Poll: What kind of case do you prefer for your iPhone?

CES 2012 is coming up soon and before we get ready to amp up our accessory coverage, we thought we'd start by finding out what kinds of cases the TiPb Nation prefers to rock on the iPhone? There's an incredible range these days, from nothing at all -- going naked, so to speak -- to protective films to ultraslim skins to the luxury of leather to belt holsters and pouches, to the ultimate in armor hard cases, to silicone or aluminum bumpers, to everything in between.

Personally, I just switched to the Case-Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum case and I'm loving it. Before that I was using the Draco IV and before that, the BodyGuardz Carbon Fiber.

As always, vote in the poll up top and give us the reasons why in the comments below. And if you're not sure what kind of case you like yet, check out the links below for lots of examples!


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There are 44 comments. Add yours.

Theatre Booth Guy says:

Just a Sena leather slip case for me. Otherwise, the 4S is as Steve intended. I can't bring myself to cover the fancy coating on the glass.

Mark J Leuze says:

I'm in the construction field, so I have to be covered. And a belt clip is a must.

Kev says:

I switch through about a dozen cases. Some leather slip cases, some ZaggShields, some fancy bumpers and cases, and some quirky/fun cases (search "Prince Charles iPhone" on Amazon). I try to buy a new one every month or so. Always nice to switch it up.

jasondeno says:

In my pocket. Phone screen faces my body. Never had an issue (of course, now I've just jinxed that!).

Gregg says:

Used to do the same thing, without a screen protector. But my iPhone 4 screen oleo phobic coating got trashed from sweat. You could clean the screen and it looked brand new. But as soon as you even got a finger print on it, you could see the coating wearing away at the pin holes on the screen. The grid was trashed. Went back to a screen protector. Sweat trashes the screen big time.

Murphy5156 says:

I've all sorts of cases on my iPhone 4/4S, but in the end I put a Ghost Armor on the back only to protect it when I place it down on a desk etc. I've been using this setup for several months and not a scratch on it. It's as close to naked as can be while still having some protection. This will most likely be the way I go on all future iPhones.

L.J. says:

I've tried many different cases, but my personal favorites are slim snap on cases and the bumper+bodyguardz combo. The only drawback with the apple bumper was that it scratched my antenna and it wears out. I now rock the revised Otterbox Commuter for 4S/4 and surprisingly it's one of my favorites coming from slim form factor cases for the most part.

xandermac says:

A bumper, but a metal bumper. Case-Mate Jett to be precise.

Wyatt says:

I'm of two minds when it comes to cases. For work I prefer the Otterbox Defender and on my days off I go with the Twelve South BookBook. I enjoy both since each has a specific use and I always first cover the entire phone with a Zagg InvisibleShield since I don't want anything possibly scratching the screen.

Christan says:

Absolutely love my new iTimber Walnut case! Old technology (wood, organics, etc.) with new technology (iPhone) go hand in hand in my opinion!

Bujin says:

Naked, but also have the Mophie Juice Air in case I have an intensive battery day. Haven't needed to use it yet.

Bujin says:

Naked, and a Mophie Juice Air for battery intensive days.

camriokid says:

Speck CandyShell is the best of both worlds...great protection from droppage, and easy to get in and out of your pocket...rubbery insides spill out to the rim so if you leave it face down on your table, you won't knock it off onto the floor

Dave says:

Incipio Delta but I'm leaning hard towards getting a Lifeproof.

JonFaehl says:

I have about 5 different cases for my iPhone that I rotate around. A tough one for work, a sleek slim one, a leather one and I always have it wrapped in a screen protector.

Marie M says:

I really like the case-mate tough cases...have two that I switch between. I also have a Speck Candy Shell case but I find it to be too heavy.

F1Ride says:

I go with the Zagg Screen protector and the Element Vapor Pro Stealth case with carbon fiber back plate. Absolutely love this case!!!

Maniacfive says:

The Opena case. A very tough case with an outstanding bottle opener. Of all the bottle openers I've had over the years, ones on key rings, ones on wallets, ones on belt buckles or rings. This one gets the most use.
And seriously. The case, it seems indestructible.
So that's what I look for in a case now, gotta protect the phone AND be useful itself.

nyc_rock says:

I use the "breath" case that a buddy of mine turned me on to. Minimal protection, but just enough as long as no drops. The screen is the tough one for me. I had ghost armor, zagg and most recently SGH optics. I hate having a screen protector though so right now Im naked as a J bird. That screen is to sweet to cover.

LVMHgirl says:

Love the Speck CandyShell line. Currently using the see-thru crystal clear Speck GemShell. It's the perfect combination of a hard protective case, a slim, form-fitting one and going naked. :-)

Michael says:

I, too, use a Speck Candyshell. I used to use a cheap TPU case (I hate bulky cases) but realized that I wanted a bit more protection for my phone. The Candyshell is the perfect blend of hard case and non-bulkiness!

Ed Hunt says:

Lifeproof is the best! Blows Otterbox away!
Better protection, screen don't scratch from my sandpaper like fingers . If you work in construction and need the extra protection, this is it.

James Cruce says:

I use the LifeProof case. It provides 'Otterbox' like protection while also being waterproof. I love being able to listen to podcasts in the shower now. You can even swim with it and listen to your tunes! Check it out at http://www.lifeproof.com/lifeproof-store/apple-cases/iphone-4-g2 . The only downside is having to screw in an adapter to the top of the case to use my headphones.

richardrk says:

Magpul Executive OD Green

Jonathan says:

I really love Magpul products, but they're not water proof or dust proof or freeze proof. Pity.

grumpguy says:

A slider case. Easier to dock.

veegee1 says:

for the iphone 4 or 4S, the only way to go is a battery pack case. Looks nice and sleek, but the whole case is a battery and can be switched on and off at will. Will give the iphone more thatn twice the power to get through a heavy day of usage.

John says:

I use to have an iPhone 4 but then I took an arrow to the knee

4mynikka says:

I always rock it with a best skins ever full body invisible skin. It's best value for the peace of mind.

@karrui says:

A vapor comp. it's a replica though, but it looks extremely close to the original. And at a quarter of the price!

Gregz0r says:

As minimalist as is possible. So, I use a clear PINLO SLICE 3, on my white 4S.
All the benefits of the naked form factor in your hand, without ever fretting about protecting the back and sides.

Jonathan says:

LifeProof case: takes a great product such as the iPhone and lets you take it ANYWHERE. Seriously folks, Angry Birds in the shower is the best.

kemiyo says:

I'm not so sue about Angry Birds in the shower, but I'm with you on the Lifeproof case. I ought one for my son when he got his iPhone for his birthday in November. He's tough on phones so I knew he would need extra protection. I liked his so much I asked for one for Christmas. The case was the first present I opened and after doing the leak test it went on the phone. I only wish they would come out with the armband for it for the gym.

bogdaryl says:

The Lifeproof case is the way to go for me! Less bulk than otterbox and waterproof Plus the belt clip for the Lifeproof case is the best I've ever used.

Simon says:

Pick up a book book case for my iPhone yesterday... Love it!!

Click says:

I love me some Speck CandyShell!!

Andrew says:

Speck candyshell card no longer need my wallet great for biking.

Ginbill says:

+1 on having a card case.

Seneca says:

Straight naked. I paid for the Apple Care+, figuring it is only about $50 more than a nice case. Now if I break or scratch the phone it only costs $50 more to replace. I just can't see covering up a beautiful piece of technology like the iPhone.

Ginbill says:

Right now I'm using a card case. I love it. I hate carrying around a wallet with me. I also have about four other cases I switch around. OB commuter, OB defender, a casette tape tpu, and a queen of hards back casing.

Andrea says:

I prefer just the bumper, because its very minimilistic and it doesn't add bulk or anything. I like that because I've tried so many cases and none of them really feel like the bumper.

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