Poll: What do you think of the supposed iPhone 5 design?

We've now seen both pictures and (http://www.imore.com/what-iphone-5-will-look-supposed-parts-assembled-your-supposed-viewing-pleasure) of leaked parts assembled together to give us a look and what might just be the iPhone 5. Assuming they're even close to what we'll see at the September 12 special event iMore posted about earlier, what do you think? Best looking iPhone ever? Worst looking? Somewhere in between?

And if it is real or close to real, what do you think about it looking so similar to the iPhone 4... again? Is it a case of why mess with perfection, or a sign that Apple isn't refreshing the design fast enough?

Is the metal back hot or just really not? Is the headset on the bottom something that works or something that irks? Is the longer screen useful or just wrong?

Check out the supposed iPhone 5 designs, vote in the poll up top, then give me your thoughts below!

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Poll: What do you think of the supposed iPhone 5 design?


Hopefully the screen is a bit wider than this very narrow and long design. I like the Galaxy Note's screen width, so something like that.

It looks great and all, but if the internal specs don't at least MATCH that of the Samsung Galaxy S3, I may jump ship. Hopefully, Apple won't sue me.

Love the headphone on the bottom. It just makes sense. When your scrolling through music the headphone cord will hang down in gentle sweeping curve back up to your ears. Currently it's forced to stick up obtrusively and curve sharply downward stressing the connector and looking less than sleek. Plus its a natural tendency to put my iphone in my pocket in a top down position since that is the easiest and quickest way to pull it out and look at it in the upright position (and why I tend to get lint jammed in the current model's headphone jack). If this design is accurate my headphone cord will flow in the most ideal setup for my listening setup. This design works in many listening situation where the cord isn't forced to sharply curve back toward the listener.

When at work, I've preferred to have my device docked so it's upright and plugged-in. I also prefer to put my earbuds in so that I don't disturb anyone in the nearby offices.

This design would limit my ability to do that. Maybe the new docks that are released to accommodate the new (rumored) pin-connector will come with an audio-out port.

It's not like the existing docks will work with the new (rumored) design, anyway.

Given that iOS is beginning to fall behind Android ICS/JB (and what we've seen so far of WP8) in terms of user experience on a smartphone, Apple needs to "wow" consumers on the hardware side. This has rarely been a problem in the past, so I expect the iPhone 5 to be beautifully designed and solidly made. Will that be enough? It won't for me. I enjoy my current iPhone 4 and would normally be excited about upgrading to the next generation iPhone. But with iOS 6 and Mountain Lion it is apparent that Apple is continuing its march towards ever greater simplicity. I don't mind this with tablets -- I loved my first iPad, and love my iPad 3 even more. I value simplicity in tablets. My smartphone, though, is always with me. It must be able to help me keep track of my world around me all the time quickly without constantly having to launch apps. Apple's answer for this is Siri, apparently. No thank you. I wanted iOS 6 to include more options for viewing glanceable information and allowing more developer control over notifications, and it looks like this is a line that Apple is just not willing to cross. Absent amazing new hardware features or a secret revamp of iOS 6, I'm likely to defect to WP8 or *shudder* even Android to replace my iPhone 4.

Good luck with WP8, $1000 says you will run back to iOS after 1 day of use. You are better off going Android. When a Platform doesn't even have an official Pandora App you know that Platform has nothing.

I jailbroke my iPhone and loaded a WP8 entire skin that takes over the phone as windows 8 and wow it sucks. To find apps is a nightmare, have to keep scrolling and scrolling. No way to put them in any order other than alphabetical. iOS is here to stay for me and my family. I tried using others and could never get used to them.

webOS had a Pandora app and they turned out just fine...right?

Since when does Pandora make or break a platform?

I hope this is just speculation. I can't see Apple coming out with the same phone three years in a row. If they do, then they really need to evaluate their game plan. There have only been incremental updates to software and hardware since Tim Cook took over. iOS5 was more Steve Jobs. You can only ride Steve's coat tails for so long before people start to catch on. It can be coincidence or reality but the numbers speak for themselves. iPhone sales have dropped. Why would I spend my hard earned money on a product that looks just like the one I already have. Why would I buy this phone when the competition offers more in their software and hardware. Cell phone technology is moving at a very fast pace and these safe updates to their products are going to hurt them. People are being more careful with their money these days and they are not going to plop down 2-3 hundred dollars on the same old, same old. Its going to take something new and exciting to get them to pull the trigger. I still think they made a mistake by pulling Google Maps. This might come back and bite them in the rear. Especially, if Google comes back with a stand alone app that has all the android features.

Just because a phone's externals look similar does not mean it is the same phone. (Also, I think the new chip and a better camera also make it different) And this new iPhone is not the same either, the design is tweaked. Change for the sake of change has never been in Apple's gameplan. They will only change something if it actually makes the experience better. Why would you spend your hard earned money on something that looks like something that you already have? Because only an egocentric fool takes one look at a device and says, "Looks the same, so it definitely definitely is exactly the definite same exact thing. APPLES GOING DOWN THE SHITTER" Wait until it is released, then you can go scurry of to Android.

To be quite clear, I own an iPhone 4 and an Android device. Until I jailbroke my iPhone was I able to do some of the things that my Android phone is able to do stock, out of the box. If anybody is egocentric, it's Apple. They are so arrogant as to limit what the user can do with their device that they purchased. Then they come out with little tweaks every year and people bow to them like they are gods. That is their strategy. Let the competition come out with the new technology and see how it does and then we will implement it and say we do it better. Examples include copy and paste, MMS, home screen wallpaper, notifiactions, app switching, custom e-mail and text tones (this one is a joke cause I used to customize my text tones on my flip phones years ago). People have wool over their eyes and they stick with this company and eat up their B.S. It's almost like they are being brainwashed by those ridiculous videos with the white background and their black outfits. Not to mention the words they use. Fantastic, amazing, cutting edge, gorgeous, this will change everything...come on. Any intelligent person will tell you that the majority of the software and hardware features that they release have been available for years on other platforms. I like both my phones but I am really starting to get aggravated with Apple. iOS 6 shows nothing promising and, I don't care if they made the back of the phone two tone or change the camera, it is the same exact phone. Tell me you can't see that. Would you buy the same car as you have now, 5 years from now, if it looked the same but had little tweaks in it. Absolutely not.

You're in denial about the general populace then. Of course they figure that there will be some changes made to the internals but they want something that looks fresh and shows their friends they have the new phone. It's all about aesthetics.

Edit: I meant to add that I work at an att store in CT and I've heard a large percentage of people say they won't upgrade their 4 to a 4S because it looks the same and doesn't add enough new features.

Who's to say these photos are the new iPhone anyways? Very rarely are they ever close to what the new product will look like, or what features/insides it will have. I always tell people just wait until the announcement and you'll know the real truth.

I'm not sure about the 4" stretched screen and some of the other minor changes. Maybe what has me all blah about it is the fact that it looks so similar to the 4/4s. I think the internals will have a significant upgrade, but that's not why I buy Apple products. iOS6 is a nice upgrade, but once again nothing really substantial. Heck they even took a few steps backwards I think w/ Maps. Hopefully the media has it all wrong on the design and Apple will once again wow us in a few weeks.

Is anyone else with me and not want a huge screen? Sure, something a bit bigger than the current iPhone is fine, but I really don't want something the size of a small paperback novel sitting in my pocket all the time. For me, it just isn't practical. With Android going bigger all the time for high end devices, I'm liking where Apple is staying with a smaller form factor. Not everyone needs a huge screen. And lets face it...no matter what, people will buy this phone because it's an iPhone. The technoguru/technogeeks that probably read these forums and sites will be unhappy, but Apple's target audience, the common consumer, will want one.

I don't want or need a bigger screen. The phone needs to fit in my pants pocket or neatly in my briefcase. I have my Ipad when I need bigger. Some of those new phones look like Kindles and that is a no-go for me.

At this point, if Apple is just going to rehash another iPhone 4 design for the third time, and iOS 6 turns out to be as it was demoed, then it's a yawn. The safe incremental upgrade approach won't work for long. Cook has yet to wow me this year with any of his product debutes. Top engineers have bailed on him. It's been speculated on how Apple would fare without jobs. I think it's safe to say that the trance is over, unless Cook has something up his sleeve that is not any of this iPhone 4 type renders, that just don't impress me.

FUGLY. Are they really just going to make the 4/4S taller - not any wider - and think that's a beneficial redesign? Is it just me or is virtually every picture/mockup on this site at such an offset angle as to totally downplay this awkward vertical length? If you looked at this thing head-on I feel like it would look like a TV remote, not a phone. Hoping these dimensions are NOT what the real thing will be.