Poll: What do you think about the Apple vs. Samsung verdict?

That's it. We're done. Apple vs. Samsung has been exhausting and now that the jury has had it's say, awarding Apple some $1.05 billion in damages, it's time for you to have yours. We're leaving the comments wide open, handing you the mic, and slowly backing away from the internet for the night.

Did the jury reach the right decision? Did they get it totally wrong? Does copying kill innovation? Does litigation and a patent system gone haywire? Should Samsung have won on some counts as well? Should Apple have lost on their counts too? Or could you really care less at this point?

Vote in the poll up top and let loose in the comments below. Ducks and runs

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Poll: What do you think about the Apple vs. Samsung verdict?


It seems like a win right now for Apple, but, we all know that it is going to be appealed. At that point the ruling can still be overturned. Either way, the only one's that truly win anything is the lawyers for both parties. As far as Samsung goes if they do in fact lose the appeal, they will survive and move on. And so will Apple, but who knows how many people will be turned away from buying their products because of this. Also, if the ruling is upheld it will be interesting to see what will be done different by Samsung, and what Apple will do with their phones.

I've owned both androids and iPhone. I still fail to see what was copied besides some of samsungs stupid touch wiz stuff.

I would like to know what this means for BlackBerry 10, which appears to be taking from the best of the other three operating systems. Will their plans be affected in any way by this ruling?

Rene, tell CrackBerry Kevin to get on it!

If only it took an OS to compete. Now they only need an ecosystem similar to what Apple, Google, or MS can leverage and took years to build. Oh, and a good law firm on retainer. No problem right?

Given that the infringements were found to be only in three obsolete phones, and tablets/newer phones found to be non-infringing, it is a bit of a win for Samsung as well.

The damages awarded are colossal though - I have no experience with the typical damages awarded for this type of litigation, but looking at the models declared infringing, I'd say $1.05b is a bit excessive, and even if Samsung was to concede that these models are infringing, I'd be unsurprised if they appeal to reduce the excessive damages.

But certainly, the litigation has gone much too far. When a violation is found for the way icons "spring into place", it is excessive. Unfortunately, Apple have been at this type of litigation for a long period of time, and have had losses before (Microsoft), without discouraging them from attempting again, so it doesn't look like a reasonable ending is in site.

Is it hoping for too much that both sides give up on the excessive patent war worldwide, and funnel money into innovation and design? And, please, don't say "no, because Samsung can't innovate or develop themselves", as both parties have been accused of copying ideas from elsewhere, and each other, over an extended period of time, and that isn't the question which needs to be asked/answered. The real question needs to be why both parties are intent on funding the legal route to challenge their competitors, rather than allocating these funds elsewhere?

Samsung must appeal to this ruling because going through 700 decisions in just a few days sounds way too fishy.

Samsung should now have the desire to blow Apple away through there upcoming products. It is a blow but it could be the best thing that ever happened to them.

Someone missed the joke...

Apple is (probably) going to announce new stuff on the 12th. The joke is that Samsung will start to make new devices after seeing Apple's new products.

To every idiot here who voted that someone copying Apple kills Apple's innovation needs to stop buying a fucking iPhone. If Apple can no longer innovate because someone copied Apple on 3 of their HUNDREDS of devices, then Apple shouldn't be allowed to exist. If they are that incapable of creating a new device when someone borrows from them, they should get out of the technology industry. And any idiot here who posts different obviously doesn't drive a car, or watch a TV, or ride a bike, or use a refrigerator, or oven, or alarm clock, or stereo, or listen to rock and roll, or rap, or classical music, or watch movies, or wear shoes, shorts, pants, shirts, jackets, or us a remote control of any kind, or use an umbrella, or lock their doors at night, or live in a house. All these things were copied from the original creator who initially envisioned them and is no longer around. Steve Jobs was right, great artists steal, and Apple is a great Artist.

Sent from my slave labor made iPhone slave robot.

Please tell me more about how Samsung Phones are differentiated from Apple's ?

Heres a question
If you spent years inventing this amazing product that you think will benefit the public.
Then someone else come and just use it and claim it's theirs because they spent " 3months furiously inventing it"
Then you politely ask him to stop it but he ignores you.
What would you do. How would you feel.

If I was Apple I would first tell the person that I DIDN'T invent the product they "stole" from me. That I had in fact stolen the idea and implementation from others like HTC, Palm and Microsoft and just put my own UI on top. That's how I would feel.

Look at Canon and Nikon, Toyota and Nissan and Honda, the Firebird and the Camaro. None of those companies or brands invented the product they made/make. They are in essence Apple. But the competition they brought and currently bring against each other is better for the whole industry and it's consumers. If things continue the way they are, get used to the iPhone 5 tech, because new "innovation" will stop without anyone lighting a fire under Apple's ass to get better. Apple is best when they are the underdog, when they are forced to eek out that tiny market share like with computers. They are not good at being the driver of the tech scene.

If a company copies Apple obviously it doesn't effect apple's ability to innovate but it means the other company didn't do much in that department. If companies could just copy each other then we would have less options and less new and cool things coming out. Why innovate when you could copy what is already making money. I think the $1.05 billion might be a litttle too much but the verdict was right for the most part.

Does anyone here even know the difference between innovation and invention? One is actually coming up with something new while the other is putting it into practice.

Thank you.

@KiLuMaNaTi your argument is ridiculous, no offense. That like saying an artist will stop producing art when he finds out he'll never be a millionaire. Scientists create, invent and discover for the love of it, the money is jsut a nice by product. Woz is a perfect example.

I plan on getting the new iPhone, iPad Mini and a hopefully a refreshed 27" iMac next month with some of my AAPL stock earnings. Apple is Great. The People have spoken ;)

To all you apple hipster fanboys who chose "copying kills innovation" I must reflect back to a publicly announced quote from your supreme leader that goes something like this;

"Good artists copy, great artists steal.’ We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas"… ~Steve Jobs

Get off your high horses and realize what damage apple is causing to the competitive market as it is hypocracy that fuels apple with all these patent disputes. (and before you get all ap(pl)e shish crazy on me I am an iPhone/iPad wielding individual who is simply conscious to the effects a monopoly/pseudo monopoly have on any market).

It depends on how much copying I guess and who you're stealing from. The mute switch on the iphone wasn't exactly innovative for example. It wasn't Apple's IP. My first Palm Treo had it.

RIM basically ripped off certain parts of webOS without blinking. I guess some companies you don't worry about coming after you.

I fully agree. Competitors ALWAYS "borrow" from each other; apple is the only company who outright demands this does not happen to them while they turn around and do it themselves. It's just hypocrisy front and center on Apples part.

I don't know how you can be happy about this as a consumer, unless you have a significant financial interest in Apple, Inc. this verdict will have a negative impact on competition and thus consumers.

Robert Scoble give an interesting take : it only take over billion for Samsung to become number 1 or 2 phone maker in today market, that's cheap.

Remember everybody these patents will be fair game in a few years. It's good for the industry that this happened. I think in the end it will give us better products, in fact it already has.

I think that the poll is worded badly. I'd say "Fantastic, copying ruins innovation. But so do needless patents." Not all of the patents that Apple won with should be valid. Slide to unlock isn't one of them. "A tap is a zero length swipe"? I think for that language alone it should be taken from Apple.

I honestly dont care at all whatsoever. They can continue to fight for the rest of my existence and it would not bother me at all. This is no way shape or form effects me in my every day life nor do i think it will. Unless this slows the innovation train somehow, or puts a choke hold on some design implementation, or even disrupts the balance in competition which may or may not drive the TECH world, i could not care less.

The day that people stop worshiping companies and realize that things such as these dont effect them ( although it does give them something to talk about ) in any way will be the day our lives improve.

( Stock holders not included )

If Samsung truly copied Apple, and did it willfully, then throw the book at them. But not a book wrapped in razor blades and soaked in sulfuric acid. $1 billion seems a bit much. I would imagine that kind of penalty will pretty much destroy Samsung, leaving many without work in S. Korea and domestically, and leaving us with one less competitor as well. And less competitors can't be good for consumers.