Poll: What do you want more of from TiPb?

It's almost back to school time, TiPb Nation, and that means we're getting back to business bringing you more of what you love about iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV. But my question is, what exactly do you want more of?

When you hit TiPb, what do you want to see first and foremost, and what do you want to more keep up with more casually? We know everyone has different tastes and opinions, but this time it's okay to be selfish. This time it's just about YOU.

What do you want from TiPb this fall?

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Poll: What do you want more of from TiPb?


If you're going to do video, make it better - with some actual professionalism in the production. Camera microphones are NOT designed for picking up the main presenter's audio. If someone is speaking on camera, to the camera - they need a microphone on them.

I voted for more news coverage. I would've voted for "more news coverage that isn't on every other tech site" if I could have. TiPB does a lot of great reporting, but it's usually stuff I've seen on other sites first (BGR, Crackberry, MacRumors...). Being an iPhone specific site, I think TiPB should have more exclusive news. It will probably be more work for the editors/writers, but that's what it's all about. Being first.

More editorials. Perhaps some bloggers with a business or education background and writing from those perspectives. Did you know that perhaps the majority of my app purchases are educational apps for the kiddo?
But bottom line, i'd say exclusive content. News stories I get already, not that you shouldn't report the bigger stories.

more stories and rumours i mean this site is a gem and has quality coverage -of what it covers- I have started to follow cult of mac (alongside tipb) shearly because they post up stuff (news rumours etc.) i came from a week i had 5 pages of tipb to catch up on but seven of cult of mac and i really want this to be my only site PLEASE MORE STORIES AND RUMOURS and a few more editorials wouldnt hurt

deff new photoshop pictures of say the pirate iphone and that nikia guy with the tatts on his face come on these are so ooolllddd u guys report about a iphone 4 with a picture of the first gen iphone smh and more jailbreak coverage!!

gotta agree. i'm not a fan of the fanboy snark tone i often get from certain columns. Many strike me as nothing more then a child constantly yelling, "we're better then you! We're better then you! Nah na nah na naaaah naaaaaaaaaa!" So childish.

More cowbell?
I kid, sorta, seriously though more of a developer how to, as in, how to do things through XCode. Maybe even a 'TiPb App Build-along'. Building an app with a group of people online (as individuals) would be awesome. (and you could probably pull in some killer sponsor $$ from ads, etc)

More Day In the Life Pieces. I love hearing how a variety of people use their iOS devices + apps to get their job done. I found some great tips from using this. I would also love some longer pieces by each of the TiPb staff detailing apps and how they use them throughout their day, professional and personal. Throw in some screenshots to square the awesome factor.