Poll: It Was Only Rock and Roll, but Did We Like It?

Yesterday was Apple's annual, hype-filled, reality distorted, special music event, It's only rock and roll, but we like it. Today is the colder, harsher morning after, and as we wipe our eyes, yawn, and look over, we wonder -- did you really like it?

This is a multi-choice poll, so if you liked something, vote for it. If you didn't, leave it hanging. Let's see how Apple did...

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Reader comments

Poll: It Was Only Rock and Roll, but Did We Like It?


I was a big fan of the new iPod Nano, makes me almost wish I didn't have an iPhone so I could justify buying it.

Like I saiid before, there was some good stuff for some other eople... and some new things for the iPhone that should've been added eventually. But there just wasn't anything for me, personally.
I hoping for a few small things for the iPhone that many people have been complaining about, rather than just more off-the-wall things that nobody was expectting anyway.
I only voted for Steve Jobs being back.

Just updated to 2.1. Meh. Mostly bug fixes. When is Apple going to add MMS capabilities or a landscape keyboard in email!?!?!?!? Hope they don't make us wait until June for 3.0 to get these!

Was pretty lame actually. There's a reason they didn't go in depth about 3.1..nothing really to talk about.
No camera in the ipod touch? Speed won't get existing users to upgrade. Lame..
Ipod nano? Who cares?
The app mgmt and genius part were the stand outs..but not event worthy.
The cocktail stuff is lame. Let us download apple lossless or something if you buy an album...that's the main drawback from purchasing in store. I don't care for more visuals (or any really). It's all about sound.

Why do I feel like i just got clothes for Christmas?
Very underwhealming for me. But i still appreciate the upgrades for what they are.

Where's the option to say "nothing impressed me?" We got a bug fix OS and some point release hardware, and an ugly looking new store... Nothing to talk about if you ask me.

How about a choice of "None of the Above, It was Lame"?
Since getting my all-in-one iPhone, my Nano hasn't left the computer desk drawer. No use for carrying another device. Sits right next to an unused calculator, wristwatch, pager, camera, PSP, etc.

Another vote for none of the above. That's ok - not every Apple announcement needs to overhaul my electronics cache.

Maybe I'm just dumb, but I can't find anything in iTunes where you can add your Facebook or Twitter account.
Where is it? What am I missing?

All the iPods could have been updated and I wouldn't have cared. I have an old 80GB iPod Classic that just sits around now. The iPhone has completely filled the gadget need for me.

Seeing as this is the IPHONE blog. I'm not suprised by the numbers lol. I personally liked home sharing in iTunes. For me that falls under app management(which I voted for). Only good thing that came out of the event.

Am I the only one who thinks cut and paste in the phone and contacts app is a big deal! I can't tell you how many times I would have like to be able to do that

I wish something would have been said about the iTablet. I am guessing that they are trying to release it before Christmas which is a little over 3 months away; I would expect them to get some hype going.

Overall, definitely wasn't wowed by the new iPods. The new nano is pretty cool and a nice evolution of the line, but the refreshes of Touch, classic, and shuffle were not particularly exciting (though the extra memory for same/lower price is always nice). I was expecting camera and maybe GPS in the new Touch but only got more memory and better processor.
But I'm post-iPod anyway. Between my iPhone for on-the-go and iTunes serving up music around my house, I don't think I'll be buying another iPod (other than the next gen iPhone) anyway, so it's all the same to me.