Poll: Are you part of the 90% of iPhone users on iOS 4?

Which version of iOS is running on your iPhone? According to the developer of Bump on Quora almost 90% of us are running a version of iOS 4 on their iPhones. The current iOS 4.2.1 alone accounts for almost 53% and iOS 4.1 almost 28% (I suspect up to half of that might just be Jailbreak, hmm?). iOS 3.1.3 is next with over 6% which just might be some hesitant iPhone 3G users...

(If you're curious TechCrunch contrasts these with Android numbers: 2.3 is 0.4%, 2.2 is almost 52%, 2.1 is just over 35%.)

Which version of iOS are you running? Vote in the poll above and let us know why you're on your chosen version -- developer, jailbreak, performance, etc. -- in the comments!

[Quora via Techcrunch]

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Poll: Are you part of the 90% of iPhone users on iOS 4?


@HW: if you think you really have to power down your phone under 10,000 fee then you sir are not very bright. Click airplane mode and turn off the screen. No need to lose your jailbreak.

Not my rule. Check the FAA regs. In order to be legally compliant you DO have to fully power down. If you choose to violate the law to maintain the jailbreak, that is your choice. Airplane mode is only legal ABOVE 10,000 feet.

4.2.1 on the iPhone 4 jailbroken and untethered and 4.3 on the iPadz. And I call shenanigans on the 15 who say they're on 1x.

I am on iOS 4.2.1 for now until this coming thursday where i jump ship and go to sprint and the EVO 4G i am going to get me an ipod touch 64GB after i sell my iphone.

You will miss the iPhone and power to surf and talk at the same time. I like the evo but I think the iPhone is way better. And also to get updates for Droid is so annoying. You have always root you phone. And I hate that.
Good luck and so long.

i have had an iphone since Iphone 3G i had the 3GS and now the iphone 4 other than the hardware tweaks to me the software has grown satale and boring. i am simply taking a break from the iOS scene other than my ipod touch i am planning to buy. if sprint gets the iphone i will be back cause i am sure it will be using wimax if they ever do get it.

iOS 4.2.1 stock. I'm happy with what I get from my phone. Don't really see the reason to jailbreak now. Will wait till 4.3 just to activate the hotspot and FaceTime over 3G. Everytime I jailbreak, something on my phone stops working.....

I have a hard time believing people who read an iPhone blog would still be using iOS 1.x. If so, however, that's pretty amazing.

I'm will most likely to stay on 4.1 until ios 5. Too many jailbreak apps break and its just a painful waiting process for the devs to update. My iPhone works great as is right now and I have no complaints.

I'm on 4.2 on my 3GS, my spouse is still on some version of 3 on her 3G, as its already slow compared to my phone and I'd heard many bad things about putting the 4.x OS on a 3G

I have a 3G. 4.0 got me folders and clipboard but apart from that i'd probably go back to 3.1.2 if i could be bothered.

Am I the only who cannot participate in these polls with the mobile site on my iPhone?

So, at most, only about one quarter of the TiPB readers are jailbreakers—probably much less. That's what I'd call a vocal minority.

Damn I miss be the only one on 4.0.2 & that is to prevent upgrading my 1.59.00 baseband on my iPhone 4. Thing is people said it was buggy but hell I have not experienced bugs & I never shut down apps in the background really without issues past 2 days I have about 30 apps in multitask dock

I don't believe the 50+ people claiming to be on 1.x.
The poll was for iPhones and implies actively used working ones, not 1st gen iPod touches sitting in a closet.

This post right here is the reason I call Rene a fanboy. I was surprised by how Android was inserted in this article.. low and behold .. I look at the author and IT"S NOT Rene.. .. If it was Rene .. the title would definitely be different .. it would probably be like TechCrunch's title on the matter.. which is really misleading