Poll: Are you ordering a Verizon iPhone today?

So now that anyone and everyone can order a Verizon iPhone online... shall it be yours today? Would you rather wait and line up at the Apple Store tomorrow for the full iPhone experience? Did you already get a Verizon iPhone on pre-order or are you waiting for the Verizon iPhone 5? Could you be AT&T iPhone for life, or just not interested at all?

Give us your vote in the poll above and then share all the details in the comments below!

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Poll: Are you ordering a Verizon iPhone today?


I voted "other" because I can't afford to buy an iPhone but would still go to the launch of the Verizon iPhone at my nearest Apple store tomorrow just to say I was apart of the day that no one thought would ever come. What can I say? I love the iPhone haha.

Ummm...well I did go tailgating many years ago at the superbowl since the stadium was within walking distance from my house even though I didn't have tickets. Tried that again last year, didn't work. They don't even let you in the parking lot without a ticket.
Can't say it's the same as watching a bunch of giddy new iPhone users. But to each his own..

Haha. Sounds like a similar story lol. Yeah my friend and I were debating driving down to NYC to wait in line for the release of the iPhone 4 back in the summer but it didn't end up happening because of work related responsibilities. I also emailed Verizon when they announced they were having a special media event on Jan 9th which we now know was the announcement of the Verizon iPhone because it was being held in NYC and I knew it would be announcing the Verizon iPhone. Something I have been waiting 4 years for lol. I got a response actually saying "there is limited seating and they can't invite everyone". I figured they would deny my invitation but it was worth a try haha.

Haha. I can agree with that somehow. I still find it thrilling to wait in line with the ultimate gift of an iPhone lol. Anything else I wouldnt waste time on. Maybe a third eye blind concert (which i have done) but other than those things, waiting in line is definitely not fun lol.

Got mine on Monday as well. I might go just to see the spectical and to show a little solidarity.

I'm staying with AT&T as if been with them for 8 years now. And there network is way way better where I live. But I will have to get a verizon one for my girlfriend next week once things die down a little. Unless the awesome rad stellar Georgia,Rene,Chad,Jeremy,Leanna,Allyson and Dieter pick yours truly to win the verizon iPhone 4.

Engh people fromYouTube who do tech reviews all ready switched so I am thinking AT&T network is going to get a lot better and AT&T is turning on their HSPA + network and the users on T-Mobile who have been using HSPA + report faster data on none HSPA
+ phones so I would think that the something could happen to AT&T and that and people in mass moving to VZW that is great.
Now if only if AT&T shot their pie hol and stop changing their plans and doing dome things like charge you to use the laptop doc with the Atrex. Now if these people could just leav then the world would be a much more peaceful place. If only if I had more money to buy AT&T stock and vote these jokers out.

"No, not in US" should be separate from "Don't want an iPhone" in this (and every other) poll.
It's so strange when I have to click on "Don't want..."
We (non-US people) want our rights!!! :)))

Sticking with unlocked AT&T iPhone4, makes using my iPhone while traveling abroad so much better!
On that note, still waiting for a 4.2+ unlock. I'm still on 4.0.1!

yeah, ordered mine at midnight and am now constantly checking Verizon's site to see that it ships today. went online to preorder last Wednesday but decided to wait when they said shipping would be delayed until tomorrow then kicked myself on monday because all the preorders were getting them.

Got mine on Monday and totally loving it!!! So happy I held out and never switched to AT&T!!! Soooooo glad to get rid of my old Blackberry!!!

I ordered mine at midnight online. I've never had an iPhone before so I am excited about getting mine. One thing about ordering it online was I saw that the shipping date isn't until the 18th. Is this common with iPhone orders when they are first released? I hope it's like the pre orders where they were delivered pretty quick. Oh yeah, this is my first post on this site. I guess I won't be needing to go to Crackberry anymore.