

Mine seems not to work consistently. I am not sure if its my otter box or not though. If that case gets unaligned it def has problems. It's not out of the case enough for me to really know for sure if it really isn't working.

Sort of an old issue at this point. I just accept the home button as it is. I'm too lazy to go exchange it or lose jb.

Thank you so much for this great hack! It's wikrong for me, however, when I reply, all my replies are at the bottom and not under each contributor that I'm trying to reply to. How can I fix this?

Girlfriend's iPhone 4 has been having quite a lot of problems since she got it back in December. Planning on trying to get it swapped out soon - I don't know how she can stand it, I use her phone once in awhile and it drives me to near insanity.

I had a lot of issues with the home button. BUT the solution provided above (how-to fix home button problems) worked perfectly for me!

I'm not able to find "data:commentPostedByMsg". I tkeicd the Expand Widget Template but still no change :( Is it because of my template which I downloaded from other site?

Mine seem to go after 9 or 10 months of use (it has happened to my last two iPhones). Thankfully it falls within the standarn warrenty and is swapped for a new phone with no quesitons asked.

Just replaced mine a couple days ago because my 1 year warranty was almost up. My only issue was the home button was unresponsive even after a full restore. After the replacement i can definitely tell it was a hardware issue as the new one and my wife's feel complete different.

It was reading the clicks wrong for me. Sometimes a single-click brought up the multi-task menu while sometimes a double acted like a single click. I went to the Apple Store, and they swapped it out - no questions asked. I didn't think it was software related, just wear and tear. The Apple Genius agreed as well. Maybe this is a manufacturing or design defect with the iPhone 4. It seems that the home button on the iPad 2 is not as "deep" and not prone to this issue. Nonetheless, with the advent of multi-tasking via double-click home button as well as the other things, the home button is used more than ever so this needs to be accounted for. Once I upgrade my iPad 2 to iOS 5 with multitouch guestures, I may never use the home button again. Also to be honest, if the new iPhone does not have a home button, that might alone be enough to consider upgrading.

I have to press several times to get the lock screen so I can swipe right to unlock the phone, and when I try to double click to exit apps it either reads as a single click, and sometimes it doesn't even register there was a click. It's annoying, and sometimes hitting the back of the phone against my palm works for immediately after, but it's probably a psychological effect of some sort, haha.

Mine stuck for the longest time And then I contacted Apple. They shipped me an new iPhone 4 and then I shipped my old one back. Got a new phone with the home button working again and The new phone has a brand new battery BONUS!

I had to have my original iPhone 4 replaced after 9 months because of a bad button. I was getting increasingly worse. New one is fine so far but I try to use the home button as little as possible.

It's no doubt hardware with my iPhone 4...
I heard about this temp fix on Twitter that actually works. If you drop your iPhone button end first on a carpeted floor from about 2 ft, it will become responsive again for at least a few days.
I'm thinking dust might be getting in there or the button mechanism is becoming jammed with use and the act of dropping the phone clears any dust or un-jams the button.
My warranty is over now... Only reason I never tried to get it replaced is I knew AT&T would tell me tell me to F*off because it's sporadic, and there's no local Apple Store.

Apple just replaced mine (23 days outside warranty) due to home button issues. Woked sometime, sometimes not, sometimes double clicked when I single clicked, etc. If you are having issues, just go to an apple store and ask nicely if they can help. Their in-store CS is AWESOME!

My first iPhone (on rogers) had this problem after a month. It would sometimes register a single click as double and vice versa. I took it back to the apple store and even though they couldn't feel it (I was even showing them but they couldn't do it?!?) they still replaced the phone with no hassle. New phone has been fine for a few months now but I use the home button much less.

Apple swapped my iPhone 4 for a new 1 after I started having serious trouble with the home button. Despite being annoyed by it, I wouldn't like the home button to be done away with altogether.

I own an itouch and Im not sure if u guys consider this the same issue. Its the newest model and the issue im having is with the not being reckognized whilst trying to wake the itouch's screen so I can swype and unlock.

My 1 week old iphone 3gs has the same problem of homekey ...had to press the homekey hard or twice/thrice to register a click ...now i am sending it back to get it replaced...it's my first apple product i am very disappointed about the product quality

This is an issue with Iphone 4 Home button flex cable, and not the home button. Get it replaced with a new one, i got mine from eBay and its been almost a year i have been using it without any issues.

About a day after I got a white iPhone 4, the home button (clicks) started going bad. It would only register about 60% of the clicks, so I went to the Apple Store and they swapped it out. Haven't had any issues since (it's been 3 months now).

I've had this problem for as long as I can remember with my iPhone 4. Other people I know have similar issues. I've tried pushing the button down and shooting in compressed air, since I've read about the extremely low tolerances the button has for dust, dirt, air, solar flares...
I've forced myself into the habit of being very deliberate when I push it -- firmly and in the center. If I'm trying to jump around quickly and try quick clicks or double clicks, it's much less accurate.
Sometimes I think it's actually working as it should but the OS itself is slow to catch up, so you click again thinking it didn't register, slowing it down more, etc., etc.
In addition to careful clicking, I owe some replenishment of my sanity to jailbreaking and judicious use of Activator. I have it set so holding the volume+ button brings up the task switcher, holding the volume- button takes me home, and as a backup I also set it so holding the home button brings me home as well since that seems less error prone than a quick single or double click.
Lastly, to reduce wear and tear, and to reduce my annoyance, I use the sleep button as much as possible to turn the phone off/on.
Thanks for this poll... this is one thing that's been under my skin for way too long, and I don't want to go through the hassle of proving my problem, going through an exchange, blah, blah, so I've sucked it up as much as I can.

My original iPhone 4 was replaced due to the home button not responding, or, at best, responding erratically. The new one is starting to act a little funky that way as well

It's hit or miss really. Same as my unlock slider, also can be unresponsive or fail to unlock the phone at times. IMO it really became noticeable when iOS 4.3 came out and has not improved at all. I even got my iPhone replaced and the same stuff started happening again.

My iPhone4 is fine so far (3 months). I'm happy, as my 3G was starting to have issues by that stage (and that predated the double-tapping multitask) - I ended up using Activator "Swipe Up" to replace on my third.
Glad Apple has a good warranty policy, and good service. Although if (when?) my iPhone4 button dies, and I go get a replacement under warranty, I'll likely disable multitasking with a JB on the new one, seeing as I don't really use it much and I'd think that will be enough to cover me until iPhone5/6 appears

I've never had a problem with either iPod Touch or iPhone home buttons. I guess it depends how hard you press it.

I had my iPhone in the same room as a spa and the moisture made the Home button much less responsive. After that I have had to press it very firmly and double-clicking it is almost impossible. I basically just need to get a replacement Home button module from ifixit but I haven't bothered because when I did surgery on my 3G the gaskets became damaged and dust kept getting behind the screen. I'm just living with the issue until the 5 comes out. I now wakeup my phone exclusively using the power button and I unfortunately can't switch between apps anymore, I have to go back to the Home screen each time. First world problems... ;)

It's not something they manage. They have outsourced their commenting functionality to Disqus which most other major blogs have also recently done. So, Disqus needs to get its act together. Or TiPb needs to use a different commenting service.

Result graph is misleading. Three answers equate to "yes". Lump them together, and over 60% are having a problem. (At least as of this time).

I was jailbroken on iOS 4.3.3 with LockInfo installed. Started having home button non-response issues. I had the LockInfo feature of "use home button to dismiss popups" enabled.
On a whim, I decided to try disabling that feature, install Popup Blocker (same developer, free license with LockInfo purchase), and try the home button dismissal feature there.
Ever since, I've not had the home button ignore presses, not even a single time. I'm not sure where the button press was being ignored - there are a lot of apps in that chain trying to intercept the press: LockInfo, Popup Blocker, and Activator. Taking one of those out of the mix has solved the issue for me.

For someone concerned about statistical validity, odd that you would fabricate your own stats. How can you say 'almost all of those have no problems'?
And since you don't have problems with your phone, I guess that makes you a geek who reads lots of RSS feeds, is bored and has nothing better to do.

I had to take my phone back in june for home button issues, the apple boy at the apple seemed to want to replace me phone right away and all i had to say was home button and that was it. 6 months from the iphone 4 release i had issues with the home button. some people seem to think if something not a problem thats affecting them it must be made up ,just because your mommy said you were specils your not

For me multiple times per day either the Home button doesn't register at all or a single press registers as a double-press. I took it to see a Genius but then wasn't able to reproduce the issue with her (since it happens randomly), but she said she'd make a note on my file. That was a couple weeks ago, and since then it seems to be getting slightly worse.

Interesting... I just started having problems with my home button this morning... Very coincidental...

Restored my iPhone multiple times and also did a restore as a new device, none of these fixed the home button issue. Ultimately, had Apple replace my device and new iPhone 4 works great.

I took mine to the apple store for this reason. My warranty was up for the past 10 days prior but he just gave me a new one anyway. He never acknowledged a manufacturing mistake but he didn't deny one either.

I've gone through 3 iPhone 4's in a year for this problem (once for the top power button, too). Most annoying issue ever. No previous iPhones had this problem for me.

Haha, that's the exact same bs the rep told me! Telling me there is "lag" with having all the apps open and he suggested that I daily clear out all my apps. I donno if he was on crack or not but that just violates the "it just works" slogan. Having customers routinely go in and close an app one by one???
I told him it's a history of the apps and doesn't necessarily mean the app is open since it'll exist upon a reboot and you'll notice apps lose their state. I knew I couldn't fight this battle so I let it slide because I still have a month left in the warranty and I'll just go back and they should have my record there already.
But to know if you have the problem or not, you can try this simply:

  • Use your nails to tap on the top portion of the home button and you'll hear the click but you won't get a response. I believe there are several sensors behind the button and that one is gone.

You're taking this WAY too seriously. :) This is an iPhone blog, not the New England Journal of Medicine. I don't think anyone is expecting statistical rigor. The poll is just an informal show of hands, and to get people to share their experiences.

All this double clicking is making it difficult to use.
I now find it too small
Constaly pulling the multi-task bar has taken it's toll on it.
I hope iPhone5 ha a bigger home button.

Just for the record, I know about ten people with an iPhone 4 and two of us (including myself) have had trouble with our home buttons. 1 out of 5 is kind of a big deal if you ask me (and I agree the antennagate was way exaggerated).

Reading some of the comments here, I started experimenting with my home button. Pressing with my finger nail in certain spots of the home button and I found 2 dead spots were I hear the clicks, but nothing happens on screen of my iPhone. I've been having the miss click issue to, but now finding the dead spots I'll just have to remember not to press there :(
If the home button is a clock - pressing the 11 o'clock and 7 o'clock portions emit no iPhone responses to home clicks.

my home button kind of sticks... it doesn't feel normal anymore. before when i pressed it felt nice but now it clicks about twice instead of once, making a loud noise. i don't think i spilled anything on it either...

I have aloblutesy NO idea why Blogspot doesn't have this simple feature already. But it doesn't matter now! Thank you SO VERY MUCH for having this, easily accessible code... really, you're a godsend :) thanks

Thank you, you have done a great job hnpeilg even someone that fears HTML add this super great button to my blog! You are my hero for today!

I aclualty don't comment on you post too often but it seems that the last day (or two maybe, I dunno) your site loads so slllooowwwllyyy It's irritating, get that fixed :s

Never knew you have to porcett yourself like that. It seems so business-y when it's just an innocent blog contest, lol.Mon-Mon.coms last blog post..

had this problem on ipod touch and iphone 3gs.
ipod touch broke (after 6 months) while under warranty, was replaced with new one, sold it to my friend, after 4 months she said button was not working properly.
iphone 3gs (after 2yrs of use), button is now very hard to press, got to have strong thumbs to activate home. so now i'm using quickdo as my virtual home button.
i'm thinking of waiting for galacxyS3 to come out, im not very sure if i want to get a 4s because of this button issue. i like ios its very straight up and simple to use no complexity of android, but the home button is just giving me away to go android.
i think ios apps should have an option to "go back to home page" or "exit app" something like that, instead of always pressing the home button. The home button is over used, its used for everything, task manager double click it, siri, exit apps, unlock phone, search. after a while the hardware button cant take it anymore and just breaks down