Poll: Which version of iOS are you currently running?

Which version of iOS are you currently running? Apple released iOS 4.3.3/4.2.8 last week so we figured we'd see how many of you in the TiPb nation updated your primary device, be it an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to the latest and greatest?

Did you rush out an update immediately? Did you wait until you next needed to sync with iTunes and it reminded you? Did you wait for the Jailbreak before updating? Or did you not update at all?

Since you all listen to our iPhone Live and iPad Live podcasts (right?!) you know I have updated yet and probably won't until I find a bug or see a feature that really encourages me to do it. (Hey, I don't even update my apps, remember!)

If you have multiple iOS devices, just vote based on the one you use most and either way, give us all the juicy details in the comments!

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Poll: Which version of iOS are you currently running?


lol I voted and I was like "holy crap, everyone's using 4.3.3?!"
Then I realized I was the only one who voted :(

I use to update right away but the more I have the iPhone, the more I just wait for a whole number jump instead of fractions. 4.1 and will wait till 5.0.

I so wanted to vote 1.x just to be able to say I did LOL it was tempting. I'm still on 4.3.2 not redoing my whole JB for some insignificant bug fix Ughhh who cares if they are monitoring where my phone is there will be other more substantial updates and I'll get rid of the bug then.

Georgia, I still can't believe you don't update your apps. Doesn't the badge with double digit numbers ever just jump out at you?

I find it difficult that anyone still on iOS 1.x would frequent this forum. Not being snobby about it; just making an observation.

I'm on 4.1, been unable to get my iPhone to show up in iTunes to sync, even had a new phone after it locked my old one into the plug in to itunes logo. Followed all the technical advice both from apple and other sites to no gain. Even tried another laptop, still no joy. No at the point where I'm going to jump ship to android once my contract is up.

already far ahead of you.
HTC inspire on May 13!
(that's when I'm eligible for an upgrade)
no problems with apple, im just getting sck of some of the stuff apple does with the iPhone. haha.
still a MacBook owner and still love it though. :)

Don't go2 android! I like iphone n thought I would like it. But don't. I got the Atrix. Bad decision. Once an iPhone-er......always!

I'm on 4.3.1. I never really keep up w/all the updates. It's to much a a hassle to keep playing the cat & mouse game. I usually skip and wait till the next upgrade has a feature(s) I want, then'll I'll bite the bullet. Wanted the safari improvements that's why I got on 4.3.1. Theres nothing that I want on 4.3.3. So I'm good.

I want the full version of the site and it's not working on my iPhone. I can't view the results without the full version. :(....


We asked TiPb to stop you voting and posting comments after the comments that you'd previously posted.

I've stayed with 4.2.1 jailbreak because the updates haven't been anything I've worthwhile to me. But, now I'm beginning to think maybe it's the reason I don't get tethering warning messages from AT&T... so, I'm gonna stick with it until I can't stand it anymore (or get a warning).

I have 3 devices including a first generation iPod Touch so I am stock on 3.x but my main device aka my iPhone 4 is on the latest and greatest

I regret going to the trouble (including jail-break) of upgrading from 4.3.2 to 4.3.3 In future, I'm going to check if there is any value to me in the upgrade...

I plug my phone in pretty much every day to sync music and ringtones, so for me it's not really any hassle to update when it pops up. Same with the apps, when the pop up tells me I have updates, I just let it do its thing.

was on 4.3.x, then downgraded to 4.2.1. I couldn't deal with the flakey Bluetooth connection with my hands free device that started happening with 4.3. I do miss the native wifi tethering though... :(

iPod touch 2 gen. No longer supported. Waiting for iPhone 5. Have thought about iPod touch 4, but can wait.

I wonder what the results would be if you only asked jailbreakers what version of ios they were on? I'm current on a jailbroken 4.2.1 3gs and like Georgia don't see the point unless there is new feature or a security bug.

Worth noting that the only reason I upgraded to 4.3.3 so quickly was the rapid availability of the jailbreak. Too bad we haven't captured JB/non-JB in the upgrade stats. ;-)

4.3.1. I'm not going to 4.3.3. I wanna try xbackup but I got 2 phones to jailbreak this weekend so I'll use it on them.

I want new features with updates. Not fixes. But maybe they can just mask the fixes with new features. 4.3. Till WWDC.

I normally wait around a week or two before updating to the latest iOS version. Been doing it this way since 1.1.4. Did 4.3.3 two nights ago

So no one else is curious on what the other 17 (as of this writing)votes are? iOS5?????? Some other hack? The Apple gestapo?

I'm still on 3.x on my iPhone. Jail broke it last year and installed MyWi then started using my iPad for everything. No reason to upgrade a device I use as a phone and wifi hotspot. "If it's not broke, don't fix it."

4.1 dont usually update till big release but then again apple intentionally craps out our iphones so we buy new ones were all stupid isheep oh well lol

I fear this latest update because I rely on my GPS all day to get me to clients. If this update slows gps acquisition even a little I don't want it.
I don't want my iPhone to be like the blackberry where I can get to my destination before the GPS locks on!

I had major issues on anything newer than 4.2.1. I think the problem was with biteSMS, but even on 5.3 beta 6 I still run into device lockups whenever I use the phone app or biteSMS. Happened on 4.3.2 and 4.3.3. I went back to 4.2.1 and biteSMS 5.2. Not only that, but 4.2.1 seems faster and I know I have more available memory after bootup than on 4.3.x. Guess I'll wait until Apple comes out with a more compelling reason to upgrade.

Why is it that I can never vote in these polls without posting a comment first? Something to do with the mobile site, I suppose.