Poll: Are you going to Jailbreak iOS 4.3.1?

The iOS 4.3.1 untethered Jailbreak for iPhone, iPod touch, and original iPad is here -- and our awesome new Jailbreak writer, Cody, has already got your full how to guide posted, so check it out! My questions is -- are you going to pull the trigger and Jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch, and/or original iPad? All of them? Some or none of them?

I currently Jailbreak my iPhone and Apple TV but not my iPad, though when the iPad 2 Jailbreak hits I may be tempted to try it out. I know Rene Jailbreaks his phone but not iPad, while Ally #TeamJailbreaks everything including her kitchen appliances and Chad and Leanna are #TeamPure for life.

Where do you fit in? Vote in the poll (please pick an answer for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!) and then tell us the whys -- or why nots -- in the comments below!

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Poll: Are you going to Jailbreak iOS 4.3.1?


Like I said on the podcast last night, my iPhone is my on-the-go, feet down, getting things done device and Jailbreak -- particularly LockInfo and BiteSMS help me do that. iPad is feet up, chill out, enjoy device and I don't need Jailbreak for that. iPod touch I just don't use enough to bother. Likewise, with Air Video and AirPlay I stopped feeling the need to Jailbreak Apple TV.

My iPhone and iPad are used the same as you, Rene, but take the opposite approach in jailbreaking -- at least on day 1. If something is wonky with the jailbreak, I can't be without the iphone, or take the time on a workday to keep restoring it. So I'll wait until the 4.3.1. jailbreak kinks are worked out. I did jailbreak my iPad this morning -- since there's no problem if it is out of commission for a while. The process went fine (used pwnagetool), but there are some problems: of course, some cydia apps aren't working in 4.3.1, but my Springboard Search page is messed up -- the keyboard won't show up, just some of the control keys. Can't find the Cydia icon since I think it's below one of the screens, which aren't scrolling vertically (infiniboard?). No worries though -- it'll get worked out. But my iPhone is chugging merrily on 4.2.1 'til then.

Update: The keyboard isn't coming up in ANY application. Which also means I can't get to Cydia from the Springboard Search.

@Rene Now you can download iSwifter for FULL ADOBE FLASH 10.1 including HULU and online games! That changed my mind about jailbreak. But only on iPad

Until Apple stops worrying about features we haven't asked for and focuses on things we desperately need, there will continue to be a need for the jailbreak (and the dev community supporting it). One of the worst atrocities, for the U.S., is that we STILL cannot get an official unlock, despite AT&T's loss of exclusivity -- so for many this is the only path.
While the number of jailbreak apps I use has shrunk over the years, I still make heavy use of Notifier+, My3G, MobileNotifier, CyContact, and others. Apple either needs to take a hard look at iOS'es gaps or perhaps acknowledge that the jailbreak community is actually doing them a great service... And cease the stupid cat and mouse game. As with AT&T and their unlock excuses, it used to be that Apple was left with the argument that blocking jailbreak was about their AT&T exclusivity agreement. So what's their excuse now?

Only reason I jailbreak is for the FaceTime on 3G haha. Can't wait for Verizon to get a. Update and jailbreak it.

3GS Jailbroken on 4.1 and feel absolutely no need to update. Airplay is of no interest, will be happily sticking to 4.1

I already upgrade to 4.3.1 with old bb (02.10) and jb it, but I got only one bar signal, so I decided to downgrade back to 4.2.1, and I got full bar signal as usual...

I'm on 4.2.1 Jailbroken on my IP4 and still deciding if it's worth it to upgrade to 4.3.1 due to all the issues I'm reading about with battery life.

Same with me, jailbreak iPhone 4 but not iPad.
Did the RedSn0w jailbreak today at 3:30 a.m. EDT...no problems (just a little tired, lol).
Just "discovered" the jailbreak app "FakeClockUp" today as well. I know it's been out for a while but it's new to me. It actually made my phone too fast if you can believe it. Had to dial it down a notch. All is good in iOS land...for now...as the cat and mouse game continues...

Fake clock up as the name implies does not speed up the phone just the transition animations. With that being said it does go a long way towards tricking your brain into believing it is faster. My phons feels super fast even though the only noticeable difference is the animation times

Have you ever been in the middle of a long sync, just to get a text message? Imagine replying to that text without disrupting the sync. So maybe your short-sighted myopic view on jailbreaking doesn't tell the entire story.

Have you ever been in the middle of something just to get a text message and you quickly closed it just to get a sad iphone screen informing you to reboot in safe mode? So maybe your short-sighted myopic view on non-jailbreaking doesn’t tell the entire story.

Did the jailbreak with RedSn0w at 2AM EDT, despite the little problem you have to keep holding the home button longer than the description says.....
Then, I couldn't use BiteSMS at all, it kept crashing over and over, that's the only reason I jailbreak, so I'm going back to stock FW.
(Rene I hope you don't DELETE my comment this time)

When can you let go of the home button. I feel like jailbreak FAQs are always super vague on that detail :\

Since i can't find a killer app in cydia i wouldnt normally bother especially because am on high baseband but a friend outside US wants this 3gs when my contract is up. Fingers crossed for jb unlock if official isnt happening.

No longer own an iPhone but I will be jailbreaking my wife's iPhone 4 as it's been acting up on 4.2.1 so I can finally update it for her and stop being tech support!!!

I don't think its iOS 4.2.1 related. It was my phone and I made it into her phone via her computer and it seems like it half-arsed the process not deleteing all my stuff and removing some of her stuff. I was just being lazy and should have just restored it so I don't blame Apple for the issues I blame myself. This will allow me to fix her phone and she can still use BiteSMS cause she LOVES that app a LOT!

This poll is mathematically flawed. Each device should be surveyed separately.
iPhone results (at time of my post)
Total votes regarding iPhone: 1089
Jailbreaking iPhone 4.3.1 - 618 votes - 56.23%
Waiting on Verizon iPhone to get 4.3.1 - 103 votes - 9.45%
Not Jailbreaking iPhone 4.3.1 - 319 votes - 29.29%
Don't have iPhone 4.3.1 - 49 votes - 4.50%

i want sbsettings and backgrounder to work...also infinidock... but everything else works like a charm

What does jailbreaking offer? I've known people that have jailbroken their iPhones and I've done it for someone so they could use it on T-Mobile. But I never really seen what can be done with it when it's jailbroken.

There are apps like, 3G Unrestrictor, which I can hardly imagine living without. If you watch a decent amount of YouTube and similar video/apps via 3G, why would you want to watch the awful, crappy, downgraded video quality that Apple and AT&T force on pure iOS devices. I've seen videos on the BBC app, for instance, that are so raggedy on 3G that I couldn't read the captions which translated the language of the female prisoner they were interviewing. I certainly couldn't see her face well.
They are actually keeping users from being able to enjoy the content they bought the device for.
That, alone, is reason enough to jailbreak, but there are other reasons.

When can you let go of the home button? I feel like jailbreak FAQs are always super vague on that detail :\

You forgot a button:
I stay on my jailbroken iPhone 4.1
Because i dont see right now anything i miss with 4.1

I've tried it before, and it caused such lag and battery drain that I've sworn off such "distasteful" practices as jailbreaking. That, and Papa Jobs says we shouldn't do it. ;) The Xadacka Blue theme sure was pretty, though.

Of course Im jailbreaking my iP4, to many functions that I'm accustomed to using now. Plus dreamboard makes themes so easy to install. Life's great.

I currently have my iphone 4 and ipad 1 jailbroken on iOS 4.2.1. I haven't had any problems on either device. Is there a benefit to upgrading to iOS 4.3.1 and jailbraking again??

This would be the first time jailbreaking but wanted to know how safe it is? since its a hack for this to be done, i want to jailbreak as i heard of a great app called tetherme that uses the native hotspot feature with out getting charged by at&t.

i4 on 4.1 JB. Will wait a week or two for the bug fixes and JB apps to be updates to work with 4.3.1.
Unfortunatly idb never puts out a post letting us know when the tools are stable. The tools are always beta or rc. Never a final version.

I JB mine after restoring to the 4.3.1 file and I have zero mail or SMS tones. I'm going to try to JB again and see if that fixes it. It not then I guess I have to run 4.3.1 without a JB for now.

At first I wasn't gonna jailbreak anynof my devices (iPad, iPhone 4). Then I though about it a bit and decided to jailbreak my iPad. I love to keep my iPhone pure, but I'll keep my iPad jailbroken. Mainly cause I need stability, and I use my iPhone 4 way more then my iPad.

help. I am not very technical. i just jail broke my 3gs with redsnow, it looks like it worked, after many tries(cydia loaded) but when i put my tmobile chip in i get invalid sim. is there a sim unlock step i missing?

Is iOS 4.3.1 available for 3GS? My sadest day with this phone was upgrading to 4.3!!