Poll: Is it time for the iPhone to go multi-colored?

Is it time for the iPhone to go multi-colored?

Apple usually keeps their flagship lines on a strict palette -- just metal for MacBooks lately, and metal and black or white for iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. The lower end lines get to have much more fun, with cool, chromatic options like silver, pewter, blue, green, yellow, pink, and red.

During the first few years of the iPhone there were always rumors a product Red version would ship around the holidays, but nothing ever came of them. To this day, if you want to add a splash of color to your iPhone, you have to go with a case or skin or sticker or after-market color swap.

Now, as the iPhone 5 approaches, is it time for Apple to revisit their color palette? Is it time to give iPhone owners the same options iPod nano and iPod shuffle owners have enjoyed for years? Is it time for the iPhone to get as multi-colored as the old Apple logo and original iMacs?

Or would that ruin the simplicity, class, and elegance of the iPhone line? Are even black and white one too many options?

Vote up top and then leave a comment below telling me why you voted the way you did, and which color you'd buy if you could!

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Poll: Is it time for the iPhone to go multi-colored?


One upon a time, Apple had a motto "Think Different" and had flavors of iBooks and iMacs. Now they have white an black iPhones. Lame.

"Or would that ruin the simplicity, class, and elegance of the iPhone line?"
Sorry sis, but the class and elegance is waaaay gone when it comes to iPhone nowadays. It had it back in 2007 when it got released in the US, and back in 2008 when it got released worldwide, but now? No. I see kids, age 6-10, every week running around with iPhone 4/4S.

The more options the better, I say.

Having said that, I'd stick with black. Simple, elegant, grown. Maybe it's a "guy" thing.

Those who feel it necessary to display their iPhones in public may need color choices. The rest of us have color choice in cases, some of which hide the back and don't make it obvious that we have iPhones.

Personally, I think it would be a good idea for Apple to offer a variety of colors, but at the same time, how many of the people who would buy a non-black or white iphone keep it uncovered? If you're going to cover it up in a protective case, why would it matter? Protective cases come in an assortment of colors and designs and, it is my belief that the number of people who cover their iphones far exceed those of us who do not. Having said that, does it make sense for Apple to spend the money & energy to provide an assortment of colored iphones knowing that a majority may encase it?

Most cases that people use still show the color of the phone on the front. So even though the back would be covered, everyone would still know the color of the phone. Just like now. Sure, there are cases that fully protect the front, but most people don't get those cases because they're too bulky. When my iPhone is in a case, everyone still knows that it's white.

I don't think there is a strong need for multiple colors. One of the beauties of the iPhone is that there is a virtually limitless number of 3rd party cases and skins, many which can be purchased for a dollar or two. Skins and cases are the iPhone's clothes. Don't like the style? Buy new clothes for a couple bucks and move on. Change them up every day if you wish.

I don't think that multiple colors hurt, but they aren't a tremendous selling point give the low price tag and the extremely large variety of options for the iPhone.

I certainly understand Apple's strategy, in that you don't want to have a backstock of colors no one wants at the end of the life cycle, but I think the standard red, pink and gun metal gray are all safe colors that would sell just as well as black and white every day of the week. Not that Apple's hurting for cash, but I'm sure a ton of people would pay an extra $100 for "built to order" custom colors from a fixed pallet, and throw in the concept of limied time or quantity premimum colors, and they could pay for another iCloud data center with just the profits it would generate.

Exactly. I can customize my laptop with RAM, CPU and SSD options when I buy from Apple, so why not color options for iPhone and iPad? I am willing to wait an extra week after ordering for something like that.

This would be awesome!! I've been saying for the last year or two that the iPhone should come multicolored!! Red or blue or green FTW!

I think it'd be awesome to have a full set of colors to choose from. It'd be something exclusive to the iPhone for a while I'd think. This type of gimmick would probably be saved for the "5S" type thing.

Yes! I don't use a case, so this would be great. I am a little tired of the black/silver thing, and I won't carry a white phone :)

I was always shocked they didn't offer a rainbow of colors. But then I saw how long it took to bring the white one to market.

I wouldn't be surprises if Apple would introduce a multicolored 3Gs line. It's relatively easy (with the polymer back) and fits with the fact that Apple only goes multicolor with its lower end lines.

Definetly adding flavors to all of the Mac line would be GREAT!.!!!
Depending on how big your pockets are you can go to Colorware and have them personalize a great paint scheme on whatever product you have. I bought a ipod from them with green (body and control button) and yellow paint (click wheel), and let me tell you it still turns heads when people look at it.

Color options beyond white/black could be a negative in the resale market by reducing the number of potential buyers. However, I would like to see something beyond white/black for color options. I think the orange, red and yellow would be awesome color options, at a minimum there should be a Product Red option if only at the Apple stores.

I'm torn. Some of the ones in the image above look great, but when I spotted the black one, I realized that's what I'd be buying even if I had the other options.

I can't even imagine the chaos the day this sucker is available for pre-order. It's easily going to be record setting.

I so would go with a back side or just sides of the front glass that either lights up a desired colour or the predominant colour of the screen being shown. Not to mention it lighting if desired when on silent mode. Perhaps the Apple logo here could be put to contribution as an option.