Poll: Will you still jailbreak post iOS 5?

So will you still Jailbreak now that Apple has included notifications, lock screen info, and so many other features into iOS 5? Granted most of them don't do as much as their Jailbreak counterparts, but you aren't required to Jailbreak to use them either.

Are you a hardcore Jailbreaker and you're going to do it no matter what? Are you taking a more wait-and-see attitude? Or has Apple finally done enough to convert you from #TeamJailbreak to #TeamPure?

Vote in the poll up top and give me your reasons in the comments below!

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Poll: Will you still jailbreak post iOS 5?


Heck yes .... Still need bitesms, activator and infinidock. And secondary shrink, 5 column and infinifolder.

I would still jailbreak for MyWi.....could probably live with the other improvements that jail breaking previously made up for.

nah , ive been the guy that goes through the jailbreak bugs just for the nexessities
when i first got my iphone all my apps were cracked , but with time i bought them all cause the devs are great ( and have great prices ),, all exept my gps app cause its freaking 100$
so other than that i was still jailbroken for , mobile notifier , wifisyns , celste , sb settings
the second i think gone
and the third just full of bugs
.. safe to say i wil be leaving the jailbreak , as happy as can be

If there is no quick reply for messages I will definitely be jailbreaking for BiteSMS... it is my one "must-have" feature

There will always be a reason to jailbreak. Really guys? You think everything possible on a phone is in iOS 5?? No ididnt think so. There will always be something missing in every update and that's why we will need cydia!!

Jailbreaking will always be around. There's always going to be something out there that Apple doesn't offer, or doesn't do as good as a jailbreak version.

Apple should have incorporated something like sbsettings in the notification bar rather than stocks and weather.

I will always JB my device... better question for those who say no is... Why not? it doesnt cost you anything....

Backgrounder bitesms activator safaridownloader sbsettings ifile and winterboard are just a few that are required for me

Absolutely will still Jailbreak! Can't live without SBSettings, Lockinfo, & Bitesms (quick reply). Apple only half implemented what they should of. However, now that I think more about it, they probably couldn't implement everything that these key programs do, otherwise, theyd be admitting that their product was inferior, and that the JB community was a necessity, and we all know they'd never do that.

Yep. Until they incorporate an sbsettings equivalent, and AT&T allows free tethering in unlimited plan.
For PDAnet and sbsettings are my two must haves left that apple hasn't produced. Hey gotta be somthing for iOS 6 right?

Of course. My iPhone in it's current state has most of the features that apple just added and then some. Although I do welcome them, I suspect jailbreakers and power users like myself are not very impressed with the new additions.

The lack of stability will overshadow the extra features in this release. Please no replies about how jailbreak is just as stable as stock because it is not.

Without a shadow of a doubt, yes. I mean, what's an iPhone without SBSettings? Or PerPageHTML+ for widgets? Or Auto3G to help combat the phone's horrendous battery life? Or the ability to deeply change your phone's theme and UI? Or have access to a terminal and SSH file transferring? Or iFile for file managing? Or FolderEnhancer, for folders in folders and Infinifolder/Infiniboard/Infinidock? Or the ability to run Facetime over 3G?
I'll give Apple credit for putting in-app notifications at the top of the screen instead of interrupting, but no quick reply makes me glad I can disable the new alerts in iOS 5 and use the old ones with TLert and BiteSMS (for texts). And even though apple made a cheap knock-off of LockInfo, the original will still reign supreme.

There's nothing I'd love more than to know how to do this 'jailbreaking' to be able to get the Internet tethering. The cost is simply ridiculous and should ABSOLUTELY be included in our plans. I used to use Motorola phone tools with my last phone & run my laptop through my phone. But I refuse to pay an exorbitant fee for something that should be included!!
If anyone can tell me how I can find out how to do this, i'd REALLY APPRECIATE it. I'm no technical whiz, but I can follow instructions.

Just search jailbreak on this site and you will find step by step walkthroughs, just make sure which version of ios you are running so you look at the right one.

Hi guys
I am a recent jailbreaker and would be really interested in peoples thoughts on my experience. I love SBSettings and lockinfo. I also really like BiteSMS. However I have a few issues that are causing me to seriously consider unjailbreaking. BiteSMS is very slow to start up. I have to wait a few seconds before it updates and allows me to input text after I touch on the icon. I also find that the quick reply (which otherwise would be a killer feature) has a bug where the spacebar does not fully function leading to words running together. BiteSMS also randomly pops up an old text message I received weeks ago as if it had just arrived. I also have occasional (once every couple of days) springboard crashes and audio issues such as music stopping for no apparent reason.
Are these issues unusual? Is there anything I can do to resolve them?

I'm thinking about jailbreaking my iPod Touch just for Scrobbler. There are good Apps like iScrob or iScrobbler avaiable, I even bought both of them. But my problem is that both ignore the volume setting in iTunes, which I need to get the volume of my iPod down to a reasonable level for headphones without changing it for the Mac.

I don't know what crawled up apples anudextrous but I've had enough of this featureless SMS app...
Especially setting txt tones... WHATS THE BIG DEAL?!

I don't know. Lockinfo is the best! I don't think Apple can match it! Tethering us a must. iFile is great. SBS is so handy. And more and more JB apps have Dropbox built in them.
I guess I just talked myself in getting the BEST of both worlds!
I'm going to keep JBing!

Won't be jail reaming anymore. Restored my 3GS last night. JB was quite sluggish and didn't find any Cydia apps worth having except barrel. Most of the JB apps are themes anyway. Some cool some not.

Probably. I have a great number of apps and I utilize Infinidock, MultiIconMover, FolderEnhancer and Shrink to manage them. I like using gestures for high frequency actions and SBSettings for quick access to my settings. Hopefully, Apple will still implement some of these features, but I'm not holding my breath. Hopefully, the jailbreaking world will be able to jailbreak the next iPhone quickly. The situation with the iPad 2 is a bit worrisome...

No doubt iOS 5 looks awesome... but I will still miss a few tweaks/functions that apple have yet to include, so hellsyeah I will continue to JB.

text from WITHIN apps, easy access brightness bar for iPhone, customization... then I wouldn't jb... (except for free apps lol)