Poll: Do you prefer Apple apps or Google web apps?

While the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad come with built in, Apple made Gmail, Maps, and YouTube native apps, Google also provides Google made Gmail, Maps, and YouTube web apps. Apple native apps gain all the benefits of being part of the OS, including attachments, contact integration, etc. but Google updates their web apps quickly and keeps the experience the same regardless of the device you're using.

Do you have a preference? Do you prefer Apple's design and the unique iOS look and feel of Mail, Maps, and YouTube, or you prefer the Google vibe and want everything to look like the web regardless of where you're accessing it from?

Apple vs. Google. Native vs. Web.

Vote in the poll and give me the details in the comments!

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Poll: Do you prefer Apple apps or Google web apps?


I prefer apple's apps (coming from a previous android owner now an iPhone owner) googles web apps seemed to be built just like there phones. Unstable. The many times I used YouTube, gmail, and maps it was just unsatisfying to say the least. iPhones apps are solid from my experience and it's the same app.

The native apps are much faster and MUCH more stable. I would also go A's far to say that anyone who does prefer and exclusively use the web apps have already moved on to Android and its native Google apps.

Ok... as an Apple fanboy I have to admit that this poll is ridiculous. I can't imagine any reason why these guys are preferring the Apple native apps over the Google Web Apps. The native apps are lacking in functionality to say the least, for example:
The native youtube app still doesn't have a share feature beyond "email." no facebook sharing or twitter sharing. The web app is rich and supports both. You can choose high/low quality depending on bandwith with the youtube web app.
Don't even get me started with the gmail native app. 3 years later and still no functionality for labels. If you're comfortable with ONLY archiving , deleting and "moving" your mail, this is a good choice.
So yah, I'll take a Google Web App over an Apple native app anyday.

I don't use any Google services of any kind with the exception or YouTube. For that I use the native app.

Depends...as Greg Foster indicates, sometimes the webapp has more (or better implemented) features, whereas other times the features that are implemented work far more smoothly with the native app.
Honestly, I'd prefer it if Apple accepted the challenge of google-submitted native gmail/maps/etc Apps, even those that "duplicate functionality." It could only light a fire under Apple to improve them, and, for example, if mail.app can't compete despite being the default install, then perhaps it deserves to be consigned to an IE6-like historical dustbin.

Features are to software as specs are to hardware, not the whole story. Native apps still provide the best overall experience.

...most of the time, but not always. Both mail.app and the gmail webapp offer a search feature, for example, but searching through emails is roughly 462.7 times better an experience in the gmail webapp than it is in mail.app

Rarely. Most of the time the only reason a native app can provide a better experience than a web app is because the developers working on that app don't know how to build a web app decently.

The one web app that I use all the time is gmail, but through an app called Mailroom. I have it on my home screen right above the mail app on the first page. Since mailroom doesn't have push notifications, I use the mail app for it's badge. It works VERY well, and I get all the functions of gmail in its own app.

It depends on the device and here is why. Since I have an iphone 4 with limited screen real estate and 32 GBs worth of storage, I like to have a native Apple App Store app. Facebook is a perfect example. Their iOS phone app, though buggy, is great on the iphone and has gestures. The web app does not.
On the iPad though. I have only 16GB of storage, so I am a lot more picky about what app stays on my tablet. The facebook website looks awesome on the ipad and behaves almost like the real full version on a computer. I would chose this web app over the real app due to app size and feel.

That's all well and good, except that there is no official Facebook app for the iPad. Also, the web app does have less functionality, as there is no way to post photos or videos from the web site on the iPad.

The funny thing is I can't stand facebooks website period. Thus using it on the ipad pisses me off as much as usin it on a pc.....hence I use Friendly to access it on my ipad.

Trying to use Google web apps quickly becomes hugely frustrating. Google Reader and Gmail both are missing important features that are present when using Chrome on a desktop PC.
If anything, the web apps are good for the app industry in general as they'll have you searching for a 3rd party app with features you need...

This is the most apple blind blog out there, what a lame poll. U could ask what do you prefer, Apple to kick you in the balls or google giving you a million dollars and it would be 90% in favor of apple.

I still use the native Maps app, but switched to the YouTube web app as soon as it was released. In fact, I've buried most of the native apps in a "junkyard" folder, as I find better alternatives. I wonder why Apple doesn't update the native apps...

Tough one. I'm locked into Apple's ecosystem, for better or worse, since I have all my ridiculous amount of media in iTunes. So for many ways, I prefer the Apple experience...but as Rene said a while back, it's about functionality versus usability.

I always prefer the native apps because they look better, they're faster, and most importantly, provide all the functionality I require. Web apps also (usually) lack polish and shiny transitions and what not. I find I am always disappointed with web apps.

prefer Apple apps, Google apps are all web type apps built around selling some kind of advertising.

Apple DID NOT make GMail "native". They made a feature-poor generic IMAP client native.
I really hate web apps, but have definitely found that Apple's Mail app has cost me a lot of lost productivity compared to GMail natively in a browser.
I see no good reason for Apple's continued ban on 3rd party email apps...power users NEED these, and Apple has had 4 years to fail to improve their Mail app on their own.

The web version of You Tube blows the standard app away. It even loads faster! As for the rest, I can't be bothered, mostly because half the screen is taken up by browser stuff (which ironically is Apple's fault).

I'm on Android so the native apps for Google services are pretty good. When I'm playing on my iPod touch I use Apple native apps.

Calendar: Google. It let's me see and edit many different calendar better than the native calendar does.
Mail: Apple Mail works fine for me.
Tasks: Since there is no real to do feature from Apple I use Google. It also shows up on the desktop browser calendar.

I prefer to have the App native to run locally as much as possible. Which is why I get mad as hell sometimes wishing that Apple would allow Google to release a Gmail and Maps app the two Apps I miss most from my Nexus One. At least I'm partially pacified to have a native Google Voice app.

I like you tube web app better. You can search by week, month, or anytime upload. When searching the pre loaded you tube, you do not always get new videos, unless you know the exact title.

Y limit urself and go with Apple. Apple is dropping he ball, they can't even play catch up to the fast ever changing technology, again, they dropped the ball with the iPad, being their slowest device, to date, I mean, my Verizon Thunderbolt blows any Apple product out of the water. Google/Android all the way.

Oh yes, that's the phone that gets 5hrs of battery life on that rock solid Verizon LTE network? Before you go ranting on how great the network is check the news for LTE outages. I don't care how fast the phone is, if I can't get a full day use when on the network I don't want anything to do with it.

You hit the nail on the head and smashed it into the wall!!! I have at least three co workers with ThunderBolts who I see putting them on the charger before noon everyday. I would rather have a working phone with good battery any day!

Sounds like me and my iPhone4. I have to charge mine at least twice throughout the work day....and I barely even use it. I'd take 5 hours of Thunderbolt battery any day over what my iPhone provides. Sort of sucks having to keep a charging cable on me at all times...scrounging around for outlets at restaurants, bars and such.

Gmail for me as well. Actually very well done I think. Otherwise there us no need for web apps on the iphone.

I like the Apple mail app because it properly resizes HTML emails, and the google web app doesn't. Otherwise, I'd prefer the web app for easy access to labels.
Haven't tried the other google web apps, I'll have to check them out. I might prefer Calendar, at least.

Apple's built in apps are just in the way. Let us have the option to delete them and replace the icons with the web apps. Also while their at it they could give us the option to delete some of the other built in apps that are in the way.

Apple, most definitely, though I do wish they'd add a high quality video option to their iTunes app, the way google did with their web app!